Challock Parish Council Minutes


Memorial Hall, Audrey Allen room

Thursday, 17th October 2019, 7.30pm


Members of public present: 11





Annabel Burden (Vice Chair) & Trevor Smith




Michael Fisher (Chairman), Anthony Aitken, Max Thomas, John Ramsden, Russell Jaques & Di Sandy (Clerk).




Michael Fisher thanked everyone for attending.


Declarations of Interest


Councilors no new changes to the declarations of interest.


Minutes of Last Meeting


Minutes of 19th September 2019 meeting were signed by the Chairman Michael Fisher as an accurate record.


All agreed.


Clerk’s Report


Aaron Newell PCSO Monthly Report



·        Westwell – criminal damage – 2 reports of fences being pushed over and damage caused. Likely been done to gain access to field of hare coursing.

·        Challock – burglary – entry gained to poultry shed, chickens and breeding turkey stolen.

·        Westwell – theft/assault – male has stolen victim’s handbag from her car. Victim has followed the male and has been assaulted. – Active investigation.  




Hothfield – two reports of nuisance motorbikes around the play area and surrounding area.  

Residents are asked to report all incidents of nuisance vehicles and to try and gain as much information as possible, i.e. descriptions, vehicle index, photos, etc. I will continue to patrol these areas and deal with any nuisance vehicles appropriately.

Hothfield – nuisance youths waving cars down, possibly seen with a catapult.

If this happens to you please do not stop and confront the youths. Report to Kent Police as soon as possible.




Grounds man has cleared overgrown vegetation causing an obstruction on the footway, Church Lane.


Grounds man has removed torn More Tea Vicar vinyl from the gate on the strip of land adjacent to Crossroads.


Clerk has arranged for a salt bag to be delivered to St Cosmos Close.


Clerk has received Title Deeds from Land Registry concerning ownership of the strip of land adjacent to Crossroads.  The land was transferred over to KCC with access rights granted to owners of the land adjacent. 


Clerk has written to the owner of new dwelling being constructed adjacent to Heathside, Canterbury Road and requesting that they repair the grass verge opposite.


The Lees


Grounds man has filled the pot holes on the Lees and removed fallen tree branch.


Clerk has commenced obtaining quotations for the Lees’ maintenance contract for 2020/21.  Requested quotations from Landscape Services & G W Landscaping.


Grounds man has cut back hedge, Canterbury Road and disposed of.


Public Rights of Way


Clerk has reported to KCC PROW AE346 footpath adjacent to Crossroads Garage overgrown vegetation.


Clerk has reported obstruction by barbed fence to access stile at Footpath AE85 Great Pested Farm.


Skate Park


Clerk has received an email from parishioner saying they are looking forward to seeing a new skate park.  A parishioner in person said their son would prefer a skate park.


War Memorial


Grounds man has cleaned the war memorial and planted daffodil bulbs round perimeter.





  • Received a letter from Friends of Challock Church requesting the use of the Lees for parking cars on the 20th June for Summer Fayre.
  • An email from Mark Holton offering parish council website to meet the new regulation requirements.  Clerk to make enquiries.  
  • An email re Kent Resilience new pack which covers dealing with emergencies.
  • An email re local council survey.  Clerk to send survey to ABC by 25th October 2019.  Councillors to notify the Clerk of their comments. 
  • Received Deeds of easement for owners Haverbrack to Hurstwood from Halletts Solicitors.  Clerk has arranged for Girlings Solicitors to check the Deeds. 
  • Received an email from Friends of Challock Church request for consideration for S106 contributions for new fence in the Church Grounds. 
  • Received an email from Challock Church agreeing for the memorial bench to be placed in the church grounds.  Clerk to liaise with the Church Secretary arrangements for a hard surface to be constructed and for the bench to be secured. 
  • Received a telephone call from Geoff Jenkins regarding the Act of Remembrance on the 11th November and what arrangements are in place.


Matters arising from correspondence


  • Councillors agreed for Challock Church the use of the Lees for car parking on 20th June Summer Fayre. Clerk to notify the Friends of Challock Church.
  • Chairman Michael Fisher agreed to carry out the Act of Remembrance on Sunday, 10th November at 2 pm. Clerk to order a wreath and poppies and to arrange posters to be displayed around the village.


A252 Safer Road Scheme Fund


A further meeting is due to take place in the autumn. 




The current account balance on 30th September 2019 £17,638.48


The second half of the precept £9345 has been lodged with the bank on the 30th September 2019.


The NS&I account balance is £11,824.85


The following cheques were signed:


Cheque No: 022024 ABC Forester Printing £164.76

Cheque No: 022025 J Sandy – Ground works £122.50

Cheque No: 022026 D Sandy – Stationery £34.34


Planning Applications


There were no planning applications to discuss.


Ratification of Planning Applications


There were no planning applications to ratify.


Revised Village Confines Meeting


A meeting took place with Daniel Carter ABC Planning Officer to discuss the new revised village confines.  The outcome of the meeting was the PC confirmed acceptance of the new revised confines map.  Discussion took place regarding possible future developments under the new revised map i.e. Clarendon Homes.  Daniel said it is dependent on a number of issues i.e. how near too the confines line, services/facilities i.e. shops, bus stop and AONB.  Daniel also said that garden areas come under different policy issues and in the case of Applegarth was refused on the basis of incongruous and not within the confines line as well as being close to woodland/AONB.  Open spaces were discussed and how best we can protect them.  The Lees would come under special conditions and is protected and highly unlikely this would be developed on.  For green spaces privately owned designation are delivered through local plan or neighbourhood plan.  We can also look to review our criteria for HOU3 & HOU5 at the next local plan in 5 years’ time. 


We discussed with Daniel the area in Blind Lane, Memorial Site and parishioner's request to make the line tighter in this area.  Daniel has requested we mark on the map provided where we would like the confines line to run and to let him know a.s.a.p.  When making comments on future planning applications, we now refer to the new confines line and designated HOU3a & HOU5 policies.  The original confines are now obsolete. 


The revised confines map with proposal to amend the confines line in Church Lane/Blind Lane bringing the line to the front of Laurenden Forstal in Church Lane/Blind Lane and omitting the line around the village hall and bringing the line in tighter to Blind Lane.  Our reason for reducing the confines line, by making it tighter in this area is to protect the open spaces/recreation field and reduce the risk/near too test of future development along Buck Street i.e. Clarendon Homes was sent to Daniel Carter.  The Clerk has informed the owners of Laurenden Forstal by email of our proposals to ABC.


Councillors discussed Councillor Jaques proposal to write an official complaint to ABC regarding not being consulted/explained to on the modifications to the Local Plan i.e. HOU3a & HOU5 policies to the Parish Council. Councillor Jaques commented that these policies were imposed on us without consultation. Clerk to draft complaint letter to ABC for Councillors to approve.


S106 Contributions


The report from the Head of Planning & Development Planning Committee recommends the planning obligations be required should the Committee resolve to grant permission.  The table of obligations list contribution towards the provision of a skate park, an extension to the existing play area, new equipment and site furniture at the playing field/recreation ground in Blind Lane, contribution towards a Multi-Use Games Area at the playing field/recreation ground in Blind Lane and contribution towards a hard surfaced access and additional seating at The Lees.


The Planning Application has been deferred regarding the S106 contributions for Primary & Secondary Education plus drainage. 


Items for Information


Faversham Road Footpath


A further update from ABC Ward Councillor Larry Krause at the next parish meeting in November.


75th VE Day Commemorative Celebrations May 2020


Clerk has made enquiries to Michelle Byrne ABC of possible funding available.  As yet none are available. Councillors to consider allocating £1,000 to next year’s budget at November’s parish meeting.


Memorial Plaque – Cherry Tree


Councillors agreed for the Clerk to order A5 size plaque for the Cherry Tree. 


Verge Markers – The Lees


Councillors agreed in principal for wooden verge markers to be installed at the top of the Lees, adjacent to the Chequers. Clerk to make enquiries on the cost of permanent verge markers.  Councillors agreed that the push in verge markers could be stolen.   


Highways Village Inspection


Clerk reported to Councillors outcome of village inspection with KCC Highways Inspector Claire Davis which took place on Thursday, 17th October.  Clerk will raise an enquiry with KCC to cut back vegetation on the footpath adjacent to the Old Vicarage & Buck Street and to arrange for the Grounds man to cut back hedge. 






Parish Forum


Parishioner raised concerns of recent works carried out by South East Water to the mains water adjacent to Forest Cottages, Buck Street and the ground is sinking rapidly exasperated by the continuous stream of traffic.  Clerk to notify South East Water.


Parishioner enquired about the recent occurrence of power shortages.  The Chairman Councillor Fisher explained that the issue has now been resolved.


Meeting closed at 8.10 pm


Parish Council Meeting Dates for 2019


Next Parish Meeting to be held on Thursday, November 2019


Future Parish Meeting Dates:


Thursday 9th January 2020

Thursday 13th February 2020

Thursday 12th March 2020

Thursday 16th April 2020

Thursday 21st May 2020

Tuesday 16th June 2020 Annual Parish Meeting Main Hall

Thursday 16th July 2020

Thursday 17th September 2020

Thursday 15th October 2020

Thursday 19th November 2020





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