Challock Parish Council Annual Meeting minutes

Memorial Hall, Audrey Allen room

Thursday 28th May 2015, 7.30pm

Members of public present: 12


Trevor Smith (holiday), John Ramsden (personal)


Michael Fisher, Kirstie Wooltorton (Clerk), Diane Sandy (Assistant Clerk), Annabel Burden, Gavin Spiers, Max Thomas, Emma Fox

Elections May 2015

The Clerk thanked previous Councillors for their services and welcomed the new Councillors

There are seven seats available on Challock Parish Council. Only six applications were received by Ashford Borough Council for the election.

Election of Chair

Michael Fisher wished to stand as Chair. Michael Fisher was proposed by Max Thomas and seconded by Annabel Burden. There were no other proposals

Election of Vice Chair

Annabel Burden agreed to stand as Vice Chair. Annabel Burden was proposed by Michael Fisher and seconded by Max Thomas. There were no other proposals


Emma Fox had requested an application form to become a Parish Councillor prior to the elections but had not been able to get her form to Ashford Borough Council in time. No other candidates have contacted the Parish Council and so Councillors agreed to co-opt Emma to the remaining Parish Council seat.

Election of Representatives

Councillors discussed and agreed the representatives for the next year. Table of representatives;

Representative 2014/2015

Representative 2015/2016


John Ramsden

Emma Fox

Challock Primary School

Roger Spicer

Annabel Burden

Village Hall Committee

Stephen Brandon

Gavin Spiers

Parish Council Finance

Stephen Brandon

Michael Fisher

Police Forum

Ceased for now but looking to restart

Diane Ashworth / Michael Fisher


William Oure Charity

Nicholas Fox

Max Thomas

Play Area

Michael Fisher

Max Thomas

KALC and Parish Forum

Diane Ashworth

Trevor Smith

Cricket Club Liaison

Stephen Brandon

John Ramsden

Clerk’s Report


The Groundsman has filled the potholes on all three Lees tracks

Groundsman cleared away rubbish left on the Lees by travelers

Groundsman has planted shrubs on verge between roundabout and Barn Shop

Envirocology has carried out work to the Lime trees on the Lees – notes from Envirocology regarding Lime trees attached

Highway Issues

Kent Highways have removed the salt bag from the verge at St Cosmas Close

Groundsman has washed down and cleaned the bus shelters


Nothing to report


Nothing to report

Play area

RoSPA play area inspection booked for July

Groundsman cut hedge in play area

Shade canopy has been erected


Internal Audit Report received from Kevin Funnell. Noted

Email from Came and Company regarding renewal of Parish Council Insurance in the sum of £756.77. Noted


Email from RoSPA confirming play area audit will be carried out in July. Noted


Remittance note for Parish Precept received from Ashford Borough Council. Noted


Declaration of Acceptance of Office and Disclosable Pecuniary Interests forms received from Ashford Borough Council. Councillors to complete and return these to Clerk


Email from KALC regarding Councillor induction events. Councillors to advise Clerk if they wish to attend


Highways Drainage Cleansing Programme 2015/16 from Kent Highways. Noted


Letter from Kent Highways regarding cutting back vegetation. Noted


Letter from Beverley Morris & Co Solicitors regarding Deed of Easement for land adjoining Leesview House. Noted


Letter from Ashford Borough Council regarding Community Governance Review of Ashford Borough. Noted




Finance update for March and April 2015 given to Councillors

The first half of the Parish Precept and CFG has been received in the sum of £8460

Next half of Precept and CFG is due in October 2015

The current account balance on 24th May 2015 was £16,457.90

VAT claim in the sum of £1,257.59 submitted to HMRC

The finances are in very good shape. The NS&I account balance is £11,528.41

Planning applications

Application discussed at meeting

The Beeches, Buck Street, Challock


New access driveway to the Beeches. Councillors support this application

Land east of Fair View, Mill Lane, Challock 


Erection of a 3 bedroom chalet bungalow along with car port and secure store. Councillors support this application

Audit for 2014-2015

Kevin Funnell, the Parish Council Auditor, carried out the Parish Council Audit on Friday 10th April 2015

Internal Audit Report for 2014-2015 given to Councillors by email

Kevin Funnell was very pleased with Parish Council procedures

Audit Commission form to be signed by Chairman and Clerk to send to Littlejohn LLP Chartered Accountants for the external audit

Items for Information

Recycling Credit

The final recycling credit in the sum of £4375.18 has been received from Ashford Borough Council.

Goose Fair Storage container

The second Goose Fair storage container has now been delivered and is in place. The Groundsman will paint both of the containers dark green.

Leesview Easement

Clerk informed the developer that the Parish Council accept the Leesview easement valuation of £3,500 and sent an invoice together with a draft Deed of Easement for Land Registry.

Annual Parish Meeting

The Annual Parish Meeting is an opportunity for the Parish Council and organisations within the village to report on their activities during the year. It is also an opportunity for residents to ask questions and provide feedback to all those groups.

The County Councillor and Ashford Borough Council Ward Councillor should also be invited.

Clerk to arrange and send invitations. Date in June to be agreed. Clerk to obtain available dates for village hall from Kathy Stevens and advise Councillors.

The meeting closed at 7.53pm

Mr Martin asked Councillors if they would reconsider their objection comments for his planning application for land south east of White Gates, Buck Street, Challock (15/00415/AS) because the Parish Council comment was originally an objection due to Kent Highways concerns. Kent Highways have now amended their comments and agreed for the hedge to be removed and replanted 3m back from the verge.

Councillors agreed that they would support this application if Kent Highways have now supported. Clerk to contact the Planning Department at Ashford Borough Council

Parish Council to remind anyone holding boot fairs on the Lees that they cannot charge Lees residents or their families / visitors access.

Alan Ovenden advised Councillors of his plans to hopefully install an aerial for superfast broadband. He confirmed that he has already spoken to Ashford Borough Council Planning Department who have suggested that they would support this. He has also spoken to Liz Harrison at Kent County Council who has advised that she should hopefully be able to confirm if Challock will be included or not in phase 2 of the superfast broadband.

Alan confirmed that he is happy to pay the set up of £13,000 to purchase and install the aerial. He confirmed that if he can get 30 subscribers then he should break even. The aerial should be approximately 20m high and stand in an area 6m x 6m with a fence around it. He wanted to ask the Parish Council if they would allow the aerial to be sited in the back corner of the cricket field behind the pavilion.

Alan also said that he will do a leaflet drop to everyone in the village to obtain feedback. Councillors agreed for a leaflet to be inserted into the Forester free of charge as this is a community broadband support. There was some concern expressed bout the height of the mast and further information was requested.

David Buckley our new community Warden introduced himself. His phone number is 07977 98190. His email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. These details will be included in the next Forester.

David covers Hothfield, Charing and now Challock. He asked that any Council related matters please be reported to him, i.e. fly tipping, speeding, street lighting etc.

A resident from Austin Mews advised that she had contacted Kent Police about speeding along the A252 Canterbury Road. Unfortunately this is a Kent Highways matter and the Parish Council cannot make them install CCTV as the resident has requested.

Michael Fisher confirmed that the Parish Council have been trying for a number of years and Charlie Simpkins recently paid for a Kent highways traffic survey on this road which concluded that the speed limit was correct for the area that the road is in and due to the statistics for accidents on this road, there is no further action needed.

Michael Fisher said that he will continue to lobby for a reduction in the speed limit as this is an accident waiting to happen

Kirstie confirmed that this is her last Parish Council meeting as she is retiring.

Since I started as Parish Clerk I have made a number of efficiency improvements and an Assistant Parish Clerk is no longer required. This will obviously provide a saving to the village and help future Precepts.

Diane Sandy will continue in the role as Parish Clerk.

The contact details will remain phone number 01233 740351 and email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Parish Council Meeting dates for 2015

Thursday 30th July

Thursday 24th September

Thursday 26th November

The next Parish Council meeting is on Thursday 30th July 2015



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