Challock Parish Council Meeting minutes


Memorial Hall, Audrey Allen room

Thursday, 10th January 2019, 7.30pm


Members of public present: 10





Councillor John Ramsden due to illness sends his apologies.




Michael Fisher (Chair), Annabel Burden, Trevor Smith, Max Thomas, Emma Fox, Anthony Aitken, ABC Ward Councillor Larry Krause & Di Sandy (Clerk).




Michael Fisher thanked everyone for attending and wished everyone a Happy New Year.


Declarations of Interest


Councillors Michael Fisher, Max Thomas, Emma Fox and Anthony Aitken had no new changes to the declarations of interest.


Councillor Trevor Smith declared an interest under planning application 18/01566/AS.


Councillor Annabel Burden declared an interest under Easements listed on the agenda.


Minutes of Last Meeting


Minutes of 22nd November 2018 meeting were signed by Michael Fisher as an accurate record.


All agreed.


Clerk’s Report




Clerk reported overgrown hedge Burlington House, Canterbury Road.


Reported large pot hole adjacent to entrance to village hall car park


A dead tree has been reported and now removed Faversham Road, adjacent to Crossways.

A query has been raised with Highways concerning another tree being cut down further along Faversham Road opposite King & Johnston Development.


The Lees


Methodist Chapel reported a stolen black bin.  There are also tyre markings on the Lees adjacent to the Chapel.


Clerk has put up posters designed by the primary school children re no parking on the grass or

no parking in front of the school gates.  There appears to be some improvement and parents are not parking on the Lees however, there is still one or two still parking on the grass.


ABC Street scene


Clerk as reported rubbish along the highway from Charing to Challock Canterbury Road and A251 Faversham Road Kingswood and adjacent to Crossroads garage.

Clerk has also reported to Highways England of the amount of rubbish along the motorway junction 9 & 10. 


WW1 Event


Clerk completed Armed Forces Covenant report on feedback on the WW1 Event.  The Church had over 100 parishioners in attendance and the evening presentation/WW1 event had over 150 in attendance; an extremely successful event which brought our community together.


William Oure Charity


The Clerk has completed an annual return to the Charity Commission for the William Oure.  The account stands at £3614.91.  The Clerk has issued an invoice to the new tenant for this year’s rental for £160 (equates to £80 per acre)




  • Received an email from Kent County Council regarding their consultation on the draft Kent County Council Libraries, Registration and Archives strategy for the next three years, including a proposal to tier libraries and review library opening hours. The deadline for responses is 29 January 2019.
  • Received an email from Sue Hatt re Lost Words in the Garden of England is a Kent-wide crowdfunding campaign to raise money to donate a copy of ‘The Lost Words’ to every primary and special school in Kent and Medway and so reseed the magic of nature in the imaginations of children in our classrooms. Alongside the book, we will provide materials to support its creative and inspirational use by teachers and students beyond the classroom so that ‘The Lost Words’ can become a catalyst for hands-on reconnection with the natural world. We would be most grateful if you would consider making a grant for the school or schools in your parish, as others have done.  £10 buys a book which will then benefit children in your school.
  • Received an email from KALC re KCC Brexit Preparations which was discussed at their meeting in December and KALC Executive will be discussing at their meeting on the 19th January.  KALC are liaising with KCC and Kent Resilience Forum and will keep members updated.
  • Received an email from KALC re the national salary scales for 2019-2020.
  • Received an email from Laura Dyer re KALC Community Awards Scheme. The closing date to then submit your nomination is Thursday 31st January 2019.   Please note that we are only able to accept one nomination per Council, but this can be a joint nomination/group nomination, but we can only issue one certificate per Council.
  • An email from Helen Dode re ‘Wheels 2 Work Kent’ is a charitable project run by East Surrey Rural Transport Partnership, supported by Kent County Council. The aim is to assist people, living in rural communities into work or educational placements by offering the use of mopeds or bicycles, on loan, at very affordable rates. Posters to be displayed on the village notice boards and on Challock chatter.
  • An email from ABC re update on Local Plan 2030. Following the hearings and the Main Modifications consultation, the Inspectors have now issued their post hearing report.  The report concludes that, subject to Main Modifications, the Plan is sound and capable of adoption. This brings to a close the examination of the Plan, and the council is now in a position to proceed with its formal adoption.

The Inspectors letter and their Main Modifications, along with the Local Plan, the evidence base, and examination documents can be viewed online

  • Received from Girlings re Lease between Challock PC and South Eastern Power Networks for Substation site on the The Lees, Canterbury Road.
  • Received an email from a parishioner re Tree removed from Faversham Road.
  • Received a telephone call from parishioner concerning the Lees track flooding and requesting the lees track is raised or a water pipe installed to run off onto the Lees.
  • Received an email from KALC re Buckingham Palace Tea Party in May.  If we wish to nominate an outgoing Chairman of the Parish Council.


Matters Arising from Correspondence


1. Eastern Power Networks Lease – Councillor Michael Fisher & Councillor Annabel Burden signed the Lease.  Clerk to return lease to Girlings Solicitors.

2. Re parishioner email regarding the pollarding of a hawthorn tree. Tree Inspector has responded to say the tree was inspected and pollard. 

3. Clerk has responded to parishioner re the Lees track.  There is a natural dip and would prove difficult to resolve.  The Clerk made enquiries with contractor R Harvey who said due to the terrain natural dip and soil containing flint makes it difficult for water to soak away. 




The current account balance on 31st December 2018 £12860.51


The NS&I account balance is £11,739.71


The following cheques were approved and signed:-


Cheque No: 102574 HM Revenue & Customs re Clerk’s Tax Payment £252.60

Cheque No: 102575    BM Ambulance Services re Defibrillator Training Donation £50.00

Cheque No: 102576 ABC Forester Printing for October & November’s issues £320.16

Cheque No: 102577    D Sandy Stationery (Ink Cartridges & Paper £85.97


Budget Precept 


Following the parish meeting in October adjustments to the draft budget have been made.  This includes increasing the precept by £2,000 to allow for parish contribution to Faversham Road Footpath. Challock Parish Council approved the precept/budget for 2019/20. The Parish Council has agreed for precept to increase to £18,000.  Council tax support grant £255 claimed for 2019/20 and therefore the amount to charge to local tax payers precepted by Challock Parish Council is £17745.

Councillors approved the income and expenditure budgeted for 2019/20. 





Under declarations of interest Councillor Annabel Burden left the room whilst easement for land between Hurstwood and Haverbrack was discussed. Clerk confirmed that Councillor Annabel Burden was looking for a surveyor to carry out the easement as BTF do not wish to take this matter on. Councillor Mick Fisher commented that the current situation with the easements is based on the widening of the entrance which BTF suggest a £1500- £2,000 per property as a contribution to correct the situation.  It was agreed for the Clerk to write to the property owners to receive confirmation of their intention to pay the easement.  Annabel Burden returned to the meeting. Discussion took place of a possible easement regarding Trees.  Recent property extension appears that the access has been widened by approximately a metre.  Councillor Michael Fisher confirmed that we need to demonstrate that we are being fair when dealing with easements.  It was agreed for the Clerk to make enquiries regarding possible easement at Trees and to write to the owners of Trees. 




The following applications were discussed:


Under Declarations of Interest Councillor Smith left the room whilst planning application 18/01566/AS was discussed.


18/01566/AS Land between Paddock Rise and Rock Cottage, Canterbury Road, Challock, Kent 
Proposed new dwelling with double car port along with separate access


Decision: Challock Parish Council supports this application


18/001847/AS 1 and 2 Woodland View, Buck Street, Challock, TN25 4AR

Erection of two dwelling (Retrospective) Revision to roof design and addition of garage to Unit 2 approved under planning permission 18/01358/AS, 16/01169/AS and 17/00415/AS


Decision: Challock Parish Council supports this application


Ratification of Planning Applications


The following planning applications were ratified.


18/01678/AS Willow House, Westwell Lane, Challock, Ashford, TN25 4FE

Erection of single storey fully


Challock Parish Council Supports this application.


18/01757/AS   1 Chestnut Cottage, Buck Street, Challock, Ashford, TN25 4AT

Construction of detached outbuilding


Looking at the drawings it appears to me that this project looks more like detached accommodation than an outbuilding, so on that basis I do not support. I do not support this application, it looks like a house. My concerns are the footprint appears greater than the house and the garden looks to be sectioned off? 


18/01670/AS 5 Woodland View, Buck Street, Challock, Ashford, TN25 4A

Outdoor heated swimming pool with safety cover.   


Challock Parish Council Supports this application.


Planning Enquiries


Re: Prestige House, Landews Meadow, Green Lane, Challock, Kent, TN25 4FN

Alleged Breach: Alleged change of use from B1 to Retail


This case has been assessed as a 'Priority 3' and has been assigned to me to deal with.

Due to current staff shortages whilst we are committed to investigating your complaint I might

not be able to meet the current 25 days target for updating you, in accordance with the

Council’s enforcement policy, at the present time.


Tree Preservation Order 16/00016 High Snoad Wood, Green Lane, Challock, Kent

relating to W1 Woodland mainly comprised of Sweet Chestnut, Hazel, Ash, Oak

and Cherry situated at the above address. This is for your information only and no comments are sought.


ABC Councillor Larry Krause commented on the appeal process referring to TPO Preservation Order 16/00016 as designated ancient semi woodland status, already protected.  Properties/buildings cannot be built within 15 metres of designated ancient woodland status/TPO’s.


Councillor Annabel Burden commented there seems to be a lot of work going on behind Little Acorns and Pony Park with a digger and maybe it’s all very innocent but because of the trees maybe we should be keeping an eye on the situation. 


Defining Village Confines


Challock Parish Council Response Statement regarding the outcome of the public consultative meeting for the revised village confines map.  Feedback from the meeting and emails/feedback forms received have been collated and incorporated in feedback to ABC.  The Parish Council approved the response statement.  Clerk to publish the response statement on the website.  Councillor Michael Fisher commented that very little feedback was received after the Public Meeting in November.  Councillor Michael Fisher informed parishioners that the response to ABC was to keep the confines as they are. 


Noted.  Councillor Trevor Smith read out a statement in response to correspondence received by the Parish Council from a parishioner.


Items for Information


Faversham Road Car Park


It has been agreed Challock Parish Council to contribute £4,190 towards the funding of the footpath at Faversham Road. ABC Councillor Larry Krause said he will try to get ABC to approve £30,000 outstanding.  Clerk to email KCC Ward Councillor Charlie Simkins to accept offer of funding towards the footpath.  KCC Ward Councillor Charlie Simkins has offered to fund £4,190 design costs and £5,000 out of his members grant.  Clerk to email Councillor Charlie Simkins to accept offer of funding towards the footpath.






Parish Forum


Comments received from parishioner informed the parish council that they had consulted with surveyors but have said they are not interested in sorting out the easement.  A parishioner commented that the owners of Hurstwood are still using their original drive as well as their new drive. Their car sticking out of the car port and people have to drive round to gain access.  A parishioner questioned whether an easement had been charged to Fourways when an additional driveway was added.  Parishioner requested assurance that fair treatment to all involved when changes to accesses or new accesses have been made.  Agreement was made with Roger Spicer previous Chairman to the Parish Council for the access to be widened whilst the works are being carried out. The gate was originally put up for the use of sheep.  A parishioner commented on the Lees track at the Beech Court end of the Lees, at the entrance there is a large dip caused by the use of diggers and wondered if an agreement could be made regarding an easement payment being used to pay for the Lees track to be repaired. Councillor Michael Fisher commented all correspondence regarding easements is required in writing to ensure a financial trail and cannot be made verbally.


Councillor Michael Fisher thanked ABC Councillor Larry Krause for all his help in dealing with the Faversham Road footpath.


The meeting closed at 8.30 pm                                                                                           


Parish Council Meeting Dates for 2019


Next Parish Meeting 14th February 2019


Future Parish Meeting Dates:


Thursday 14th March

Thursday 11th April

Thursday 16th May

Tuesday 18th June 2019 Annual Parish Meeting Main Hall

Thursday 18th July

Thursday 19th September

Thursday 17th October


Thursday 21st November



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