Challock Parish Council Meeting (Edited minutes)




Memorial Hall, Audrey Allen room


Thursday 25th July 2013, 7.30pm




Members of public present: 8














Michael Fisher (Holiday), John Ramsdan (Personal), Diane Ashworth (Business)










Roger Spicer, Stephen Brandon, Nicholas Fox, Akile Clinton, Kirstie Wooltorton (Clerk)






Minutes of Last Meeting




Minutes of 23rd May 2013 meeting were signed by Roger Spicer as an accurate record.






David Robey




David gave his report on events from Ashford Borough Council. He asked how residents felt about the new recycling arrangements. Akile informed that the residents at Forest Cottages had not had their bins emptied for 2 weeks and no one at ABC was able to help, reply to their queries or say when their bins would be emptied. There seems to be a lack of anyone at ABC taking responsibility or responding to complaints.




David confirmed that residents can always contact him directly and he will try to resolve matters with ABC. Deryck Sutton suggested that a note be put in the Forester to advise residents to email the Parish Clerk who would then be able to pass on any complaints to David Robey. Councillors agreed this was a good idea.




David reminded Councillors that his Community Ward Member grant was available. Clerk to ask for skate park funding in writing (already requested verbally).




David said the village confines pilot has been a very good exercise and he is pleased with the results so far but the workshop should not get confused with determining confines and allocated housing sites.






Community Warden




Peter Willows gave his report to Councillors. Peter has been carrying out speed checks in the village. He has received several complaints about speeding motorbikes. Peter attended the school litter pick and is about to commence a road safety project with the Youth Club.




Peter can be contacted on mobile tel: 07813 695817.


Village Confines




The village confines pilot has made very good progress and we are about to enter the public consultation phase




Clerk met with Martin Vink, David Robey and David Cox on site on 1st July 2013 to discuss the depth of the field adjacent to Orchard Lane to try and reach a consensus




The workshop group then met on Sunday 7th July 2013 to discuss ABC’s feedback and have produced a revised plan. Taking ABC’s feedback into consideration the group agreed to tighten the line at this location




There will be two open workshops in the Audrey Allen Room on:




Sunday 11th August 2013       10am to 12pm


Thursday 22nd August 2013    7pm to 9pm




Now that this issue is resolved we stand a very good chance of getting this approved by ABC’s Cabinet




Subject to the public consultation and ABC and Challock Parish Council fully endorsing the proposals this process will hopefully be concluded later this year




Councillors fully support the village confines proposal by the workshop.




Akile has confirmed The annual Rural Conference for all parishes in Ashford Borough is taking place on Tuesday 24th September at the Rare Breeds Centre, Woodchurch, Ashford TN26 3RJ. The outline agenda will include sessions on the Plan-It exercise, probation payback teams, KCC highways, youth engagement and rural sustainability.




As part of the rural sustainability item, it was suggested the Challock present their experience of resident engagement with the confines pilot. Akile is more than happy to attend the conference but as she has not been directly involved in the confines pilot would either the Clerk or Mick (or a nominated representative from the group) be interested in attending to talk about the pilot?










It has been very difficult to secure grants over recent years and one project that has long been requested by the children in the village is a small skateboard park to be located to the rear of the cricket pavilion.




At the last Parish Council meeting Councillors agreed to allocate £3,000 from the NS&I savings account towards the skate park project.




Councillors also agreed to look at how the funds from the William Oure Charity could be distributed in the future. The William Oure Charity balance confirmed to Councillors.






On the Charity Commission annual return for 2012 the William Oure Charity is classified as providing general charitable purposes and the prevention or relief of poverty and helps the elderly. The 2013 annual return is due shortly and a change to the classification is a simple process. Councillors could add children to the classification if they wish.




This would allow some of the William Oure Charity money to be used to benefit the children of the village.




The proposed estimate for a skateboard park is in the region of £9 to £10k. Please see my proposed budget breakdown on how this project may be funded using existing funds




£3,000             NS&I savings account (previously agreed by Councillors)


£1,500             extra over amount from recycling credit


£1,450             remaining balance from 2013-14 war memorial/skate park budget allowance


£550               David Robey Ward Member Community Grant (discussed verbally but to be formally applied for)




£6,500 Total




The remaining balance could possibly come from the Village Fund or an allowance made in the 2014-2015 budget proposal. There are other potential revenue streams that the Clerk continually investigates, but gaining funding is increasingly difficult.




The area required for a small skate park is approximately 10m x 10m (30ft x 30ft)




Councillors agreed to keep the William Oure Charity classification as it is and not use £1,000 from the charity account.




Councillors want to install a skate park and asked the Clerk to start consultation with the relevant parties, Village Hall Committee and the Cricket Club to obtain their opinions.






The Village Hall Committee would like to extend the village hall to provide additional storage space. Some funding has already been provided by the Village Fund and the Village Hall Committee themselves but further funds are required before the extension can proceed.




The Village Hall Committee has made an informal request as to the possibility of the Parish Council providing some funds (no specific figure has been asked for). This could possibly be included in next year’s budget proposal and included in the 2014-2015 parish precept




The Village Hall Committee would also like to carry the works out under the banner of Challock Parish Council to enable the VAT to be reclaimed. Councillors agreed to the application being submitted in Challock Parish Council’s name as the Parish Council own the village hall. Councillors need to know how much the Village Hall Committee require so that they can consider this for the 20014-2015 budget. Clerk to contact Tim Freeman






Clerk’s Report








The Groundsman has replaced a bollard on the Lees that was uprooted in a road traffic accident




The Groundsman has strimmed the grass, fixed and cleaned the Jubilee plaque by the new tree on the Lees.




The Groundsman has also strimmed the footpath entrance at the edge of the cricket pitch






Highway Issues




The Groundsman has filled potholes on all three Lees tracks




The Groundsman has cut the overhanging vegetation along the footpath adjacent to the Barn Shop




The Groundsman has also cut the hedge near to the entrance at High Snoad Wood.




Pot holes on Blind Lane have been repaired by Kent Highways










A panel of glass in the bus shelter was smashed but this has now been replaced by the Groundsman










See Agenda Item Notes






Play area




The Groundsman has strimmed the outside perimeter and weeded the play area






Challock Church




The Groundsman has strimmed the church grave yard. This was a one off and completed at the request of the Church Warden as the church yard had become unmanageable






School Litter pick




Challock School held a village litter pick on 17th July 2013. Clerk arranged and collected the litter picking equipment from Ashford Borough Council












Letter from Girlings regarding legal costs recovery from Mr Shirley. Noted



Email regarding Ashford Household Waste site re-opening. Noted



Email from Martin Vink regarding new planning procedures. But these new guidelines do not apply to Challock as we are in an AONB. Akile informed that change of use applications would affect Challock. Councillors asked Clerk to confirm these details at the next meeting as this was not provided in the email from Martin Vink.



Email regarding drainage cleansing programme. Challock road gullies are due to be emptied between February and March 2014. Noted

Parish Forum minutes from meeting on 24th April 2013. Noted



Letter from Challock Methodist Chapel with £150 cheque for boot fair on the Lees on 27th May 2013. Noted



Diamond Jubilee Members grant feedback monitoring form for KCC audit completed and returned. Noted



Email from Sue Maidens regarding storage request from Young Kent. Councillors asked if anyone knew of a suitable storage site and no one could identify a suitable site in the village. Clerk to inform Sue Maidens









Finance update given to Councillors 




Planning applications




Planning application update given to Councillors






Items for Information




War Memorial




The Parish Council received the £2,000 Leahurst easement fee on 28th June 2013. Community Ward Member Grant of £609.40 received from David Robey.


2013-2014 budget allowance £400 completes required funding




Clerk contacted Cleverly and Spencer to confirm that their previous quote of £2,713.90 is still valid. This is for the supply, including engraving, and installation of the war memorial, excluding the base




Clerk also contacted Mid Kent Memorials who returned a quote of £3,378.00




Kent Stone Masons did not return their quote




It is estimated that the base installation and reinstatement works will cost in the region of £300.00 making the total cost for supply and installation £3,013.90




At the last Parish Council meeting Councillors agreed to proceed with the purchase and installation of the war memorial once the easement fee has been received. Councillors would like the memorial to be positioned more centrally on the grass area outside Laurenden Forstal and the Clerk has agreed this with Ashford Borough Council.




Clerk will proceed with purchase and installation subject to Councillors agreement. Councillors agreed for Clerk to proceed with ordering the War Memorial from Cleverly and Spencer. Clerk to discuss with Deryck Sutton to agree final names and arrange a visit to Cleverly and Spencer together to check the granite etc.








Clerk has received a couple of complaints about day time bonfires during the hot weather. Clerk has put a reminder with regard to the lighting of bonfires in the August/September Forester




Solar powered bollard




Clerk investigated a solar powered bollard for the village hall car park entrance. After discussions with Martin Hook it was agreed that a solar powered bollard may be ineffective due to the proposed bollard position and position of trees. Instead it was agreed that reflective studs should be fixed to the face of the kerb to provide a delineated edge




Reflective studs will be installed shortly. Councillors noted




The meeting closed at 8.30pm.




Remaining Parish Council meeting dates for 2013




Thursday 19th September


Thursday 28th November






The next Parish Council meeting is on Thursday 19th September 2013



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