Challock Parish Council Meeting minutes


Memorial Hall, Audrey Allen room

Thursday, 11th April 2019, 7.30pm


Members of public present: 3





Councillor Emma Fox & Councillor Tony Aitken




Michael Fisher (Chair), Annabel Burden (Vice-Chair), Trevor Smith, Max Thomas, John Ramsden, ABC Ward Councillor Larry Krause & Di Sandy (Clerk).




Michael Fisher thanked everyone for attending.  The Chairman read out Emma’s email thanking Councillors and Parish Clerk for their support.


Declarations of Interest


Councillors Michael Fisher, Annabel Burden, Max Thomas, Trevor Smith and John Ramsden had no new changes to the declarations of interest.


Minutes of Last Meeting


Minutes of 14th March 2019 meeting were signed by Michael Fisher as an accurate record.


All agreed.


Clerk’s Report


Aaron Newell PCSO Monthly Report


There were no reports of ASB. There were 2 reports of burglary, 1 in Hothfield and 1 in Westwell. 




Clerk reported loose cover revealing electrical wires from a street light, Buck Street.


Clerk sent a letter to resident at Burlington House asking if they would consider trimming hedge outside their driveway.  We have received reply saying they will look into this as soon as they can.


Pot Holes Canterbury Road – works are due to commence on the pot holes along Canterbury Road.


The Lees


Grounds man to cut ivy from the trees on the Lees.


Clerk reported to UK Power Networks a hole next to electric pole requires filling. 




Reported fallen trees along footpath at Mill Lane


Reported problem with footpath being obstructed at Pested Farm.


Play Park


Clerk requests a play park inspection to take place with Councillor Representative during April/May.


Parish Council Telephone


The Parish Council landline telephone will cease as from 12th April 2019.  The Parish Clerk can be contacted on mobile phone number 07895494851




  • An email received regarding the national Audit Office Report – “Planning for new homes”, which assesses how effectively the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) supports the planning regime to provide the right homes in the right places.
  • An email from Rebecca Bailey regarding the A252 Safer Roads Fund Scheme.

Work has started on the outline designs and a project team has been appointed to deliver the scheme.  The PC has been invited to attend a presentation for the A252 Safer Roads Fund scheme. The presentation will provide information about the scheme and where we currently are in the programme. The meeting will give pcs the opportunity to put forward any ideas or concerns regarding the A252 in their area. Although we cannot guarantee we will be able to address all issues raised as part of this scheme, we can look to set up a Highway Improvement Plan for each parish that can be progressed separately. The meeting to be held at Highway Depot in Ashford on Monday, 13th May at 1 pm.

  • An email received from a parishioner requesting for a new footway from the school towards Kiln Close.
  • Received a complaint from a parishioner regarding speeding along the Lees track at the top end of the Lees (Beech Court end).
  • An email from a parishioner stating Molash has a very big footpath map on display with all their paths numbered could that be something for Challock P C to consider.
  • An email from KALC Area Committee requesting parishes to provide data on Issues arising from the failure of new building developments to comply with Conditions of Planning Approval and notably those cases where ABC Planning (Case Officer &/or Enforcement Team) have failed to ensure compliance. Examples from parishes of:

-       both Good and Bad Practice on sites.

-       Conditions of Planning which are considered to be inadequate, too loose, etc.

  • Received an email from Boughton Aluph & Eastwell Parish Council regarding the neighbourhood plan consultation and requesting feedback by 19th May 2019.
  • Received an email from Martin Hook requesting to place the Five Church Walk adjacent to the roundabout Halfway Pub 2 weeks before the event takes place.


Matters Arising from Correspondence


  • Councillors concluded for the time being the request for a footpath from the school leading up to Kiln Close was not viable as it is deemed not hazardous.  The volume of traffic is low and therefore a low priority.
  • Councillors agreed for the Clerk to write to resident requesting their workmen to lower their speed when travelling on the Lees track.
  • Councillors approved for the Five Church Walk Notice to be displayed at the roundabout. 
  • Councillor Burden commented that the Boughton Aluph & Eastwell Neighbourhood plan is very comprehensive. Councillors to email their comments to the Clerk.
  • Councillor Burden, Councillor Ramsden & Clerk will be attending the Safer Road Fund Scheme meeting on the 13th May 2019 in Ashford.




The current account balance on 31st March 2019 £9154.24


The NS&I account balance is £11824.85



Internal Audit of Accounts


This year the Annual Returns has changed to AGAR (Annual Governance and Annual Returns and will be an on-line submission. 


The internal audit took place on Wednesday, 10th April 2019.  The Auditor Lionel Robbins signed the AGAR with no concerns.


AGAR – Annual Governance and Annual Returns


The AGAR – Annual Governance and Annual Returns will be approved by the Parish Council at the AGM Parish Meeting on the 16th May 2019.


The following cheques were approved and signed:-


Cheque No: 102589  Girlings – Mr Shirley for an outstanding invoice dated 16th May 2017 £127.20

Cheque No: 102590  Challock Memorial Hall – Office Rental £500

Cheque No: 102591  KALC Annual Subscription £392.16

Cheque No: 102592  Girlings Solicitors – Legal Fees Advice £609

Cheque No: 102593  J Sandy – Grounds Maintenance Tree Works £96.79

Cheque No: 102594  HMRC – Clerks Tax £252.60

Cheque No: 102595 D Sandy – Stationery £40.15




19/00374/AS - Kew House, Buck Street, Challock, Ashford, TN25 4AT
Application for renewal of former approved application 16/00857/AS for erection of detached house and garage with new access


Parish Council supports this application though Councillors had concerns regarding the amount of accesses along this stretch of road (Buck Street) and therefore would be subject to Highways comments on visibility splays. 


19/00391/AS - Roseneath, Church Lane, Challock, Ashford, TN25 4DD

Construction of Garage including workshop, store and play room. (Revision to planning permission 17/01456/AS)


Parish Council does not support this application as it appears too large in comparison to dwelling and therefore not in keeping.


19/00410/AS - 7 Forest Cottages, Challock, Ashford, Kent, TN25 4AR

Rear single storey extension and alterations.


Parish Council supports this application subject to neighbours’ views are taken into consideration.


18/01357/AS Amended Plans -  The Firs, Buck Street, Challock, Ashford, TN25 4AR

Construction of one replacement dwelling and detached garage


Clerk to email amended plans and planning portal link to Councillors. 

Councillor’s to email their comments to the Clerk.


19/00425/AS  - The Beeches, Buck Street, Challock TN25 4AT

Renewal of former application 15/00660 for the creation of a new access driveway to the Beeches.


Parish Council supports this application though Councillors had concerns regarding the amount of accesses along this stretch of road (Buck Street) and therefore would be subject to Highways comments on visibility splays. 


19/00375/AS -  Kings Wood View, Buck Street, Challock, Ashford, TN25 4AT

Reserved matters application for details of access, appearance, layout and scale for the erection of one detached dwelling and garaging pursuant to outline planning permission granted under 14/01533/AS (resubmission of planning permission 17/00358/AS).


Parish Council supports this application though one Councillor commented  the detached dwelling appears too big in comparison to neighbour’s bungalow and would not be in keeping.  Councillors had concerns regarding the amount of accesses along this stretch of road (Buck Street) and therefore is subject to Highways comments on visibility splays. 


19/00435/AS  - High View, Faversham Road, Challock, Ashford, Kent, TN25 4BQ

Rear extension; rooflights to front and rear; alterations and refurbishment of existing outbuilding


Parish Council supports this application subject to neighbours’ views are taken into consideration.


Ratification of Planning Applications


There were no planning applications to ratify.


Parish Councillor Elections


Uncontested Election Councillor Fisher, Councillor Burden, Councillor Aitken, Councillor Thomas & Councillor Ramsden to be elected councillors at the Parish Meeting in May.

Councillor Smith will be co-opted at the Parish Meeting in May.


There is a vacancy for one councillor.  Clerk to place a notice for casual vacancy on the Notice Boards, Website, Forester & Challock Chatter. 


Councillors Ramsden & Thomas confirmed they will be attending the Councillor Training Refresher day at Lenham Village Hall on Saturday, 1st June 2019.  Councillors Fisher, Burden & Smith confirmed they will be attending the Councillor Refresher day at Lenham Village Hall on Saturday, 23rd November 2019.  Councillor Aitken to confirm Councillor Training Refresher day with Clerk.   


The Lees


Councillor Burden, Councillor Fox & Councillor Ramsden along with the Parish Clerk carried out an inspection of the Lees. 

There were a number of issues raised.  Councillors approved the following recommendations and action.


Trees – There is a number of trees on the Lees which are a concern.  Upon quotations received from Tree Surgeons Clear Cut Trees, G W Gardening & Peter Vogel, Councillors agreed for a survey of the trees to take place later in the summer/early Autumn to assess which trees need to either be pollarded or removed.  The Cherry tree adjacent to Fourways & Little Barn has bark damage.  Clerk to arrange for tree surgeon to assess this tree and the tree adjacent to Haverbrack driveway. 


The Lees Track – In order to protect the Lees grass some residents have placed stones and filled the corner of the Lees grass with grass cuttings. Councillors agreed proposal for Clerk to write to residents to come up with an alternative solution to protect the Lees grass as the bricks are deemed potentially a hazard.


The Lees Track entrance 2 & 3 – received a number of enquiries in the past on whether the track entrance could be filled/tarmacked as this dips and gets flooded.  Councillors agreed for Clerk to write to residents to enquire if they would be interested in paying a fair proportion to these entrances being tarmacked subject to approval from the Secretary of State.


There is some garden waste been deposited on the Lees.  Councillors agreed for the Clerk to write to residents living in the vicinity to request the person responsible arranges for the garden waste to be removed from the Lees.


Rope Swing – A rope swing is situated in the wooded area near to Haverbrack. It is tied to a very wobbly tree and the branch could snap.  Councillors agreed for the groundsman to remove the rope swing.  


Memorial Seat – Upon the Lees inspection; Councillor’s in attendance agreed the best place for the memorial seat would be adjacent to the wooded area near Haverbrack.  Clerk to liaise with families for their approval and suggestion of inscription/plaque. Councillor Burden informed the Parish Council that Mr Cantle would prefer a tree to be planted adjacent to the memorial seat.


Councillors approved for maintenance work to be carried out by the grounds man on the 3 seats on the Lees.  


Stone Bollards – Some of the bollards are lying on their side.  Councillors approved for the groundsman to straighten them.


Skips – There is currently a couple of skips placed on the Lees strips of grass.  Councillors approved for the Clerk to write to residents on the Lees in the future to request permission to the Parish Council for skips to be placed on the strips of Lees adjacent to their properties.  To discourage residents from using the strips of Lees for skips, Councillors passed a resolution to charge residents for using the strip of Lees to place skips on.  A charge of £20 per week.  Clerk to notify all residents.


Speeding on the Lees – Discussion took place regarding the amount of vehicles travelling at speed on the Lees in particular delivery vans, service lorries i.e refuse, oil etc. Councillors agreed for Clerk to investigate and report back at the next parish meeting regards to having speed limit signs installed on the Lees.   


Items for Information


Faversham Road Footpath


Awaiting outcome from ABC on funding after the May elections.


Village signs


Councillors discussed whether to have the advertising posters displayed on the fence adjacent to the grass area maintain by the parish council removed.  Councillors were concerned on how they look.  One of the posters is torn and a recent poster is placed on a board at an angle on the grass area. 


Councillors agreed for the Brogdale poster board to be removed as this is on the grass area and not the fence.  Clerk to liaise with the owner of the fence regarding the torn poster on display.   


Spring Clean Litter Pick


The village litter pick will be on Sunday, 14th April 2019.  To meet at the village hall car park at 10 am.  All welcome please come along if you can.




ABC Ward Councillor Larry Krause informed that the current vicar for Kingswood Benefice will be leaving at the end of July. 


Parish Forum


A parishioner enquired why the Roaring Twenties Photo Frame displayed in the Audrey Allen Room has been removed.  Clerk to make enquiries with Kathy Stevens.


The meeting closed at 9.15 pm      


Parish Council Meeting Dates for 2019


Next Parish Meeting AGM 16th May 2019


Future Parish Meeting Dates:


Tuesday 18th June 2019 Annual Parish Meeting Main Hall

Thursday 18th July

Thursday 19th September

Thursday 17th October


Thursday 21st November



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