Challock Parish Council Meeting minutes




Memorial Hall, Audrey Allen room


Thursday 21st January 2016, 7.30pm




Members of public present: 6












Max Thomas








Michael Fisher, Dianne Sandy (Clerk), Trevor Smith, Annabel Burden, John Ramsden,  Emma Fox & Larry Krause ABC Ward Councillor








Mick Fisher thanked everyone for coming.




Declarations of Interest




Councillors no changes to the declarations of interest.




Minutes of Last Meeting




Minutes of 26th November 2015 meeting were signed by Michael Fisher as an accurate record




Parish Council Budget 2016-2017




Budget report for 2016-2017 approved by Councillors at meeting.




Precept form must be returned to Ashford Borough Council by 22nd January 2016.




Parish Council savings are ring fenced for a skate park and full replacement bark in the Play Park.




Councillor John Ramsden requested the precept be increased to pay towards new footpaths to be built around the village.  It was agreed to form a sub- committee to review foot paths in the village and a wish list for new footpaths i.e. in Buck Street and Faversham Road, making the village more accessible for its parishioners and with the intention of lobbying/petitioning a request to Kent Highways and Kent County Council Ward Councillor Charlie Simkins for new footpaths to be built.






It was agreed that the amount of the 2016/17 precept application remain the same as the current year.




Clerk’s Report








Grounds man has filled pot holes on the Lees Track.




Tree on the Lees opposite Help Hire Garage has been cut down by J D Jiles Tree Surgeon.


Grounds man has cut up, shred and removed.




Reported mole holes on the Lees, Church Lane end and Haverbrack end. 


Mole Catcher has now caught 4 moles.  Grounds man to use blower to spread mole hills over the Lees.








Clerk has reported




Overgrown hedge Squidsgate Lane.








Clerk reported verge damage caused by Refuse lorry.




Bus Shelter




A pane from the bus shelter shattered and a replacement has been ordered.  Grounds man to refit glass pane.








Nothing to report








Nothing to report




Play area




Fence panel fallen out grounds man refitted and secured.




Metal rod on the gate has eroded and broken away from main part of the gate.  The fence post connecting the gate is become loose.  Grounds man has now fixed the post and repaired the gate.




Dog Waste Bin




Clerk has ordered a dog waste bin to be erected at the bottom of the cricket ground entrance to Buck Street.




Parish Office




Cupboard & Filing Cabinet has been moved to parish office.


Grounds man has redirected telephone line to parish office.










  • Email from Susan Wood Kent Association of Local Councils, Ashford Area Committee offering places at the Local Plan Group.




  • Email from Silby Gosbee interested in becoming a Councillor for Challock Parish Council.




  • Request from Angela Bishop to return attached details of your Parish precepts for 2016-17 by 22nd January 2016.




  • Email from Kathy Stevens re invoices for village hall room hire for 2016 and 3 months office rental for January 2016 to March 2016.  An annual invoice to follow in April 2016.




  • An email request from Steve Hanna for more prominence in the section of Friends of Kings Wood Challock Website.




  • Email reminder from Laura Dyer Kent Association of Local Councils to


extend the deadline date for orders for Defibrillators/accessories to KALC to the 29th January 2016.   




  • Email from Ann Davis ABC regarding developer contributions for applications


5/01578 Althorpe, 15/01103 Land between Hurstwood and Haverbrook and 15/01100 Land between Hurstwood and Haverbrook   






  • Email from Ann Davis ABC confirming for the developer contribution to be allocated to your skate park project.  Under the current rules Challock Parish Council will be able to pool up to five Section 106 contributions towards any single project.




  • Email request from resident requesting the mole catcher to sort out the mole hills on the Lees by Church Lane.




  • Email from Vanessa Collick Yeandle ABC Notice of Council vacancy to be displayed in Notice Boards. 




  • Email from Darren Hibbet BT Fibre Optic Cabinet confirming that they are waiting on a connection date and that it won’t be long.




  • Email from Kent PCs regarding invoice for Annual Subscription for Parish Pump (The Forester).




  • Email from Kent Association of Parish Councils re The Queens 90th Birthday Beacons 21st April 2016.




  • Email from Highways Community Consultation M20 Junction 10a from Thursday, 14th January until Thursday 17th March 2016.  Section 47 Planning Act 2008.




  • Email from Kent Association of Parish Councils re Community Awards Scheme 2016.  Closing date for nominations for Community Champions is 29th January 2016.




  • Email from Tony Aitken declaring an interest in the vacancy of Parish Councillor.





Planning applications




There are no planning applications to discuss.






The following applications were ratified by the Councillors.




 15/01640/AS Land Adjoining 4 Faversham Road, Challock


Erection of a detached chalet bungalow with detached garage with associated vehicular access




Comments Challock Parish Council does not support this application.  This application falls outside the village confines.




15/01103/AS Land Between Hurstwood and Haverbrack, Canterbury Road, Challock.


Construction of a single detached dwelling (Plot 5) and detached garaging




Comments:  Challock Parish Council supports this application providing neighbours views are taken into consideration.




15/01101/AS Land Between Hurstwood and Haverbrack, Canterbury Road, Challock.


Approval for Reserved Matters of plots 1&2 (outline approval granted under 14/01157/AS)




Comments: Challock Parish Council supports this application providing neighbours views are taken into consideration.




15/01100/AS Land Between Hurstwood and Haverbrack, Canterbury Road, Challock.


Construction of a single detached dwelling (Plot 3) and detached garaging




Comments: Challock Parish Council supports this application providing neighbours views are taken into consideration.




15/01622/AS Telecommunications Mast Orange Knt 229 at Kingswood, Buck Street, Challock TN25 4AR


Upgrade to the existing telecoms equipment and associated works to include installation of two airwave dishes.




Comments:  Challock Parish Council supports this application.




15/01598/AS Ashdown, Church Lane, Challock TN25 4BS


Erection of proposed car barn




Comments: Challock Parish Council supports this application providing neighbours views are taken into consideration.




15/01597/AS Ashdown, Church Lane, Challock TN25 4BS


Side extension & loft conversion with 3no feature dormers to front




Comments: Challock Parish Council supports this application providing neighbours views are taken into consideration.




15/01582/AS Land Rear of Crossways, Canterbury Road, Challock




Application for amendments to house approved under 14/01303/AS.  (Erection of 5 new detached dwellings and associated external works) to substitute house type




Comments:  Challock Parish Council supports this application.




15/01578/AS Althorp House, Pested lane, Challock TN25 4BD


Enlargement to existing tack room and creation of new first floor containing an open plan office and two bedroom apartment.




Comments:  Challock Parish Council supports this application.






Items for Information




Additional Salt Bin




As requested from last Parish Meeting 26th November 2015 for consideration for an additional salt bin at Church Lane\Blind Lane junction.  Parish Clerk provided a quote for salt bin on the Lees plus a quote for a salt spreader.   Highways are ok with an additional salt bin providing it is situated on the Lees, Church Lane.  The salt spreader would be used to cover the salt along the road and footpaths in Blind Lane and Church Land and the village hall car park. The Councillors agreed for the Clerk to apply to Councillor Charlie Simkins KCC for a ward members grant.  The leaves in the village hall car park are a concern as it is slippery.  Clerk to arrange for the grounds man to clear the leaves using a blower.




Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebrations




The Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebration event is between 12th & 15th May 2016 and Beacons on the 21st April 2016.  Street Parties the main one is on the Mall in London on the 12th June 2016.  Main celebrations are centered on the 12th June 2016.  The Councillors agreed an event to be organized to celebrate the Queen’s 90th Birthday and to invite community groups/clubs to help.  Clerk to place a request in the Forester.  Councillor Annabelle Burden and Parish Clerk have offered to help organize.








Councillor Annabelle Burden has received a request from resident at Haverbrack, The Lees regarding trimming the hedge in front of the property on the Lees.  It was agreed not to trim the hedge. 




Councillor Mike Fisher requested for an update on the situation regarding proposed underground electric cables in Green Lane/The Lees.  Clerk to make enquiries.




Ward Councillor Larry Krause requested this year’s dates for the Parish Meetings and Annual Parish Meeting be emailed to him.  Clerk to action.




Parish Council Meeting dates for 2016


Thursday 18th February 2016


Thursday 17th March 2016


Thursday 21st April 2016


Thursday 19th May 2016


Tuesday 14th June 2016 for Annual Report Meeting Main Hall.


Thursday 21st July 2016


Thursday 22nd September 2016


Thursday 17th November 2016






The next Parish Council meeting is on Thursday 18th February 2016



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