Challock Parish Council Meeting minutes (Edited)

Memorial Hall, Audrey Allen room

Thursday 27th November 2014, 7.30pm

Members of public present: 8






Akile Clinton (Maternity Leave)




Roger Spicer, Stephen Brandon, John Ramsden, Diane Ashworth, Michael Fisher, Nicholas Fox, Kirstie Wooltorton (Clerk), Diane Sandy (Assistant Clerk), David Robey ABC Ward Councillor


David Robey


David provided an update on the latest news and developments from Ashford Borough Council


Minutes of Last Meeting


Minutes of 18th September 2014The minutes of the meeting on meeting were signed by Roger Spicer as an accurate record


Clerk’s Report




The Goundsman has strimmed along Church Lane


Highway Issues


Clerk obtained 20t free road planings for the Lees tracks from the recent road works on the A252


The Groundsman has filled potholes on all three Lees tracks


Clerk reported the following faults to Kent Highways:


damaged signs on the roundabout

potholes in Green Lane

Clerk has requested drop kerbs at the entrance to Clockhouse Park following a request from resident. Kent Highways have confirmed to Clerk that they will look into getting this installed




Shade canopy post has been broken




Nothing to report


Play area


Groundsman has removed the shade canopy for the winter. The broken post will be replaced shortly




Letter from Girlings. Noted

Telephone request from a resident for drop kerbs at the Clockhouse Park entrance to improve wheelchair access. Clerk has contacted Kent Highways. Noted

Email from Envirocology following up tree maintenance schedule. Councillors agreed for the three lime trees in Church Lane, on the Lees to be reduced in height. Clerk to send letter to residents opposite

Email from Kent Highways regarding winter salt bag. Clerk has put in a request for Challock. Noted

Email from Freedom group regarding the proposed compact substation at the Beech Court Gardens end of the Lees. Noted

Email from Ashford Borough Council confirming the 2015/16 grants, per Parish, for Council Tax Support and Concurrent Functions. Clerk confirmed cuts. Noted

Emailed letter from Ashford Borough Council regarding Local Plan Site Submissions. No sites have been shortlisted in Challock through this process as the new Village Confines report will allow smaller infill development over the next 15 years. Noted

Email from KALC confirming meeting dates for 2015. Noted

Latest Leader Briefing Note from Ashford Borough Council. Noted

Email from BTF Partnership regarding easement valuation for new access at the rear of Leesview House – Clerk has queried the valuation as it does not appear consistent with the previous Leahurst valuation. Noted

Items for Information


Goose Fair


Amy Pitcher has expressed an interest in becoming the new Goose Fair organiser.


There are a number of things that need considering:


The Challock Village Fund has been closed and all the Trustees have stood down

There is no Goose Fair Committee

A new bank account will need to be opened when a new Committee/event treasurer has been found

The Booker cash and carry account has been closed 

The Trustees have deregistered the event for an ABC Lottery Licence

Firstly any new organiser will need to:


Apply in writing to the Parish Council for permission to run the Goose Fair (which Amy has already done)

Get together a new Goose Fair Committee 

Produce a draft budget plan for the 2015 event - the Parish Council will need to see this to establish the financial risk

Who will benefit - village organisations? 

New Trustees or mechanism for fund distribution needs establishing

Barbara Down has informed Clerk that the remaining Village Fund balance has been put towards the village hall extension.


Solar Panels


The Village Hall Committee has previously looked into solar panels on the village hall roof. The orientation of the roof is not conducive for solar panel performance. Funding would also be a problem.


War Memorial


Michael Fisher held a small service at the war memorial on Sunday 9th November.


The Parish Council gave the school a poppy wreath which the children placed on the war memorial on Tuesday 11th November. The children read out the names of the fallen and held a two minute’s silence at 11am. They are pictured in the Kentish Express.


Parish Council Meeting dates for 2015


Thursday 22nd January


Thursday 19th March


Thursday 28th May


Thursday 23rd July


Thursday 24th September


Thursday 26th November


The meeting closed at 8.50pm


The next Parish Council meeting is on Thursday 22nd January 2015



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