Challock Parish Council AGM Minutes


Memorial Hall, Audrey Allen room

Thursday, 16th May 2019, 7.30pm


Members of public present: 7









Michael Fisher (Chairman), Annabel Burden (Vice Chair), John Ramsden, Trevor Smith, Max Thomas, Anthony Aitken, ABC Ward Councillor Larry Krause & Di Sandy (Clerk).




Michael Fisher thanked everyone for attending.


Declarations of Interest


Councilors no new changes to the declarations of interest.


Minutes of Last Meeting


Minutes of 11th April 2019 meeting were signed by Michael Fisher as an accurate record.


All agreed.


Election of Chair


Michael Fisher wished to stand as Chair. Michael Fisher was proposed by Max Thomas and seconded by Anthony Aitken. There were no other proposals


Election of Vice Chair


Annabel Burden wished to stand as Vice Chair. Annabel Burden was proposed by Trevor Smith and seconded by Max Thomas. There were no other proposals


Declaration of Acceptance of Office by all Councillors


All councillors have signed the Declaration of Acceptance in the presence of the Clerk.




Trevor Smith wished to continue as Councillor. Trevor Smith was proposed by Annabel Burden and seconded by Michael Fisher.

Co-option of new Councillor


Two members of the public applied for Councillor vacancy for Challock Parish Council.  Presentations took place prior to the Parish Meeting.  Councillors’ co-opted the applicant with the most votes by a show of hands.


Russell Jaques was co-opted onto Challock Parish Council.  The Chairman thanked both applicants for their expression of interest. The Chairman congratulated and welcomed Russell Jaques onto Challock Parish Council.


Councillor Jaques signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office in the presence of the Clerk.


Election of Representatives


Councillors discussed and agreed the representatives for the next year.   Table of representatives;



Representative 2018/2019

Representative 2019/2020





Trevor Smith

Trevor Smith




Challock Primary School

Annabel Burden

Annabel Burden




Village Hall Committee

Anthony Aitken

Anthony Aitken




Parish Council Finance

Michael Fisher

Michael Fisher




Speed Watch

Michael Fisher

Michael Fisher




Police Forum

Ceased for now but looking to restart






William Oure Charity

Trevor Smith

            Trevor Smith




Play Area

Max Thomas

Max Thomas




KALC and Parish Forum

Emma Fox

Russell Jaques




Cricket Club Liaison

John Ramsden

John Ramsden




Forester Sub-Committee

Annabel Burden

Annabel Burden


           Emma Fox

John Ramsden











































Clerk’s Report


Aaron Newell PCSO Monthly Report


One report of burglary and a report of wheels and number plates stolen from a vehicle in Challock.    I have been continuing to show a presence in all areas, both on foot and in a police vehicle, engaging with members of the community, and visiting hotspot areas.



Reported pot holes middle of road adjacent to Barn Shop, Canterbury Road.  Reported pot holes at the entrance to Blind Lane, St Cosmas Close & Kiln Close.


Play Park


Upon recent inspection of the play park the bark level is very low in places.  ROSPA states the bark level should be 300mm in depth. Concrete is showing at the play swings and sliders.  Membrane is visible around the toddler swing.  Clerk has ordered 20 bags of bark at £72 per bulk bag. The grounds man will be spreading the bark and tilling the area on Tuesday, 21st May. There are 2 posts on the agility activity that require replacing.  Clerk to arrange for grounds man to action.


The junior swing will also need replacing as one of the posts is rotting at the base. Clerk to make enquiries on costs and type of swing required i.e. monkey swing or junior swing? The 2019/20 budget allows for £2,600 to be spent on bark replacement and repairs.  There is an additional £2,000 for replacement play equipment.




Councillor Burden and Clerk attended the Code of Conduct training session.


Councillors Max Thomas and John Ramsden are booked to attend Dynamic Councillor training/refresher session at Lenham on the 1st June.


Clerk issued Code of Conduct Briefing Document to all Councillors.




  • Received an email from a parishioner concerning a bright light coming from a property in Blind Lane which is very bright a potential hazard when driving.  Clerk contacted ABC Environment Dept as a light nuisance who referred to PCSO Aaron Newell as a road safety matter. 


  • Received an email from KCC Road and Footway Asset Team regarding an interim programme of works for the first part of 2019/20 with A251 from Pested Lane to Crossroads due for road preservation.  A full programme will be published later this year. 


A252 Safer Road Scheme Fund


Councillor Burden, Councillor Ramsden and Clerk attended the A252 Safer Road Scheme.  Annabel read out details of the scheme. Councillors discussed the measures the scheme wants to put in place along the A252 and in particular the road running through Challock.  Councillors commented the scheme is good and grateful that funds are available to put in safety measures but agreed that an average speed camera would be the main solution in reducing speeding through the village. Clerk to send comments/feedback to KCC. Clerk to place details on the website under parish news and in the June Forester.




The current account balance on 30th April 2019 £16,166.01


The NS&I account balance is £11824.85


AGAR – Annual Governance and Annual Returns


AGAR (Annual Governance and Annual Returns and will be submitted on-line. 


The Internal Audit took place on.  The Auditor Lionel Robbins signed the AGAR with no concerns. Lionel Robbins found all the financial records to be accurate and up to date. There were no unexplained entries in the bank reconciliations.


The Clerk’s contract of employment dates from 2007. There have been numerous legislative and best practice changes since then and the contract needs to be updated.


Approval of Annual Governance Statement 2018/19


The Parish Council approved the Annual Governance Statement 2018/19.


The Chairman and Clerk signed the Annual Governance Statement 2018/19


Approval of Accounting Statements 2018/19


The Parish Council approved the Accounting Statements 2018/19


The Chairman and Clerk signed the Accounting Statements 2018/19


Insurance Renewal


Clerk has received invoice for parish council insurance renewal from Came & Company commencing from the 1st June 2019 at £826.53.

Clerk applied to Zurich Insurance for a quotation but as yet has not been received.  Clerk to make further enquiries for insurance quotes.


The following cheques were signed:


Cheque No: 022000 D Sandy Training & Stationery £133.79

Cheque No: 022001 J Sandy Groundworks £42.50


Adoption of Standing Orders


The review and adoption of Standing Orders were signed by the Chairman Michael Fisher. All agreed. 




The following application was discussed:


19/00548/AS 1 Paddock View, Faversham Road, Challock, Ashford, Kent, TN25 4BQ

Installation of Garage Door


                        Councillors had concerns regarding the number of car parking spaces. Do not support.


Ratification of Planning Applications


The following applications were ratified:-


19/00500/AS - Oak Farm Cottage, Canterbury Road, Challock, Ashford, Kent, TN25 4DW

Removal of existing conservatory and erection of single storey rear extension.


Challock Parish Council supports this application


18/01357/AS - The Firs, Buck Street, Challock, Ashford, TN25 4AR.

Construction of one replacement dwelling and detached garage


Challock Parish Council supports this application providing neighbour’s views are taken into consideration.


19/00538/AS - Land between Mill House and 8, Orchard Lane, Challock, Kent

Change of use of agricultural land to a single residential dwelling with associated access, amenity garden and detached single garage (revisions to planning permission 17/00582/AS to provide side and first floor extension)


Challock Parish Council supports this application, providing neighbour’s views are taken into consideration.


Tree Preservation Order



High Snoad Wood, Green Lane, Challock, Kent               

W1 Woodland mainly comprised of Sweet Chestnut, Hazel, Ash, Oak and Cherry


On 20 March 2019 the Planning Committee of the Council decided to confirm the order

subject to modifications.


The Lees


Unauthorised Encampment – An unauthorised encampment arrived on Tuesday evening in which by lunchtime the following day Able Investigations arrived to issue warrants for the travellers to move on. The cost came to £3090. Dave Clarke ABC as this is becoming an ongoing problem suggests the Parish Council looks to securing the Lees to prevent travellers from getting on the Lees.  Clerk has arranged a meeting with James Laidlaw Aspire to assess and come up with proposals in securing the Lees i.e. bollards or wooden posts.  Councillors’ agreed that it would be very costly and impractical to secure the Lees to prevent unauthorised encampments. Councillors agreed for Clerk to enquire regarding costings for information.


Top end (Beech Court Gardens) of the Lees track – The bricks on the Lees track has been removed and parishioner has requested if they could put up white posts with reflectors on the lawn. The Councillors agreed that the Lees needs’ to be protected.   The Councillors have agreed in principal for posts to be installed subject to parishioner providing design/measurement details of posts and at any time in the future the Parish Council reserves the right to have the posts removed.  Councillor Ramsden voted against the posts to be installed and on a trial period.


Yelland Cottage – Part of a brick affect driveway has been constructed on the Lees adjacent to property.  Clerk has been corresponding with the residents stating the protection of the Lees Common from damage and encroachment comes under the Parish Council jurisdiction and has to ensure compliance and fairness to all residents living adjacent to the Lees Common on either side of Canterbury Road, Church Lane and Blind Lane. The Parish Council requests that the driveway leading to their boundary is put back to its original state. Due to the raised brick work either side of the driveway, the Parish Council requests this is remedied as soon as possible.  Parishioner concerned has raised a number of issues regarding driveways on the Lees common and request the Parish Council consider a compromise regarding the driveway.


Councillors agreed for the Clerk to contact Parish Council Solicitors for advice.


The parishioner highlighted the protruding drain cover adjacent to neighbour’s property on the Lees.  Clerk to contact South East Water to request the drain cover is made safer. 


Trees on the Lees


The cherry tree and a tree adjacent to Haverbrack entrance are decaying and need to be removed.  Clerk has obtained quotations from Clear Cut Trees, G W Gardening Services and the groundsman. The quotation is for removal of the two trees and stumps and to fill with top soil.  The removal of a further 2 tree stumps (one by the post office and one in front of Cobbs and Valentine House).  Councillors considered the quotations and agreed for the groundsman to carry out the works.              


Items for Information


Faversham Road Footpath


ABC Downs West Ward Councillor Larry Krause informed the Parish Council that a Rural Parish Fund is being set up which will enable monies to go towards the Faversham Road footpath providing the Parish Council are able to fund a proportion towards the footpath. KCC Ward Councillor Charlie Simkins has offered funds from his members grant though this year has been cut from £20,000 to £15,000 for the whole of the parishes in his ward.


75th VE Day Commemorative Celebrations May 2020


The official, exclusive charity for VE Day 75 is SSAFA, the Armed Forces Charity, which also supports the Merchant Navy with celebrations being planned for the 75th Anniversary of VE Day on 8thMay through to the 10th May 2020. 


The planned activities over the weekend are as follows:


           The Playing of Battle's O'er & VE 75 Years

           The Nation's Toast to the Heroes of WW2

           The Cry for Peace, around the World

           Churches & cathedrals ringing out for Peace

           Street parties and parties in pubs, clubs, Hotels, on town and village greens and in halls etc.

           Services of commemoration and celebration in churches, including the reading of the Tribute to     the Millions and the playing of the Last Post


Councillors considered how the village can mark the VE Commemorative celebrations. Councillor Jaques suggested a street party on the Lees with entertainment. It was agreed to request help from parishioners who would be interested in getting involved.  Clerk to add request in the parish news in the forester.


Memorial Seat


The family of Puff have requested if the memorial seat could be placed down at the Church as Puff was church warden.  The family of Freda has requested a tree to be planted on the Lees as Freda was very fond of the wildlife.  Councillor Burden has offered to purchase the tree.  Councillors agreed for the tree to be planted near to the location of the existing Cherry tree which will soon be removed.  Clerk to liaise with Challock Church and request permission for a seat to be installed in the church grounds. Prior to ordering the Clerk will consult with the families of Puff and Freda regarding the wording on the memorial plaques.


Annual Parish Meeting


Annual Parish Meeting to take place on Tuesday, 18th June 2019.  Clerk to contact local clubs and businesses inviting them to attend as well as KCC Ward Councillor Charlie Simkins and ABC Ward Councillor Larry Krause. 




Councillor Aitken inquired if the trees on the cricket field come under the responsibility of the Parish Council or the Cricket Club.  Clerk to check the lease and to report back. 


Councillor Aitken informed the Parish Council the painting of the car parking lines will commence on the 1st August coinciding with the village hall flooring being varnished.  The hall will be closed for 2 weeks in order for the works to be carried out. 


Parish Forum


Parishioner commented on the traffic island and the keep left sign, Canterbury Road near to the Post Office and how vehicles overtake the other side of the island. Most Lorries are now 45 feet in length use to be 40 feet.  This part of the road is very narrow.  Clerk to include parishioner’s comments when reporting back to KCC Safer Road Scheme Fund.  


The meeting closed at 9.15 pm                                                                                           


Parish Council Meeting Dates for 2019


Tuesday, 18th June 2019 Annual Parish Meeting Main Hall


Next Parish Meeting 18th July 2019


Future Parish Meeting Dates:


Thursday 18th July

Thursday 19th September

Thursday 17th October

Thursday 21st November




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