Challock Parish Council Meeting minutes


Memorial Hall, Audrey Allen room

Thursday, 22nd November 2018, 7.30pm


Members of public present: 8





Councillor Emma Fox & Anthony Aitken due to work commitments send their apologies.




Michael Fisher (Chair), Annabel Burden, John Ramsden, Trevor Smith, Max Thomas, ABC Ward Councillor Larry Krause, KCC Ward Councillor Charlie Simkins & Di Sandy (Clerk).




Michael Fisher thanked everyone for attending.


Declarations of Interest


Councillors Michael Fisher, Annabel Burden, Max Thomas and John Ramsden had no new changes to the declarations of interest.


Councillor Trevor Smith declared an interest under planning application 18/01566/AS.


Minutes of Last Meeting


Minutes of 18th October 2018 meeting were signed by Michael Fisher as an accurate record.


All agreed.


Faversham Road Footpath & Village Speeding


Councillors discussed with ABC Ward Councillor Larry Krause and KCC Ward Councillor Charlie Simkins regarding the foot path along Faversham Road.


Councillor Simkins informed the parish council there is no funds available from KCC to install a new foot path along Faversham Road but would be prepared to fund the cost of the design fees (£4190) from members grant. However having discussed this with Darren Hickman it  would only be appropriate to proceed with the design work if the Parish Council had already secured funding for the cost of the whole project. Darren's preliminary estimate of £33000 does not include the cost of tree removal and the costs that the Parish council would incur in securing the necessary legal agreements with the landowners. There would also be costs incurred in securing permission from the utility companies.  Councillor Fisher asked Councillor Simkins if KCC have a duty of care towards parishioners living along Faversham Road who are unable to walk to the village from their home.  Councillor Krause suggested the Clerk contacts ABC legal services and make enquiries regarding whether a local authority has a statutory duty of care for its parishioners regarding leaving their property in a safe environment when living near an A road.

Councillor Simkins agreed he would look into this with KCC. 


The Clerk highlighted to Councillor Krause that it was minuted during 2015/16 that he informed the parish council that funds would be available for a footpath to be installed and the clerk to re-commence gaining permission from residents to give up 1.5 metres of land for a footpath.  Councillor Krause confirmed that he was informed funding would be available from KCC having spoken to Lisa Willoughby and Darren Hickman.  Councillor Simkins commented that for the past 10 years due to funding cuts KCC have not been able to fund footpaths.  The Clerk asked Councillor Simkins are footpaths only funded by developers.  Councillor Simkins confirmed this is correct.


Councillor Fisher concluded that he would continue to pursue this and is determined to find a way to get a foot path installed along Faversham Road.


Councillor Simkins had another meeting to attend and so left the parish meeting.


The parish meeting was closed at this point to bring forward the parish forum in order for parishioners to raise any concerns with ABC Ward Councillor Larry Krause.


Parish Forum


Faversham Road Footpath - Parishioner commented how dangerous Faversham Road is and there has been a fatality. General discussion took place on increased traffic along Faversham Road and how narrow the road is with no layby’s to allow farm vehicles to pull over to allow traffic to pass.


WW1 Commemorative Event – Parishioner Deryck Sutton informed that parish council that a relative of one of the fallen named on the memorial attended the event and wishes to thank the parish council and Councillor Smith for an excellent presentation and was impressed with 150 attendees.  Parishioner Georgia Smith thanked the Clerk for helping organizing the event.  Clerk commented the excellent presentation by Trevor Smith and the ladies choir singing without both wouldn’t have been such a success. 


The parish meeting resumed


Clerk’s Report




Clerk reported under Highway Inspection overgrown hedge opposite to entrance to Landews Meadows/Snoad Wood and manhole damaged in Buck Street adjacent to foot path entrance to the cricket ground.


There is a planned road closure for Green Lane commencing the 3rd December for 2 days.




Nothing to report


WW1 Silhouettes


Unfortunately, one of the silhouettes whilst on display on the bench on the Lees has been damaged.  Part of the head has broken.  Clerk to try to glue it back on.  The silhouettes have now been removed and put in storage for safe keeping.


Play Park


Nothing to report.


Village Website


Clerk has received training in how to download images/photos to the website. Clerk wishes to thank Deryck Sutton for the training.


KCC Budget Consultation


Clerk has completed on line KCC Budget Consultation accepting 3% increase in council tax in order for KCC to maintain the services and 2% increase in social care.  Clerk has commented on that no further savings could be achieved as this would affect the services.  However, Housing Developers should be asked to make a financial contribution to the improvements in our infrastructure foot paths, play parks, roads etc.


KCC Household Consultation


Clerk has completed on-line KCC Household Waste Consultation raising concerns of increased fly tipping in rural areas if charges are introduced. 




Councillor Burden and Clerk to attend Higher Level Planning Course at Lenham Community Hall on the 7th December.




  • An email from KCC approval of Combined Ward Members Grant for £774 towards the post office car park re-surfacing of tarmac.
  • An email from Harry Kenton regarding the tenancy lease for the poor field and request from Mr Collier for the tenancy to commence from 1st January 2019.
  • Received an email from a parishioner requesting for the speed limit reduced from 50mph to 40mph now that more houses have been built at the Paddock end of the village.
  • An email from KCC regarding Bus Summit which took place on 30th October can be the viewed by using the webcast link via KCC website for up to 12 months.
  • An email from Lisa Willoughby KCC launching a new video to encourage wider use of the fault reporting tool i.e. reporting pot holes, overgrown vegetation etc.  Clerk to post details in the Forester/website under Parish News.
  • An email from Lisa Willoughby KCC launching winter service and letter to be passed onto parishioners.  Clerk to post details in the forester/website.
  • An email from Mark Goodman regarding litter bin update. Information from the recent survey will be used to conduct a progressive replacement of bins. Where dog bins stand-alone we will replace with the Heritage. Generally, if a dog bin and litter bin are co-located, they will be replaced with this larger bin (110 litre liner with 130 litre capacity). On average, there are around 150 planned replacements a year. We will consult with Parish Clerks in all instances that replacements and installations are taking place.
  • Received an email from NALC regarding Legal Briefing L09-18 Public Sector Bodies Regulations 2018 which covers the accessibility of public sector websites and mobile applications.  Parish Councils are required to ensure public website and mobile apps are accessible i.e. understandable, perceivable and robust.  Need to meet the requirement by 23rd September 2020.
  • Received an email from Terry Martin KALC concerning preparations for local elections in 2019, offering a package of information to help Parish/Town Council promote the 2019 elections and encourage more people to stand for election. 




The current account balance on 31st October 2018 £19356.89


The NS&I account balance is £11,739.71


The following cheques were approved and signed:-


Cheque No: 102567 J Sandy Annual Grounds Maintenance Contract £1180.00

Cheque No: 102568 Kent PCs Annual Forester Editorial Fees £2,000

Cheque No: 102569 Village Hall Committee additional village hall hire for WW1 Event & Public Meeting £125.00



Budget Precept 


Councillors considered the proposed budget 2019/20 and precept. Discussion took place regarding Clerk’s salary.  Councillor Burden commented that the Clerk has not had a pay increase for several years and the national pay awards for 2018/19 indicate the Clerk is not on the minimum Clerk’s rate.  Councillor Burden proposed raising the Clerk’s hourly rate in line with the national pay scale and for Councillors under a closed meeting to discuss the appropriate rate.  All agreed.


Discussion took place on the increase and high cost of maintaining the play park.  Clerk confirmed most of the play equipment is 20 years old and will require replacing in the near future.  Councillor Fisher commented that the play nursery a private business uses the play park area most mornings and question whether a charge should be applied.  Councillors agreed that this should be looked into.  Councillor Krause confirmed that providing the play group is a private company then it would be appropriate to consider applying a fee for the play park usage. 


Discussion took place regarding increasing the precept further to allow for legal fees for the Faversham Road foot path. The Clerk recommended raising the precept to £16780 (£220 concurrent fund tax).  It was agreed to raise the precept to £17780 to allow for legal fees. 

Clerk to amend budget/precept proposal and to be ratified at the next parish meeting on the 10th January 2019. 




The following applications were discussed:


Under Declarations of Interest Councillor Smith left the room whilst planning application 18/01566/AS was discussed.


18/01603/AS  Leeswood, Canterbury Road, Challock, Ashford, Kent, TN25 4DL 
Erection of new garden store in the front garden. To be constructed on existing base forming part of original drive.


Decision: Challock Parish Council supports this application.


18/01566/AS Land between Paddock Rise and Rock Cottage, Canterbury Road, Challock, Kent 
Proposed new dwelling with double car port along with separate access


Decision: Challock Parish Council supports this application providing applicant re applies to Highways to make amendments to the visibility splays.  Neighbours’ views are taken into consideration.


Ratification of Planning Applications


There were no planning applications to be ratified.


Defining Village Confines


The Parish Council has received the revised village confines map.  The Parish Council has arranged for a Public Consultative Meeting to take place on Wednesday, 28th November 2018 at 7.30 pm in the village hall.  The review of our village confines will be incorporated with the public meeting.


Items for Information


End of First World War Centenary


The Parish Council wishes to thank Trevor Smith for the WW1 Presentation and Challock Ladies Choir for their singing.  A successful evening was enjoyed by all.  Clerk has received lots of feedback from parishioners on how much they enjoyed the event.  Clerk has received a request to arrange an event for our senior parishioners i.e. tea dance.


The Parish Council wishes to thank Challock Primary School teachers and children for their lovely display of poppies at the Memorial. 


Post Office Car Park


Wilsons Tarmac has now completed the works on the post office car park.  A cheque payment for £3462.00 has been made and an invoice for £288.50 to the Post Office for their contribution.     




Councillor Burden commented on the property ‘Trees’ on the Lees has recently had a new extension and  that an extra meter has been added to the driveway entrance and therefore should be subject to an easement.  Clerk confirmed no permission had been sought by the owners in extending the driveway.  Councillor Smith commented that he and the Clerk have visited the site at the request of the owners to confirm what area of the Lees belongs to the Parish Council.  Councillor Burden commented that as the development between Hurstwood and Haverbrack are subject to easement for the widening of their entrance this should also apply to the property owners of Trees.  It was agreed for the Clerk to write to the owners that the widening of their driveway/entrance is subject to an easement.


Councillor Ramsden requested an update on the progress of the easement for the development between Hurstwood and Haverbrack.  It was at this point that Councillor Burden under declarations of interest left the room.


Clerk confirmed that BFT Surveyors have been approached but appear reluctant to take this matter on.  Clerk has made several attempts to contact Tom French but he has not replied.  Councillors’ agreed that Councillor Burden should seek alternative surveyor.    


The meeting closed at 9.25 pm                                                                                           


Parish Council Meeting Dates for 2019


Next Parish Meeting 10th January 2019


Future Parish Meeting Dates:


Thursday 14th February

Thursday 14th March

Thursday 11th April

Thursday 16th May

Tuesday 18th June 2019 Annual Parish Meeting Main Hall

Thursday 18th July

Thursday 19th September

Thursday 17th October

Thursday 21st November                       


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