Challock Parish Council Meeting (Edited Minutes)




Memorial Hall, Audrey Allen room


Thursday 19th September 2013, 7.30pm




Members of public present: 7








 Nicholas Fox






 Roger Spicer, Stephen Brandon, John Ramsden, Akile Clinton, Michael Fisher, Diane Ashworth, Kirstie Wooltorton (Clerk), Diane Sandy (Assistant Clerk)




 Minutes of Last Meeting




Minutes of 25th July 2013 meeting were signed by Roger Spicer as an accurate record. Slight adjustment made to Forest Cottages from Forestry Crescent. Akile also asked how much the Village Hall Committee were requesting from the Parish Council for funding. Clerk to check with Tim Freeman as this information has not been received.




Community Warden




Peter Willows gave his report to Councillors. Peter has been carrying out high visibility checks at school times and attended and helped with parking at the Goose Fair.




Charmion Gillmore explained to Councillors about the “No Cold Calling Zone” that has been set up in Clockhouse Park.




Challock is one of the first to set this up in the East Kent area. Charmion advised she had received a lot of help from Peter Willows and Trading Standards. If anyone else wishes to find out more about “No Cold Calling Zones” they can contact Peter Willows for further information.




Councillors asked Clerk to put this information in the Forester.  Peter Willows can be contacted on mobile tel: 07813 695817.





 Village Confines




The village confines pilot has continued to make very good progress




There have now been two well attended open workshops in the Audrey Allen Room on Sunday 11th August and Thursday 22nd August




Comment cards and report booklets were given to those who attended and responses were due back by 1st September. In total 39 people visited the two workshops




The Clerk also received 4 email requests for the map and report




Nine responses containing various comments were received by the closing date. Some comments recognised the amount of work involved and supported the proposals whilst others were critical of certain areas and disagreed with the whole approach




The workgroup met on Thursday 5th September to review and discuss the comments received. The workgroup concluded that no changes were necessary




The Clerk has spoken to Martin Vink with regard to the received comments who explained that justification needs to be given as to why any changes have been made or not




A summary of the comments and workshop responses will be included in the final report which should be complete by October




Subject to ABC and Challock Parish Council fully endorsing the proposals the pilot scheme will be submitted to ABC’s Cabinet later this year






Storage for Goose Fair




Clerk has received a request for a metal storage container to be sited to the rear of the Stayte Pavillion to store all of the Goose Fair fencing, flags etc




At present all of the equipment has been stored at different locations and it is difficult to keep track of the equipment




The Cricket Club has confirmed that it has no objection to this request.




Councillors agreed to a container being sited at the rear of the cricket pavilion and the Village Fund providing a donation for the container.




The Chairman explained that no one has come forward to volunteer for running the Goose Fair so its future is in some doubt. There is a Goose Fair meeting at the village hall on 28th October at 7.30pm.




Councillors discussed the possibility of paying for an events organiser and agreed it would be a shame to lose the funding that this provides to the village clubs. Several experienced Goose Fair helpers are also stepping down.






Clerk’s Report








Kent Landscapes carried out a full back up cut of the Lees early September




The Groundsman has strimmed along the Church Lane and Faversham Road footpaths




The Groundsman removed a fallen branch from a tree on the Lees






Highway Issues




Clerk has requested a salt bag from Kent Highways when ice/snow is forecast to be delivered to the verge at St Cosmas Close.




Micheal Fisher confirmed that the Kentish Express has reported that Kent Highways will not be filling salt bins in villages. Clerk to check with Kent Highway Services.




Clerk has reported three water leaks on the Lees and Green Lane to South East Water.










The shade canopy has been vandalised. Two wooden posts were broken










£550 Ward Member Grant received from David Robey towards the skate park






Play area




RoSPA report received from Play safety limited




In response to the RoSPA report recommendations, we have purchased a tiller for the Groundsman to rotavate the bark surfacing in the play area




The Groundsman has replaced the two broken wooden posts in the play area












Letter from Girlings regarding legal costs recovery from Mr Shirley. Noted. 



Email from Martin Vink regarding further proposed changes to permitted development rights. Councillors are very concerned about some of the change of use proposals. Clerk to respond on behalf of CPC



Telephone call from Amanda Cottrell regarding ash tree on the boundary of Laurenden Cottage. Request for the Parish Council contribution towards removal as Amanda considers it is partly on Parish Council land. Councillors considered that the tree was not on Parish Council land, sorry they could not make any contribution



Email from David Hollingsbee regarding a fish and chip van. Noted



Email about a no cold calling zone at Clockhouse Park. Noted



Letter from South East Water regarding further water main work on the A251 North Street. Noted



Invitation from Kent Highways to their Parish and Town Council Seminar on 10th October 2013. No Councillors are able to attend



Letter      from Colin Batt requesting Clerk to attend a meeting about the future of      the Goose Fair on 28th October. Clerk will attend



RoSPA  play area safety inspection report – see Clerks report. Noted









Finance update for July and August 2013 given to Councillors






Planning applications




Planning application update given to Councillors




There were no planning applications to discuss at the meeting






Items for Information




War Memorial




Clerk visited Cleverley and Spencer to inspect and approve the proposed stone for the War Memorial.




Clerk has placed an order for the War memorial with Cleverley and Spencer. A deposit in the sum of £1628.34 has been paid




It is estimated that the base installation and reinstatement works will cost in the region of £300. Total cost of the War Memorial installation will be approximately £3,100.00.




Deryck Sutton has confirmed the list of names to be engraved on to the memorial and Clerk has agreed layout with Cleverley and Spencer




It is hoped this will be installed by Remembrance Sunday.






Fish and Chip Van




David Hollingsbee has agreed with Tina at the Barn Shop that the van will be parked in the Barn Shop car park on Fridays between 4.30pm and 7.30pm








Village Bonfire and Fireworks




The village bonfire and fireworks will be held on Saturday 2nd November 2013.




Clerk has completed the risk assessment and notified the Parish Council insurers. Clerk to put advert in the Forester






No Cold Calling Zone




The residents of Clockhouse Park have set up a no cold calling zone.




Whilst no cold calling zones such as this do not ban cold callers or create exclusion zones they do make cold callers aware of residents wishes and may deter them from approaching






Rural Conference




The Ashford Borough Council Rural conference – rural sustainability is on 24th September at the Rare Breeds Centre




Clerk has written a short paper, “Engaging with Residents, Challock Confines Pilot” which David Robey will present




Michael Fisher expressed his continued concerns about the speeding motorbikes through the village and has suggested the Parish Council write to Anne Barnes. All Councillors agreed. Roger Spicer agreed to send a letter.




Meeting closed at 8.20pm




Remaining Parish Council meeting dates for 2013




Thursday 28th November






The next Parish Council meeting is on Thursday 28th November 2013



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