Challock Parish Council Annual General Meeting (Edited minutes)




Memorial Hall, Audrey Allen room


Thursday 23rd May 2013, 7.30pm




Members of public present: 11














Nicholas Fox (Business), Diane Ashworth (Business)










Roger Spicer, Stephen Brandon, John Ramsden, Michael Fisher, Akile Clinton, Kirstie Wooltorton (Clerk), Diane Sandy (Assistant Clerk)






Election of Chair




Roger Spicer wished to stand as Chair. Roger Spicer was proposed by Akile Clinton and seconded by Stephen Brandon. There were no other proposals






Election of Vice Chair




Stephen Brandon wished to stand as Vice Chair. Stephen Brandon was proposed by Akile Clinton and seconded by Michael Fisher. There were no other proposals






Election of Representatives




Councillors discussed and agreed the representatives for the next year. Table of representatives attached






Minutes of Last Meeting




Minutes of 21st March 2013 meeting were signed by Roger Spicer as an accurate record






Community Warden




Peter Willows gave his report to Councillors. Peter has been carrying out speed checks in the village and monitoring school parking




Shed alarms have been given out to villagers at the Farmers Market




Peter can be contacted on mobile tel: 07813 695817




Alison Sollis – new recycling arrangements




Alison Sollis from Biffa explained the new recycling arrangements




Biffa have been awarded the waste contract for the Borough from Ashford Borough Council




The new recycling arrangements will come into effect from July 2013. Letters will soon be sent to all households in the village prior to the delivery of the new wheelie bins






Clerk’s Report








Thirty two shrubs have now been purchased and planted on the verge between the village sign and the Barn Shop




Two new trees have also been planted on the verge free of charge by Kent Landscape Services




A full back up cut of the Lees has been carried out and the verge between the village sign and the Barn Shop has been cut






Highway Issues




The Groundsman has filled potholes on all three Lees tracks




Clerk has reported pot holes on Blind Lane to Kent Highways










Nothing to report










It has been very difficult to secure grants over recent years and one project that has long been requested by the children in the village is a small skateboard park




Clerk asked if Councillors would consider using £1,000 from the William Oure Charity and £2,500 from the NS&I savings account to get this project off the ground and help when applying for grants, especially match funding. Clerk has also written to the Village Fund trustees to request support




Councillors agreed to allocate £3,000 from the NS&I savings account and discuss the William Oure Charity account at the next Parish Council meeting






Play area




The Groundsman has reinstated the shade canopy for the sum










Letter from Girlings regarding legal costs recovery from Mr Shirley. Noted



Internal Audit Report received from Kevin Funnell. Noted



Letter from Biffa regarding recycling and refuse collection services. Noted



Letter from KCC PROW regarding footpath vegetation clearance. Noted



Email from Came and Company regarding renewal of Parish Council Insurance. Noted









Finance update for March and April 2013 given to Councillors




The first half of the Parish Precept and CFG has been received.




Next half of Precept and CFG is due in October 2013







Planning applications




Planning application update given to Councillors




There were no planning applications to be considered at this meeting






Audit for 2012/2013




Kevin Funnell, the Parish Council Auditor, carried out the Parish Council Audit on Friday 26th April 2013




Internal Audit Report for 2012/2013 given to Councillors




Kevin Funnell was very pleased with Parish Council procedures




Audit Commission form was signed and Clerk will send to the Audit Commission for the external audit






Items for Information




Parish Council office




It has been a very busy couple of months since the last Parish Council meeting. The Parish Council office at Laurenden Forstal has now been removed. The electricity has been disconnected and the BT line transferred to the village hall




Two new lockable filing cabinets have been purchased and the office is now located in the Audrey Allen room in the village hall




Villages confines pilot




The village confines pilot has progressed extremely well




The workshop group last met on 17th March to discuss Ashford Borough Council’s feedback and have produced a revised plan taking Ashford Borough Council’s feedback into consideration




Clerk met with Martin Vink at Ashford Borough Council offices on 2nd May to start to hone the workgroup notes that accompany the confines map




The proposed confines seem to be fine apart from the depth of the field adjacent to Orchard Lane, which Ashford Borough Council want brought back to the rear boundary of the adjacent properties




Clerk has spoken to David Cox and he is aware of the importance of resolving this issue and is working hard to do so. Hopefully, this issue will be resolved in the coming weeks.




Martin Vink did say that he would hope to have this all wrapped up by the autumn, subject to the public consultation and Ashford Borough Council and Challock Parish Council fully endorsing the proposals




Clerk confirmed that as soon as the final draft of the accompanying notes is complete the workshop will meet again




War memorial




Clerk submitted pre-application advice for the war memorial in the hope that it could be carried out as permitted development




Ashford Borough Council advised that a full planning application would be required and this was duly submitted at a cost of £97.50




However after examining the size and the proposed location of the war memorial, Ashford Borough Council agreed that this could be carried out as permitted development and the application fee of £97.50 has been refunded




Revised quote received from Deryck Sutton in the sum of £2,713.90 for the supply, including engraving, and installation of the war memorial, excluding the base




Clerk to liaise with Deryck Sutton to confirm the names/dates for engraving




The Parish Council is still waiting for payment of the £2,000 Leahurst easement fee before moving forward with this project. Community Ward Member Grant of £609.40 already received from David Robey towards the war memorial




Councillors agreed to proceed with the purchase and installation of the war memorial once the easement fee has been received. Councillors would like the memorial to be positioned more centrally on the grass area outside Laurenden Forstal






Clerk has written to the Leahurst developer confirming the charge and conditions with regard to the creation of the new central access and reinstatement of the existing hedge




Clerk contacted the developer on 21st May 2013 and he has assured Clerk that he would pay the easement fee in the next 14 days




Update from Ashford Kent Association and Local Council (KALC) and Parish Forum




Akile Clinton updated Councillors with latest news from KALC Ashford Area Committee meeting




Ashford Borough Council praised the work done so far for the Confines pilot




David Robey is part of Ashford Borough Council’s new cabinet (Planning and Development) and we will congratulate him at our next meeting




Bonfire night 2013




The village bonfire and fireworks have been booked for 2nd November 2013. Chairman asked the Clerk to notify the Parish Council Insurance Company and arrange removal of the turf for the bonfire






Open meeting




Mr Drew thanked the Parish Council for filling the pot holes on the Lees tracks






Mr Hook asked for lighting to be provided at the entrance to the village hall car park. Possibly a solar powered light/bollard or reflectors could be installed. It was agreed that the Clerk should investigate options






Colin and Mel Batt will be organizing the Goose Fair for 2013 only and a new organizer is required after this. Councillors requested the Clerk to place an article in the Forester asking for a volunteer(s)








Remaining Parish Council meeting dates for 2013




Thursday 25th July


Thursday 19th September


Thursday 28th November



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