Challock Parish Council Meeting minutes




Memorial Hall, Audrey Allen room


Thursday 17th March 2016, 7.30pm




Members of public present: 11



Dave Beckley Community Warden, Tony Aitken & Emma Fox




Michael Fisher, Dianne Sandy (Clerk), Trevor Smith, Annabel Burden, John Ramsden, & Max Thomas.  ABC Ward Downs West Councillor Larry Krause.




Mick Fisher thanked everyone for attending.


Declarations of Interest


Councillors no changes to the declarations of interest.


Minutes of Last Meeting


Minutes of 18th February 2016 meeting were signed by Michael Fisher as an accurate record


Clerk’s Report




Clerk has reported a tree along Canterbury Road between Highbank & Crossways leaning into the road.




On the 29th February between the hours of 1300 and 1550, items had been taken from a property in Church Lane, Challock. Items include; two gold bracelets and a gold necklace. An untidy search took place and tool marks were found on a utility window frame, the suspect(s) probably exited via the rear door which they unlocked




KCC funding application for the salt bin and salt spreader has been sent off to KCC Ward Councillor Charlie Simkins




  • Clean for the Queen campaign has been launched to get people making a difference in their local communities. Various events will take place from the first weekend in March up until the 21st April across the country.
  • Neighbourhood Planning, which includes a new Government consultation on planning changes which closes on 15 April 2016.
  • A letter from KCC Consumer Advice Services informing Parish Councils of their services.
  • Clerk has signed on- line petition ‘Give parish councils the right to appeal planning decisions’ on behalf of Challock Parish Council.
  • An email from KALC stating that KALC and NALC should lobby Government to introduce both UK and EU legislation to make it an offence for HGVs to use electronic GPS navigation systems that do not identify routes unsuitable for HGVs.
  • An email from Mrs Davies requesting they would like to purchase a small piece of land that has been maintained by the property owners for the last 20+ years.


It is the land in front of their grass which joins their boundary.


They propose to put a boundary of shrubs to the outside of the border and a small fence no higher than one metre high.




Decision: The strip of land in front of property owners is part of the Lees known as common land and the Parish Council are not permitted to sell off any piece of the Lees area.  There are strips of land between the main common ground, the Lees track and properties and are maintained by either the property owners or Landscapes Services as part of the grounds maintenance contract. The Parish Council


agreed to decline Mr & Mrs Davies request for shrubs and a small fence to be put up along this strip of land.




  • Email from UKPN who would like the Parish to assist with them  to sign up any of the vulnerable residents to its Priority Services Register (PSR), which is a list of those people who may need extra help during a power cut including the elderly, parents with young children and those who are medically dependent on electricity.


           There are two main ways they would like the Parish to help:




  1. To include some text in the parish magazine about the Priority Services Register to inform and encourage residents to sign up. 

  2. To actively help recruiting eligible individuals to sign up to the register, through door-knocking, at local community events, meetings or working with your own existing partner organisations. UKPN can offer up to £500 as a contribution to your parish budget to cover costs incurred. 

    Clerk has requested draft text for magazine insert.   Councillors to consider promoting this at the Annual Parish Meeting in June 2016.


  • An email from a resident regarding the footpath by The Beeches requesting it to be made safe.  The residents of the Beeches have a number of dogs that bark, growl and attempt to bite as members of the public walk their dogs along the footpath. The fencing between the path and the Beeches garden is inadequate and cannot walk along this footpath with either their dog or grandchildren. The resident has informed the dog warden and the local neighbourhood police officer. As a result, the fence has been re-enforced but it remains inadequate. 


Decision: Councillors agreed for Clerk to make enquiries with footpaths officer at ABC and Dave Beckley Community Warden.


  • A request from Charing Surgery Gardening Club if the Parish Council are willing to make a donation towards the kept gardens in front of the Surgery.  As many Parishioners from Challock use the Charing Surgery.


Decision: Councillors declined to make a donation. Parish Council do not have specific budget for donations.


  • Email from Dave Smith Rural Liaison Sargent stating the possession of ANY firearm or imitation firearm in public place is an offence. The use of firearms in relation to vermin/pest control can be lawful if the area it is being used is private land and the land owner gives their permission. In relation to the cricket ground, if it is an open space to which the public can access it would not allow the use of a firearm (including an air weapon).Even if it is a private ground with fencing there are offences committed if a shot is fired from the cricket ground and the shot enters ANY other land private or public. Suggest in this instance you contact a pest control professional that would have the required permit to deal with the rabbit issue at the cricket ground.
  • Email from ABC Ward Councillor Larry Krause re Kent County Council can confirm that its LED Street Light Conversion programme has commenced within the rural areas surrounding the town of Ashford. These works started on the 8th March 2016, and will continue this week and potentially next week.   


The works involve replacing the old lantern with a new LED lantern which will operate all night. It is expected that the individual columns will not be completed upon the first visit and that follow up work will be required to enable the authority to control the lights remotely. Should residents discover problems with the lighting during this period can contact KCC Highways.


  • Email from Catherine Hughes re Little Barn access requesting further clarification on why the Parish Council is adopting a different stance to that it took in the case of the access arrangements for 5 new dwellings on land between Hurstwood and Haverbrook (14/01157/AS). 




Decision:  At the Parish Meeting in November 2015 & February 2016 Councillors were in agreement not to allow a short extension to a new proposed access.  The new access would be impinging on part of the Lees and would not be permitted.  A further email from Catherine Hughes on behalf of Mr Frank Smith has stated that the proposed application is as was permitted for the development on the nearby land between Hurstwood and Haverbrack that both proposals involved a short extension of one of the existing driveways across The Lees and request the Parish Council discuss this matter further. 


The Parish Council have sought legal advice and as custodians of the Lees,  Challock Parish Council were in agreement as previously discussed at the Parish Meeting in February their decision remains the same not to allow a new easement and extension off the Lees track by Valentine House.  The Parish Council are determined to maintain the amenity of the Lees and are concerned about gradual encroachment.  Clerk to reply to Catherine Hughes and Mr Smith the Parish Council’s decision.


Planning applications




  1. Cedar House Farm, Canterbury Road, Challock, TN25 4DL


    16/00267/AS Cedar House Farm, Canterbury Road, Challock, Kent TN25 4DL
    Erection of detached dwelling with garage (revised design plot 3 addition of 1st floor extension to rear)



           Councillors support this application.




  1. Sunnyside & Highbank, Canterbury Road, Challock, Kent TN25 4BJ




16/00266/AS Sunnyside & Highbank, Canterbury Road, Challock Kent TN25 4BJ
Proposed construction of four detached dwellings with demolition of two bungalows.




Councillors support this application.




  1. Land north of The Bungalow, Green Lane, Challock, Kent


    16/00306/AS Land north of The Bungalow, Green Lane, Challock, Kent

    Change of use of land to equestrian and proposed manege.


    Councillors support this application.




  1. Landews Meadow Farm, Green Lane, Challock TN25 4BL


    16/00287/AS Landews Meadow Farm, Green Lane, Challock TN25 4BL

    Erection of additional 3 bedroom holiday accommodation and change of use of part of existing holiday accommodation to ancilliary residential.


    Councillors do not support this application.  The erection of additional 3 bedroom holiday accommodation is outside of the village confines.



The following application were ratified by the Councillors




Application No: - 16/00220/AS


Proposal: - Proposed new driveway and access to service existing yard


Location: - Fairview, Faversham Road, Challock




Challock Parish Council supports this application.




Items for Information




Parish Council Audit




Kevin Funnell, the Parish Council Auditor, will be carrying out the Parish Council Audit on 8th April 2016.




Report of S106 Contributions Sub-Committee




Councillors agreed for the time being to apply S106 Contributions to the two projects Skate Park Project & Play Park Project to all applications as they arise.




Councillors agreed for parishioners to be consulted on the type of projects they would like S106 Contributions to be applied to.  Consultation on the Skate Park and is it still required or preference for a multi games park. Outdoor Play Space Sub-Committee to implement and consider possible projects and to report back to S106 Contributions Sub-Committee.




Report of Outdoor Play Space Sub-Committee




It was agreed to draw up a number of questions on A5 to be inserted in April’s Forester and parishioners to return the questionnaire to the post office or to email their replies to the clerk.




Clerk to compile questionnaire and to email to Councillors for their approval before it is published in the Forester.




Councillor Annabelle Burden to conduct consultation with Challock Primary School.




Clerk to conduct consultation with Challock Youth Club.




First Responder – Defibrillator




Defibrillator is available to be installed and locations discussed were Village Hall,


Half way House and the Post Office.  Craig Bickers First Responder suggested the Post Office would be more suitable as it is more central and for awareness purposes people will see it on display and for security purposes as it is not so isolated.  The cost of the cabinet to keep the defibrillator is in the region of £543.00 inc VAT (£453.00). The defibrillator has been sitting in storage for the past 3 years and it is imperative that the Parish Council come to a decision regarding its location and its installation.




Craig Bickers First Responder has offered to provide training to all interested; to coincide with a fund raising event. 




Councillors agreed for the defibrillator to be installed on the wall at the Post Office.  Councillor John Ramsden to check measurements of the cabinet will fit on the proposed wall.  Discussion took place regarding using the BT telephone box.  Clerk to make enquiries with BT.




Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebrations – 12th June 2016 Picnic on the Lees




Councillor Annabelle Burden confirmed that the ice-cream van has been booked and asked the Parish Council if it is ok to book the marquee and the children’s entertainer.  Councillors agreed for Annabelle to go ahead with the bookings.  Alan Ovenden has agreed to help provide music.  It was agreed for the Picnic on the Lees to commence at 1 pm.  Clerk to put details of the Picnic on the Lees in the Forester. Clerk to source red, white & blue bunting.  Annabelle to approach the Methodist Church offering a donation in return for the use of the kitchen and toilets. 




A separate meeting to organize the Picnic on the Lees to be arranged.








Councillor Annabelle Burden has reported that she has experienced drop out with her broadband since the works on the cabinet upgrade have commenced.  Clerk to put in a notice in the Forester to find out if parishioners are experiencing problems with their broadband and to contact the Parish Council.




Village Hall Sign Posts




Councillor John Ramsden informed the Parish Council the Post Office receives a number of people asking for directions to the village hall.   There are no directional signs for the village hall either from the junction at The Chequers or along the A252 Buck Street.  ABC Ward Councillor Larry Krause suggested the village hall committee can apply to him for funding to obtain directional signs for the village hall.  Clerk to assist Kathy Stevens the Village Hall Committee Secretary in applying for funding and sourcing costs of purchasing and installing sign posts.




Unusual Activity




Councillor Mick Fisher asked parishioners to be vigilant; there has been a recent spate of suspicious vehicles driving up and down some of the roads/lanes in the village.  There have been a number of reported break-ins around the village.




Wooded Area, The Lees




Parishioner reported to the Community Warden Dave Beckley there was rubbish in the wooded area, The Lees.  The rubbish has now been burnt.  Clerk to make contact with Dave Beckley to enquire about the rubbish.




Parish Council Meeting dates for 2016




Thursday 21st April 2016


Thursday 19th May 2016


Tuesday 14th June 2016 for Annual Report Meeting Main Hall.


Thursday 21st July 2016


Thursday 22nd September 2016


Thursday 17th November 2016






The next Parish Council meeting is on Thursday 21st April 2016




Meeting closed at 8.35 pm.










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