Challock Parish Council Meeting minutes

Memorial Hall, Audrey Allen room


Thursday 22nd January 2015, 7.30pm


Members of public present: 7




Akile Clinton (Maternity Leave)




Roger Spicer, Stephen Brandon, John Ramsden, Diane Ashworth, Michael Fisher, Nicholas Fox, Kirstie Wooltorton (Clerk), Diane Sandy (Assistant Clerk), David Robey ABC Ward Councillor


David Robey


David provided an update on the latest news and developments from Ashford Borough Council.


Councillors discussed Operation Stack with David and he agreed it is not acceptable but unfortunately not something that can be fixed by ABC as it is a national problem.


Michael Fisher asked David about the possibility of a 30 mph speed limit on the A252. David confirmed that he will write to KCC Councillor Charlie Simkins to request funding from his Member Grant. Roger Spicer will also to write to Charlie Simkins.


David also confirmed that he will contribute some of his Ward Member Grant towards the installation of a new path outside the Chequers in Church Lane.


Minutes of Last Meeting


Minutes of 27th November 2014The minutes of the meeting on meeting were signed by Roger Spicer as an accurate record


Parish Council Budget 2015-2016


Budget report for 2015-2016 approved by Councillors at meeting


As agreed the donation to Wealden Wheels has been removed


Precept form must be returned to Ashford Borough Council by 23rd January 2015


Parish Council savings are earmarked for a skate park, ball park or outside exercise equipment. Councillors felt that it would be beneficial for the school children to comment on what they would prefer. It was agreed that Roger Spicer would ask the school about this.


It was also agreed that the play area needed an update and a possible new activity set for the smaller children.


Clerk's Report




The Goundsman has filled the potholes on all three Lees tracks


The Goundsman has tidied the recycling bin area in the village hall car park


Highway Issues


Clerk has requested drop kerbs at the entrance to Clockhouse Park following a request from resident


Salt bag from Kent Highways has been delivered to the verge at St Cosmas Close




Nothing to report




Nothing to report


Play area


Groundsman has removed the shade canopy for the winter


The light in the play area was repaired but has now fallen again. This could be due to the high winds. Clerk has reported this to be repaired




Email from Girlings regarding Mr Shirley's Charging Order appeal. Noted


Request from resident to reduce height of leaning tree on the Lees opposite Dun-Esk. Councillors agreed


Email quote from Envirocology for work to Lime trees on the Lees in the sum of £912.00 and to reduce height of tree opposite Dun-Esk by 50% in the sum of £772.50. Councillors agreed to works on the tree opposite Dun-Esk and the thin and crown reduction on the three lime trees on the Lees


Email from BTF Partnership regarding easement valuation for new access to new dwellings at the rear of Leesview House. Noted


Email from Mr Smith regarding possible new access from the Lees track into land adjacent Little Barn. Councillors all agreed that this was not something that they would support


Appeal decision from Planning Inspectorate in relation to 4 Chapmans Close. Noted


Planning applications


Planning application update given to Councillors at meeting


There were no new planning applications to discuss at the meeting


Items for Information


Parish Council Audit


Kevin Funnell, the Parish Council Auditor, will be carrying out the Parish Council Audit on 24th April 2015


William Oure Charity


Letter has been sent to Mr Nightingale to request the £150 rent payment for the Poor Field


Recycling Bins


All recycling bins –glass, paper, clothes, have all been removed from the village hall car park. The groundsman has tidied the area


The final rent payment was made in December and the Clerk has cancelled the standing order to the village hall and informed the village hall secretary


Leesview Easement


As agreed Clerk informed the developer that the Parish Council accept the Leesview easement valuation of £3,500 and has sent an invoice together with a draft Deed of Easement for Land Registry


Parish Council Meeting dates for 2015


Thursday 19th March


Thursday 28th May


Thursday 23rd July


Thursday 24th September


Thursday 26th November


The next Parish Council meeting is on Thursday 19th March 2015



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