Challock Parish Council AGM Minutes


Memorial Hall, Audrey Allen room

Thursday, 18th July 2019, 7.30pm


Members of public present: 6





Michael Fisher (Chairman), ABC Ward Councillor Larry Krause




Annabel Burden (Vice Chair), John Ramsden, Trevor Smith, Max Thomas, Anthony Aitken, Russell Jaques & Di Sandy (Clerk).




Annabel Burden thanked everyone for attending.


Declarations of Interest


Councilors no new changes to the declarations of interest.


Minutes of Last Meeting


Minutes of 16th May AGM 2019 meeting were signed by Annabel Burden as an accurate record.


All agreed.


Clerk’s Report


Aaron Newell PCSO Monthly Report


Continuing to show a presence in all areas, both on foot and in a police vehicle, engaging with members of the community, and visiting hotspot areas.


Reports of crime have remained low this month.

Hothfield – burglary to a business and a small amount of money taken.

Westwell – suspicious event/attempt burglary, involving a blue ford panel van. 


Please continue to be vigilant and report incidents or suspicious events to Kent Police either on the Kent Police website or by calling the non-emergency number – 101.


Hothfield – report of ASB in Sackville Close.


Continue to patrol the area and deal with any incidents accordingly.




Patching works along the A251 have been carried out in the month of June.


Clerk reported overgrown grass verge along Buck Street, causing an obstruction when exiting from Blind Lane onto Buck Street. Now completed by the grounds man and KCC Highways.


Grounds man has strimmed around the notice board, village hall car park and dog litter bin on the cricket field.


Clerk reported overgrown vegetation around bus shelters and adjacent to Telephone Exchange area.  The grounds man has cleaned the bus shelters and cleared area from vegetation.


Strimmed hedge at Portucalea Gardens/Canterbury Road & hedge adjacent to the entrance to the wooded area, Beech Court Gardens end.


Reported overgrown hedge along the footpath, Buck Street.


The Lees


Reported a water leak on the Lees adjacent to foot way opposite Help Hire garage. Grounds man dug hole and put back concrete bollard left by constructors.


Clerk reported raised manhole cover on the Lees, adjacent to Northstead property to KCC Highways. Highways has replied stating that the raised drain is on private ground and is not considered a concern as it is not close to the footway.  Clerk to speak to the Highways Inspector upon annual visit in September.  .


Play Park


Play bark has now been filled. Clerk is monitoring the levels and could require further replenishment later in the year. 


The agility equipment, two posts have been repaired.  Area raked over and weeded.  Notice signs have been cleaned.


ROSPA Inspection has now been carried out and with three items being classed as a medium risk.  It is recommended to repair posts on the junior swing and Toddler Swing.  With the Toddler Swing recommend decommissioning.  The Agility Slider recommends rounding off the concrete and top up with more bark.


The Clerk will look to replacing the Toddler Swing and Junior Swing and provide quotations and funding at the next meeting in September.




Clerk has reported overgrown footpath, leaning fence and broken glass along the AE86 Buck Street, The Beeches.  Also reported overgrown vegetation along footpath AE88 High Snoad Wood.




Councillors' Max Thomas and John Ramsden have attended the Dynamic Councillor training/refresher session at Lenham on the 1st June.


Gliding Club


An email was sent to the gliding club thanking them for given a number of our parishioners the opportunity to have a free flying lesson.  Parishioners all said they enjoyed the lesson very much and saw lovely views over Challock, Westwell etc. and was even able to see France.


Memorial Seat


Clerk has emailed Clare Hook requesting permission for a memorial bench for Puff Miller to be placed in the Church grounds.  Parish Council has stated they will maintain the bench. 





  • Received two complaints from a parishioner concerning the Lees grass cutting and in particular around the trees not being cut close enough.  Parishioner was concerned about the proposed works of felling of the cherry tree.  
  • Received comments from five Parishioners on how nice the Lees are being kept.
  • Received a report of flying tipping along Church Lane by parishioner.  Clerk has reported this to ABC.
  • Received an email from KCC notifying residents of a new waste disposal site in Tonbridge and the introduction of a moderate charge for rubble, soil, hard core and plaster board. The income derived will further improve recycling waste centres in Kent and expand them.
  • Received an email from a parishioner commenting on the quotation made in the Forester under parish news A252 Safer Roads and the Parish Council’s response regarding the traffic islands.  Clerk replied to parishioner apologising if this was misinterpreted but to assure them that there is no intention for the traffic islands to be removed as they do slow the traffic down. 
  • Received an email from Ian Redding informing Parish Council of Ashford Mediation Service.  This is a free service to all Ashford Borough residents.  Ashford Mediation Service is a charity that helps people with neighbourhood and family disputes; offering mediation services in the local community with the help of trained volunteer mediators. These services provide a way of enabling people to talk about problems and reach solutions, with our mediators listening, supporting and guiding them. Some of the issues they deal with noisy neighbours, children’s behaviour, Pets’ behaviour, parking disputes, boundary disputes/shared driveways’ and harassment/abusive behaviour.
  • Received an email from parishioner concerning a serious car/motorcycle accident along Buck Street.  Parishioner has been advised to contact the Road Safety Scheme to ask for them to monitor speed; for which they can then prosecute.   Parishioner would like to discuss with Challock Parish Council what measures we can take to bring to the attention of our concerns of road safety along Buck Street. 
  • Received an email from parishioner requesting for part of the tarmacked access on the Lees adjacent to Little Barn be re-surfaced.
  • Clerk has emailed parishioner of Trees requesting the soil on the Lees common is removed within 28 days.  Clerk has also sent a reminder to the parishioner of the recent access/driveway improvements are subject to a variation of easement.
  • Received an email from Clarendon Homes inviting the parish council to attend a presentation of pre-planning application of development at High Tree Lodge, Buck Street. The presentation is to be held in the village hall on Tuesday, 30th July between 4.30 & 7 pm.


Matters arising from correspondence


  • Grass cutting on the Lees – the Clerk has been in contact with the parishioner regarding the grass cutting around the trees.  Due to the type of grass cutter (rotary blade) being used by Aspire there is a restriction on how close they can cut around the trees. The clerk has suggested when grass cutting maintenance goes out to tender at the end of the year to look into quotations from contractors who have tractors (cylinder blade) that are able to cut around the trees.  Clerk has been informed that GW Gardening can do grass cutting and therefore will seek a quotation from them.  Regarding the Cherry tree unfortunately this does need to come down due to safety concerns.  A cherry tree sapling will be planted later this year and will be near to where the original tree was.  
  • Parish Councillors agreed for the re-tarmacking the surface on the access on the Lees, adjacent to Little Barn.


A252 Safer Road Scheme Fund


Councillor Burden, Councillor Ramsden and Clerk will be attending the second meeting A252 Safer Road Scheme on Thursday, 25th July. KCC Highways will be presenting the road safety improvement scheme to Councillors who will then report back to the Parish Council. 




The current account balance on 30th June 2019 £11,336.67


The NS&I account balance is £11,824.85


AGAR – Annual Governance and Annual Returns


The AGAR Returns have been received by PKF Littlejohn External Auditors and is a queue for processing.  Clerk has loaded AGAR Returns onto the website and placed them on the notice boards for a period of 6 weeks commencing Monday, 17th June until Friday, 26th July 2019.


Parish Council Insurance Renewal


Due to the Parish Council entering into a fixed 3 year agreement with Came & Company we have had to renew the insurance from the 1st June 2019 at £826.53. The agreement comes to an end next year and therefore the Parish Council will be free to obtain other quotations.


The following cheques were signed:


Cheque No: 220010 £58 Molash PC Contributions Reconciliation Refund

Cheque No: 220011 £299.22 J Sandy Groundworks/Play Park

Cheque No: 220012 £90.60 ROSPA Play Safety – Play Park Inspection.




The following application was discussed:


19/00915/AS Mill House, Canterbury Road, Challock

Provision of new garage, attached to existing stable building.


Councillors’ support this application.


18/00916/AS & 18/00917/AS Listed Building Consent - Green Lane Farmhouse, Green Lane, Challock

Single storey side extension, internal and external alterations.


Councillors support this application


19/00/AS 6 Paddock View, Faversham Road, Challock, Ashford, Kent, TN25 4BQ

Installation of Garage Door


Councillors’ had concerns regarding the number of car parking spaces. Do not support.


Ratification of Planning Applications


There were no planning applications to be ratified.


Tree Preservation Order


The following Tree Preservation Order was ratified.


Leeswood, Canterbury Road, Challock, Ashford, Kent, TN25 4DL

T1 Ash located in front garden. Fell to near ground level due to ash dieback. Re-plant with two or three smaller semi-native trees example cherry/ maple/ hazel of mature height of six to eight metres maximum


The Parish Council does not support this application as it is a healthy tree.


Revised Village Confines Meeting


A meeting with Daniel Carter ABC Principal Planning Officer & Bethan Hall Planning Officer took place with Councillor Fisher, Councillor Smith, Councillor Thomas & Clerk at the Audrey Allen room.

Daniel Carter gave reason for the meeting. Challock raised issue that the confines map hasn’t been signed off by the Cabinet. Daniel explained the issue is one of consistency and that the policy underpinning the confines has changed in regards to the village confines. Policy now states that development will be acceptable ‘near to’ (including adjoining and abutting) the defined village confines line subject to criteria set out in policy Hou5.

Previously the policy stated that inside the confines line development would be acceptable and

outside of the confines would be restricted, in principle. The key difference is that the near too test now applies. This creates a risk for broader areas adjacent to the existing Challock Village confines line. Daniel has requested we re-consider our decision to keep to the confines original.  By drawing the confines tighter referring to ABC’s revised confines map for Challock would reduce the risk.

It is recommended for the Parish Council to hold a consultation meeting with our parishioners and to consider the revised confines map taking into consideration of the increase risk for development if we stay with the original confines.  Clerk has booked the village hall for the public consultation meeting to take place on Wednesday, 4th September at 7.30 pm. 


Councillor Smith informed the Parish Council historically the confines process took 4 years.  Now we have been asked to change it due to new planning policy which is outside of our control. HOU5 now applies adjacent, near too.  We need to decide. If we leave as it is, could be opening it up to large scale housing, for example, land adjacent to Monkery Lane. Discussion took place regarding using the new policy with the original confines which could lead to large scale developments and how we could stop it.  Councillor Smith commented that the original confines is not fit for purpose, it’s a bigger area which can be exploited.  We need to protect our village.  Councillor Thomas commented if we were not in the HOU5 then it wouldn’t apply.  Councillor Smith added the confines is led by ABC, we are now vulnerable, need to have a meeting to consult with our parishioners.  Need as many parishioners to attend.


Facebook Page


Councillor Jaques has set up a Challock Parish Council Facebook page to provide information/updates only; disabling comments and asks any questions to be sent to PC email. Councillors agreed to set up a Facebook page. 


Wild Flowers


Councillor Jaques has requested consideration for wild flower verge/meadow. Councillors discussed having a wild flower meadow and agreed to consider having a wild flower meadow on the Lees in the area adjacent to the planings.  Councillor Jaques and Clerk to make enquiries in cost and report back at the Parish Meeting in September.


Yelland Cottage


Part of a brick affect driveway has been constructed on the Lees adjacent to property. The Parish Council requests that the driveway leading to their boundary is put back to its original state. Due to the raised brick work either side of the driveway, the Parish Council requests this is remedied as soon as possible.   A meeting took place with parishioner with Councillor Burden, Councillor Smith & Clerk in attendance; to clarify position of the boundary between parishioner’s land and the Lees, common ground.  At the meeting Councillors Burden & Smith said the boundary line is adjacent to the hedge line.  Parishioner has emailed a request for consideration of taking up the existing driveway on the Lees ground and replacing with a grey tarmac surface.  The Parishioner has also put in a request to Highways to re-surface the footpath adjacent to the access with a dropped curb.  Parishioner has requested if both the resurfacing of the footpath and replacing the access can be done at the same time.  Parishioner says if the Parish Council approves the works he will remove the raised tile edging immediately.  Councillors agreed for the parishioner to remove the existing driveway on the Lees ground to the boundary adjacent to the hedge line and replace with grey tarmac, level to the Lees ground and to coincide at the same time as the works begin on the resurfacing on the footpath and dropped kerb.


Items for Information


75th VE Day Commemorative Celebrations May 2020


The official, exclusive charity for VE Day 75 is SSAFA, the Armed Forces Charity, which also supports the Merchant Navy with celebrations being planned for the 75th Anniversary of VE Day on 8thMay through to the 10th May 2020.  It has since been announced that Friday, 8th May will be a bank holiday so majority of people can join in the commemorative events.  The Clerk placed a notice in the Forester of request for help with the preparations for the VE Day Celebrations; no one as yet has come forward.


At the Annual Parish Meeting the Clerk made enquiries with Kingswood Players and asked if they would be interested in providing entertainment i.e. a play during the day of celebrations.   


Councillors agreed the village commemorative event should now take place on the bank holiday,

Friday, 8th May. Councillors offered to help on the day.     


Councillor Jaques will be contacting the school to see how they would like to get involved and suggested inviting people with military vehicles.  Councillors agreed to discuss at the next parish meeting. 


Highways Village Inspection


Highways Village Inspection is due to take place in September/October.  Any queries relating to highway issues i.e. pot holes, overgrown vegetation etc. to notify Clerk who will pass it onto the Highways Inspector upon visit.


Parish Forum


Parishioner raised their concerns regarding the A251 and a recent road accident they and a motorcyclist were involved in.  The average speed the motorcyclist was doing prior to impact was 90 mph at the bend. 

Councillor Smith commented on seeing 3 bikers travelling at high speed on a Sunday morning.  The parishioner said they were disappointed with the police action and felt the motorcyclist should have been prosecuted.  Police said that the CCTV taking at the time of the accident is not reliable and due to lack of police resources.  Parishioner said the accident has deeply affected them.  Councillor Smith commented that speed awareness is being address for the A252 but the A251 is worst. Councillor Burden informed the parishioner of a recent KALC meeting where Simon Jones from KCC Highways gave a presentation on Highways Update.  Simon talked about the Parish Improvement Plan and to contact Nikola Floodgate to discuss developing an improvement plan.  It was agreed for the clerk to contact Nikola to enquire about an Improvement Plan for Challock. In the past parishioners have conducted speed watch in the village.  Clerk says parishioners probably wouldn’t feel safe now standing at the side of the road speed monitoring. 

Parishioner informed the Parish Council the hedge along Buck Street adjacent to the exit from Forest Cottages onto Buck Street is regularly overgrown restricting visual view.  Clerk will report overgrown hedge on the KCC Highways portal.  Councillor Burden advised parishioner to make a complaint to the police.  The Clerk added write to the Police Commissioner and KCC Ward Councillor Charlie Simkins as well. 


Parishioners in attendance raised their concerns regarding the housing at High Tree Lodge by Clarendon Homes and how this will impact on the A251/A252 and the school. We should fight against the development.  The Parish Council requested that parishioners please try to attend the presentation to have their say. 




Annabel Burden informed the Parish Council that she has received requests from a couple of parishioners for a bench to be placed at the top of Lees (Beech Court Gardens).


Councillor Burden requested for a start date to be confirmed for the installation of the skate park, to commence planning application stage. 


Discussion took place whether a skate park is still required by the young people and whether now they might prefer alternative play equipment.  Clerk to enquire if the skate parks at Egerton & Charing are being used.  It was agreed to discuss this in more depth and come to a decision at the next parish meeting.


Councillor Burden enquired when the fallen tree on the cricket field is going to be removed.   Councillor Aitken said the tree will be removed soon. 

Clerk enquired about a couple of bags of wood placed on the bonfire area.  Councillor Aitken will arrange for this to remove.


Meeting closed at 8.40 pm


Parish Council Meeting Dates for 2019


Next Parish Meeting to be held on Thursday, 19th September 2019


Future Parish Meeting Dates:


Thursday 17th October

Thursday 21st November



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