Challock Parish Council Meeting (Edited Minutes)


Memorial Hall, Audrey Allen room

Thursday 16th January 2014, 7.30pm


Members of public present: 3








David Robey (ABC Cabinet meeting)





Roger Spicer, Stephen Brandon, John Ramsden, Akile Clinton, Michael Fisher, Diane Ashworth, Nichola Fox, Kirstie Wooltorton (Clerk), Diane Sandy (Assistant Clerk)



Minutes of Last Meeting


Minutes of 28th November 2013 meeting were signed by Roger Spicer as an accurate record.



Peter Willows


Peter confirmed he has been carrying out high visibility patrols. A property undergoing renovation in Church Lane has had tools and equipment stolen.


Diane Ashworth asked Peter if he knew when the Police Forum would be re-started. Peter will find out and inform Clerk.



Parish Council Budget 2014-2015



Parish Council Budget 2014-2015


Budget report given to Councillors for approval at meeting (This had been previously emailed to Councillors to consider)


Councillors considered the 2014 - 2015 Parish Council budget


Ashford Borough Council is cutting the grants it gives to Challock Parish Council by approximately £4,000 over the next two years


The Parish Council has responded by making cuts of its own but it will be necessary to increase the Parish Precept. The Precept will increase by £1,000 to £16,000 for the 2014-2015 financial year to help offset the cuts


This small increase actually represents less than 0.2 per cent of the average family’s Council Tax bill which is less than 5 pence a week


The Precept form must be returned to Ashford Borough Council by 24th January 2014


Clerk to complete and return the Precept form






Clerk’s Report




The Groundsman cut the hedge along the walking bus footpath


The Groundsman cut the hedge along Canterbury Road near the Barn Shop



Highway Issues


The Groundsman has filled potholes on all three Lees tracks


Clerk reported potholes in Blind Lane and Canterbury Road to KHS


Clerk reported fallen tree on Canterbury Road to KHS


Salt bag from Kent Highways has been delivered to the verge at St Cosmas Close





Nothing to report





Nothing to report



Play area


Nothing to report








Letter from Village Fund Trustees confirming award of grants. Noted






Email from ABC regarding budget consultation paper. Noted






Email from NHW liaison officer regarding theft of tools from a property in Church Lane. Noted






Parish Precept form from ABC. Clerk to return form






Email from resident reporting dangerous trees on the hill in Church Lane. Clerk reported this to Eastwell Park and they cut and removed the trees. Noted





Planning applications


Planning application update given to Councillors. Application discussed at meeting


Leesview House, Canterbury Road, Challock, Ashford, Kent, TN25 4DF


Erection of garage extension


Councillors supported this application.



Items for Information


Village Confines


The report will be submitted to Ashford Borough Council’s Cabinet on 13th February for approval



Goose Fair storage container


The Clerk will arrange for the delivery of the storage container as soon as ground conditions improve



Parish Council Audit


Kevin Funnell, the Parish Council Auditor, will be carrying out the Parish Council Audit on 25th April 2014



William Oure Charity


Letter has been sent to Mr Nightingale to request the £150 rent payment for the Poor Field. Clerk to send résumé of the Charity to Nicholas Fox



Christmas power cut


Approximately 40 properties in the village were left without power for six days over the Christmas period, following stormy weather on 23rd December 2013.


Clerk checked that the elderly were being looked after and arranged for the Red Cross to visit elderly St Cosmas Close





Trees on Post Office road


Clerk has arranged for UK Power Networks to disconnect the power on Friday 24th January to enable the Groundsman to cut two leaning trees


The work should take approximately two hours. UKPN will be notifying affected properties



Parish Council phone line


The phone line has been dead since 23rd December 2013. BT have had numerous problems in Challock and the phone line will be fixed as soon as possible



Kent Association and Local Council (KALC)


Akile Clinton updated Councillors with the latest news from the KALC Ashford Area Committee meeting



Renewal of domestic water supply pipe to Haverbrack


The owner of Haverbrack needs to renew their water supply pipe and has requested permission to cross the Lees with a new pipe. Councillors agreed to this request providing the trench is suitably fenced and reinstated to the satisfaction of the Parish Council



Hazard assessment of trees on the Lees


Clerk is meeting Envirocology Ltd, tree care specialists, on Friday 17th January, who will undertake a free hazard assessment of trees on the Lees



Remaining Parish Council meeting dates for 2014


Thursday 20th March

Thursday 29th May

Thursday 24th July

Thursday 18th September

Thursday 27th November



The meeting closed at 8.25pm



The next Parish Council meeting is on Thursday 20th March 2014




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