Challock Parish Council Meeting minutes

Memorial Hall, Audrey Allen room

Thursday 30th July 2015, 7.30pm

Members of public present: 14




Gavin Spiers (work commitments)


Michael Fisher, Dianne Sandy (Clerk), Trevor Smith, Annabel Burden, John Ramsden, Max Thomas, Emma Fox.

Minutes of Last Meeting

Minutes of 28th May 2015 meeting were signed by Michael Fisher as an accurate record

David Buckley Community Warden

David Buckley our new community Warden introduced himself. His phone number is 07977 98190. His email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. these details are in the Forester.

David explained he is heavily involved in helping out with operation stack presently. The community wardens are providing food and water to lorry drivers who are stuck on the M20. It is anticipated that operation stack will continue until next Tuesday, 4th August 2015.

David reported that Angie Burden is the new Police Community Support Officer for Downs West covering Challock.

David covers Hothfield, Charing and now Challock. He asked that any Council related matters please be reported to him, i.e. fly tipping, speeding, street lighting etc. David has also requested that anyone particularly the elderly and vulnerable receiving spam emails, post or telephone to report it to him. Currently there is a joint project with the Police, Post Office and Trading Standards in tackling Scams and have collated a data base of known scammers and would like further evidence from people affected.

John Ramsden raised his concerns regarding the lack of sign posts directing lorry drivers to where to join the queue on the M20. Lorry drivers appear to be driving down country lanes & minor roads. David Beckley explained that lorry drivers are given tickets when they join the queue on the M20. They need to show these tickets when they eventually arrive at the terminal. If they don’t have these tickets then they are sent to the back of the queue. David says some of the lorry drivers are attempting to jump the queue by cutting across country lanes and roads. David Beckley said he will pass on John Ramsden’s comments.

Michael Fisher asked for further clarification regarding the speed limit around the village. David Beckley said that it is being monitored and there is generally a problem with parking at school drop off and collection times and speeding in villages.

Michael Fisher said that he will continue to pursue this matter.

Clerk’s Report


Envirocology has provided a letter explaining why reducing the height of the three lime trees opposite White Cottages is not required

Groundsman has painted the village storage containers dark green

Groundsman has strimmed and cut back overgrown hedges/vegetation along Buck Street pavement from bottom of Blind Lane leading up to Chestnut Cottage opposite Forestry cottages.

Groundsman has strimmed and cut back overgrown hedges/vegetation on pavement by the bus shelter near the telephone exchange and the bus shelter at the Halfway. Groundsman has also strimmed around dog waste bin on cricket ground.

Clerk has ordered a new Jubilee Plaque to replace damage one caused by KCC Landscape mowing the Lees.

Highway Issues

Clerk has reported potholes to Kent Highways. Overgrown hedge causing pavement narrowing along Church Road outside of Meadowside has also been reported to Kent Highways.

Clerk has reported damage bin to ABC as unknown tractor accidentally clipped the bin as it was the mowing the grass on the Lees.


Nothing to report.


Clerk attended Meet the Funder Workshop. The workshop was attended by representatives from Big Lottery, Heritage & Kent Community Fund.

Play area

RoSPA play area inspection booked for July

Groundsman has tilled the bark in the play area and spread 2 dumpy bags of bark

Forester Printing

The Forester is now printed by the print room at ABC for £215.00 cheaper than the print room at CCC. Mick Maidens has also secured colour printing adverts for inside of front and back page. The charge will be £240 for 1 full page. This will increase a bit of extra revenue towards the costs of printing the Forester.


Email request from Jim Watson Chairman of Challock Cricket Club to hold a boot fair on the Lees August Bank Holiday. Councillors agreed.

Email from Steve Lake ABC Print Room quote for printing the Foresters £215.00 for 520 copies. Noted

Email from resident regarding the Parish Meeting. Noted

Email from Kings Wood Ponds requesting supporting their grant application to fix 2 leaking ponds. Petition passed around at the meeting for signatures.

Email from resident reporting damaged bin on the Lees caused by tractor whilst grass cutting. Clerk reported to ABC.

Emails from 2 residents regarding the 3 Lime trees at the top of the Lees Church Road. Noted

Letter from Girlings Solicitors regarding UK Power Networks Letter from DMH Stallard in relation to the sale of land. Confirmation of instructions.

Clerk to check with Solicitors regarding the sale of land and whether it should be rented.

Email from Alan Ovenden regarding results of trials for Fixed Wireless Broadband not successful now on hold. A recent upgrade of exchange shows there is good connectivity. KCC to announce in September further update on fibre broadband. Noted

Email from Mick Maidens securing colour advert for Forester inside front or back page for £240 for full page. Noted

Email from Mick Maidens offering to discuss updating/ changing Challock Website. Clerk to contact Mick Maidens to request a proposal is sent to the Councillors.

Email from Richard Alderton Head of Planning & Development ABC regarding reviewing the Challock confines project that the Parish has pioneered and asking if it would be possible to get some feedback on the parish’s perception of the outcomes (in the light of the considerable number of applications that have now come forward inside the new confines). To establish what the wider community feel. Councillors agreed to gain feedback from the parishioners at the proposed Parish Meeting.


Finance update for May and June 2015 attached

Next half of Precept and CFG is due in October 2015

The current account balance on 26th July 2015 was £14,848.45

VAT claim in the sum of £1,257.59 submitted to HMRC

The finances are in very good shape. The NS&I account balance is £11,528.41

Planning applications

Application discussed at meeting

Cherry Tree House, Buck Street, Challock


Conversion of garage to habitable room. Councillors support this application.

Casita, Canterbury Road, Challock

Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of two detached dwellings with access and detached garage with store above. Councillors support this application.

The Chequers Inn, Church Road, Challock

To replace existing sash and casement windows with new sash and casement. Windows to reinstate like for like. Councillors support this application.

Items for Information

Annual Parish Meeting

The Annual Parish Meeting is an opportunity for the Parish Council and organisations within the village to report on their activities during the year. It is also an opportunity for residents to ask questions and provide feedback to all those groups.

The County Councillor and Ashford Borough Council Ward Councillor should also be invited.

It was agreed by Councillors to hold the Parish Meeting on Tuesday, 29th September 2015. Clerk to confirm date with Kathy Stevens Village Hall Secretary. Clerk to arrange advertising of Parish Meeting.

Village Fete

Annabel Burden informed the councillors she has been approached by parent of Challock Primary School that there is group of 6 parents who would like to organize a village fete as there is no longer a Goose fair event. The village fete would be a traditional event for the village and school. It is hoped that 6 people from the village would come forward in helping organizing this event and a chair person to lead. The Councillors agreed to direct this to the Parish Meeting. It was also agreed that the Parish Meeting would be an opportunity for community groups in the village to promote their events and requests for new members etc.

The 3 Lime Trees The Lees

Councillors discussed residents request for the height of the Lime trees to be reduced either thinned out or pollarded. Clerk reported that Envirocology had recently crowned the lime trees by 30%. However, the lime trees show little sign that this has been carried out. Clerk to investigate and report back to the Councillors. It was agreed for a leaflet to be distributed to residents living along Church Road and top end of the Lees to gain comments on whether the lime trees should be trimmed back or pollarded.

The meeting closed at 8.15pm

Nicholas Fox requested an additional dog waste bin for the Lees at the Beech Court end. Clerk to enquirer with ABC whether our quota of dog waste bins can be increased.

John Ramsden reported that ABC will no longer be supplying dog bags to give out at the Post Office. Clerk to investigate. Councillors agreed to provide dog bags free of charge from Parish funds if ABC stops supplying.

Michael Fisher says he has received a complaint from a resident living along Faversham Road near Dorset Bungalow that he is unable to walk along the road with his children due to no footpath. Michael Fisher highlighted that the planning application for 6 new dwelling to be built between Dorset Bungalow and The Paddocks, there is a condition that under this development that a footpath is constructed. Michael Fisher has asked for the clerk to make enquiries with Highways to see if the footpath can be continued further along Faversham Road. Clerk to reply to the resident.

A resident has asked if a remembrance service will take place at the war memorial.

Michael Fisher says that the British Legion are happy to do it. It was agreed for the service to take place on the 8th November 2015. Michael Fisher will confirm with the British Legion if this date is convenient.

Cindy confirmed that no one as yet has come forward to become a church warden. The church wardens at Molash are not keen to combine their work between Molash and Challock Church. There is a church warden’s website which list the responsibilities carried out.

A resident has requested if the Parish Minutes could be printed in the Roundabout in the Kentish Express and /or in the Forester as well as the website.

Parish Council Meeting dates for 2015

Thursday 24th September

Thursday 26th November

The next Parish Council meeting is on Thursday, 24th September.



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