Challock Parish Council Outdoor Play Space Sub Committee Meeting minutes




Memorial Hall, Audrey Allen room


Tuesday 8th March 2016, 7.30pm



Members of public present: 5






Emma Fox, Annabelle Burden, Max Thomas, ABC Ward Councillor Larry Krause & Dianne Sandy (Clerk).




Declarations of Interest


No change to the declarations of interest. 


Election of Chairman


Emma Fox was proposed as Chairman for the Outdoor Play Space Sub-Committee.


All Agreed.


Challock Outdoor Play Space Information


Clerk referred Councillors to the information document on current Challock Play Space.


There are two Play Space Projects 1) Skate Park and 2) Play Park Upgrade.


S106 Contributions Sub-Committee has requested the Outdoor Play Space Sub-Committee to conduct a consultation on wishes of the parishioners on choice of play space and preference to skate park or multi service play area and to report back to the S106 Contributions Sub-Committee its findings and proposals for Play Space Projects.


Councillor Tony Aitken as representative of the cricket club requested the Councillors consider re-locating the skate park to the bottom right of the cricket ground instead of the proposed location top right of cricket ground near the pavilion.


Councillor Annabelle Burden suggested this would not be suitable as it is too close to the proximity of the busy A259 road along Buck Street and possible neighbour objections.


Play Space Projects


Councillor Annabelle Burden proposed to the Sub-Committee to consider the existing play area be converted to a multi service area and a new play park be located at the top end of the cricket ground near the Youth Shelter. 


All agreed this was a good proposal and to look into the feasibility of this being implemented.


It was agreed for Councillor Tony Aitken to consult with the cricket club committee if they would consider the proposal.


Discussion took place regarding the small area of land on the Lees between houses Eastbury and Tanglewood to consider converting this area to a play space or a quiet area with picnic tables. 


It was agreed this would require careful consideration due to the Lees being common land and the restrictions it carries.


Councillors acknowledged that play space availability in the village is very restricted.


Outdoor Play Space Consultation


Clerk reported to the Councillors that the last review carried out in 2011 consisted of questionnaires to Mother & Toddler Group, Challock Pre-School, Youth Club.  Year 3 & 4 in Challock Primary School were asked to design their own play park.  Details of the consultation were printed in the Forester.


Discussion took place on how the consultation should take place.


It was agreed to draw up a number of questions on A5 to be inserted in April’s Forester and parishioners to return the questionnaire to the post office or to email their replies to the clerk.


Clerk to compile questionnaire and to email to Councillors for their approval before it is published in the Forester.


Councillor Annabelle Burden to conduct consultation with Challock Primary School.


Clerk to conduct consultation with Challock Youth Club.


Meeting Closed 8.30 pm.


Outdoor Play Space Sub-Committee Meeting dates for 2016


The next Outdoor Play Space Sub-Committee Meeting to be advised.





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