Challock Parish Council Meeting (Edited minutes)


Memorial Hall, Audrey Allen room

Thursday 19th March 2015, 7.30pm

Members of public present: 9




Roger Spicer (Business), Akile Clinton (Maternity leave), Diane Ashworth (Sickness)


Stephen Brandon, John Ramsden, Michael Fisher, Nicholas Fox, Kirstie Wooltorton (Clerk), Diane Sandy (Assistant Clerk), David Robey ABC Ward Councillor

David Robey

David provided an update on the latest news and developments from Ashford Borough Council.

David confirmed that the work to install a footpath outside the Chequers in Church Lane will be carried out in the next year

David will not be seeking re-election at the May elections

Larry Krause is currently Chairman of Hothfield Parish Council

Larry will be the Conservative Candidate for the Downs West Ward. Larry attended the Parish Council meeting to introduce himself

Stephen Brandon thanked David Robey for his help

Minutes of Last Meeting

Minutes of 22nd January 2015 meeting were signed by Stephen Brandon as an accurate record

Clerk’s Report


The Goundsman has filled the potholes on all three Lees tracks

Groundsman has rubbed down and stained the village notice boards

Envirocology has carried out work to the Lime trees on the Lees

Highway Issues

Clerk has asked Kent Highways to remove the salt bag from the verge at St Cosmas Close. This should be removed by the end of April 2015

Groundsman has washed down and cleaned the bus shelters


Nothing to report


Nothing to report

Play area

Groundsman has fixed the light head in the play area


Letter from Girlings regarding Mr Shirley proceedings. Noted

Email correspondence from David Robey regarding non-inclusion of the field west of Denham, Buck Street in the village confines envelope. Noted

Email from Methodist Chapel requesting use of the Lees for boot fair on Monday 25th May 2015. Agreed


Remittance advice from Ashford Borough Council for recycling credit. Noted

Email request from Larry Krause to introduce himself at the Parish Council meeting

Email from Charlie Simkins regarding proposed 30mph speed limit on A252. Kent Highways are currently carrying out data collection. Noted

Email from Kent Highways regarding road closures in Pested Lane. Noted

Email from Ashford Borough Council regarding Parliamentary elections meeting. Clerk has given out election packs to those wishing to stand

Email from Goose Fair stall holder regarding return of cheque from Amy Pitcher. Noted

Email from resident at Leahurst regarding surface water run off. Noted


Parish Councillor Elections

The Parish Councillor elections will be held on Thursday 7th May 2015

Clerk attended a Candidates and Agents briefing on 11th March 2015 at Ashford Borough Council. This covered the process and requirements for nominations

Clerk has nomination packs for new candidates and existing Councillors seeking re-election

Akile Clinton, Diane Ashworth and Stephen Brandon have all informed the Clerk that they will not be standing again for re-election. The Clerk has also confirmed she will be retiring after the audit and elections.

Nomination forms must be hand delivered to the Returning Officer at the Civic Centre by 4pm on 9th April 2015. All details are in the nomination packs


Finance update for January 2015 and February 2015 given to Councillors at the meeting

Clerk returned Precept form to Ashford Borough Council by 22nd January 2015

Annual Audit return received from PKF Littlejohn

Items for Information

William Oure Charity

£150 rent payment has been received from Mr Nightingale

Letter from resident requesting help from the William Oure Charity for an elderly resident in the village

Nicholas Fox requested that this matter is discussed privately by email between Councillors

Leesview Easement

Clerk informed the developer that the Parish Council accept the Leesview easement valuation and sent an invoice together with a draft Deed of Easement for Land Registry. Clerk will chase up as the developer has not been in contact.

The meeting closed at 8.25pm

Parish Council Meeting dates for 2015

Thursday 28th May

Thursday 30th July

Thursday 24th September

Thursday 26th November

The next Parish Council meeting is on Thursday 28th May 2015



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