Challock Parish Council Meeting (Edited minutes)


Memorial Hall, Audrey Allen room


Thursday 17th January 2013, 7.30pm


 Members of public present: 5



Roger Spicer (Business), Nicholas Fox (Business). David Robey (Business)



Stephen Brandon, John Ramsden, Michael Fisher, Akile Clinton, Diane Ashworth, Kirstie Wooltorton (Clerk), Diane Sandy (Assistant Clerk)


Minutes of Last Meeting


Minutes of 29th November 2012 meeting were signed by Stephen Brandon as an accurate record.


Budget 2013 - 2014


Councillors considered the 2013 - 2014 Parish Council budget.


Councillors unanimously agreed to increase the budget by £1,000 to £15,000 to help fund the proposed war memorial and skate park projects.


 Clerk to complete and return the Precept form to Ashford Borough Council.


Clerk’s Report




Kent Landscapes cut the verge between the roundabout and Barn Shop

The Groundsman cleared a fallen tree at the Beech Court end of The Lees that was causing an obstruction


Highway Issues

The Groundsman has filled potholes in all three Lees tracks

20t load of planings delivered for filling potholes in the Lees tracks

Clerk has contacted the farmer responsible for snow clearing the roads in village and requested that he also clears the village hall car park in the event of snow

The salt bag will be delivered to St Cosmas Close when snow is forecast



Nothing to report



Nothing to report



Play area

The Groundsman has removed the shade canopy for the winter




Email from Girlings confirming conclusion of sub-station lease. Noted


Letter from Community Safety Partnership asking for Parish Council input to their Strategic Assessment for 2013-2014. Form to be completed and returned by the 31st  January 2013. Councillors agreed that road safety and burglary are high priority. Clerk to complete and return form


Email from Daly International regarding proposed telecommunications development in  Brushdane Wood/Highways Depot. Councillors considered proposals and raised no objections


Email from David Robey regarding possible community ward member grant of up to £650 towards a war memorial. Noted with thanks


Letter from Ashford Borough Council requesting confirmation of Parish Precept and Concurrent Functions Grant for 2013-2014. Noted. Clerk to complete and return form


Letter from Girlings regarding Mr Shirley’s oral examination. Noted


Letter from Landscape Services regarding the grounds maintenance contract for 2013. Noted


Letter from Ashford Borough Council regarding Plan-It Ashford. They are looking for workshops to take  place in February or March to ensure that feedback is fed into the new local plan to 2030. Councillors agreed to commence these workshops once the village confines pilot is concluded


Pre-application discussion: telecoms upgrade: Brushdane Wood/Highways Depot


Pre-application notes given to Councillors at meeting.


The proposed works will not alter the appearance of the mast in any meaningful way. Only the height to the top of the antennas will increase by 0.7m. Two proposed dishes will be placed at a height of 23.6m. Councillors considered proposals and raised no objections


Items for information

Kevin Funnell, the Parish Council Auditor, will be carrying out the Parish Council Audit on 26th April 2013


The Parish Council office is located in Amanda Cottrell’s garden. Due to an impending change in Amanda’s personal circumstances, Amanda asked last year if the office can be removed


The village hall committee has now agreed that the Parish Council can have some space in the village hall and discussions are still ongoing


The village hall has a disconnected phone line, to which the current Parish Council phone number will be transferred. The office building will be sold, which will help offset the removal costs. Diane Ashworth has expressed an interest but a price has yet to be agreed.


Councillors asked the Clerk to advertise the building for sale in February’s Forester.


The village confines pilot has progressed very well. After five very well attended workshops the agreed confines map and workshop notes have now been sent to Ashford Borough Council


The next stage is for a meeting with the workshop and ABC planners to discuss the group’s findings


Councillors discussed the easement for Leahurst. The NALC legal team has advised that an easement should be charged if the entrance is moved.


Councillors felt that the Parish Council should be consistent and request a formal valuation before agreeing an easement payment with the developer.


The neighbours either side of Leahurst have expressed a preference for the entrance to be moved to the centre of the plot.


Clerk to ask the developer to arrange a formal valuation.


Peter Willows, Community Warden, gave his report to Councillors. Peter can be contacted on mobile tel: 07813 695817.


Peter informed that there had been more oil thefts and that he has been monitoring the school-run traffic.


On 1st February 2013 there will be a security road show at the Challock Farmers Market.


The meeting closed at 8.40pm


The next Parish Council meeting is on Thursday 21st March 2013


Parish Council meeting dates for 2013

Thursday 23rd May

Thursday 25th July

Thursday 19th September

Thursday 28th November



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