Challock Parish Council Annual Meeting minutes




Memorial Hall, Audrey Allen room


Thursday 19th May 2016, 7.30pm




Members of public present: 16











ABC Ward Councillor Larry Krause.








Michael Fisher, Di Sandy (Clerk), Annabel Burden, Anthony Aitken, Max Thomas, Emma Fox, Trevor Smith, John Ramsden.








Mick Fisher thanked everyone for attending.




Election of Chair




Michael Fisher wished to stand as Chair. Michael Fisher was proposed by Max Thomas and seconded by Trevor Smith. There were no other proposals






Election of Vice Chair




Annabel Burden wished to stand as Vice Chair. Annabel Burden was proposed by Max Thomas and seconded by John Ramsden. There were no other proposals






Election of Representatives




Councillors discussed and agreed the representatives for the next year. Table of representatives;







Representative 2015/2016

Representative 2016/2017





Emma Fox

Emma Fox




Challock Primary School

Annabel Burden

Annabel Burden




Village Hall Committee

Gavin Spiers

Anthony Aitken




Parish Council Finance

Michael Fisher

Michael Fisher




Police Forum

Ceased for now but looking to restart






William Oure Charity

Max Thomas

Max Thomas




Play Area

Max Thomas

Max Thomas




KALC and Parish Forum

Trevor Smith

Trevor Smith




Cricket Club Liaison

John Ramsden

John Ramsden

















Declarations of Interest




Councillors no new changes to the declarations of interest.




Minutes of Last Meeting




Minutes of 21st April 2016 meeting were signed by Michael Fisher as an accurate record




Clerk’s Report








Clerk requested village hall directional signage for Canterbury Road, Buck Street and junction at Church Lane/Blind Lane.  Highways will notify us within 28 days. Clerk is still waiting to hear.




Clerk has reported dirty signs along Buck Street and Canterbury Road on the Highways Portal.




Pot holes have been filled along Blind Lane.




Tree along Canterbury Road between Highways and Crossways has now been trimmed by Highways.




Grounds man has removed dead branch from shrub and strimmed on strip of land opposite Crossways.  Grounds man to strim along pathway near the Barn Shop.








Between 12.30pm and 3.40pm on Sunday 8th May, damage was caused in order to gain entry to a vehicle parked in a woodland car park in Canterbury Road, in the area of Green Lane, Challock,


and a handbag, containing a purse and bank cards, was stolen.








Clerk is currently looking at other funding avenues for Outdoor Play Space Projects.




Play Park




Grounds man has repaired the rope activity and put up shade canopy.




The Lees




The grounds man to fill pot holes, to remove shrub opposite Help Hire and to remove fallen tree at the top end of the Lees in the wooded area.




 Bus Shelter




The grounds man to strim and tidy along the bus shelter at Buck Street.








  • An email from K.A.L.C regarding cost saving proposals and a request for Parish Councils to complete cost saving questionnaire.  Clerk has completed questionnaire. Noted.




  • An email from Landscape Services requesting the Parish Council completes an online survey.  Clerk has completed online survey. Noted.




  • An email from Danny Shepherd ABC regarding Ashford Homelessness Review and draft Homelessness Strategy Consultation. Noted.




  • An email from Catherine Hughes further to Little Barn planning application seeking clarification regarding access. Noted.




  • An email from Bill Ronan reminding Parish Council of KCC Parish Meeting with KCC Member Charlie Simkins on 25th May 2016 6.30 pm at Egerton Cricket Pavilion.  Mr Toby Howe the KCC Highways Manager will be presenting an overview of highways issues, and taking questions. 


Trevor Smith and Michael Fisher to attend.


  • An email from Came & Company regarding renewal of Parish Council Insurance. Clerk to do price comparison with other insurance companies.
  • An email from Southern Water notifying Parish Council of Keep it Clear Campaign regarding blocked drains etc. Noted.




  • An email from parishioner regarding dirty road signs along Buck Street and Canterbury Road.  Enquiring whether the Parish Council will arrange for them to be cleaned.  Clerk has looked around the village at the signs agree some are dirty.  However, Clerk has raised concerns regarding the health and safety and arranging for the grounds man to clean them.  Some of the road signs are inaccessible places and would require part of the road to be cordoned off.  Clerk has forward parishioners letter to KCC Ward Councillor Charlie Simkins and have lodged details on the highways portal. Clerk to investigate further and collate information.




  • Email from KCC Highways notification of Road Closure A251 Faversham Road, Challock is planned for Sunday 5th June and Sunday 12th June 2016. Clerk to put details on the notice boards.




  • Email from James Moses regarding Challock Deerwood Sub-Station Deed of Variation.  Clerk reported the new sub-station is big enough to cover the new developments in the village. Parish Council agreed to Deed Variation.








Finance update for April 2016 attached.




The current account balance on 30th April 2016 £11,566.80




The first half of the precept £8340 has been lodged with the bank on the 10th May 2016.




The NS&I account balance is £11,614.87




Cheque Payments to be signed for the following: 




Stuart Weller Magic for Queen’s Birthday Celebrations £100


ABC May’s Forester Printing Costs £258.00.






Planning applications




Applications discussed at meeting.




Under declarations of interest Councillor Annabel Burden to leave the meeting whilst Land between Hurstwood and Haverbrack Planning Application is being discussed.




16/00610/AS Land Between Hurstwood and Haverbrack, The Lees, Challock


Proposed construction of a single detached dwelling on (plot 5) and detached garaging (revision to permission 15/01103/AS)




The Parish Council supports this application.


16/00536/AS Keepers Cottage, Squids Gate Lane, Challock, Ashford,


Erection of a wooden shed for storage




The Parish Council supports this application.




16/00670/AS Austen House, Green Lane, Challock, Ashford, Kent, TN25 4BL




Addition of 1no. dormer to south west elevation, addition of 2no. dormers and 2no. doors to north west elevation, alteration to roof pitch




The Parish Council supports this application providing neighbours views are taken into consideration.




Ratification of Planning Application




There were no planning applications to be ratified.




Items for Information




Speed Conference




Michael Fisher gave an update and outcome of the Speed Conference he attended on Saturday, 23rd April 2016.  Michael Fisher raised at the conference the regular occurrence of speeding through the village.  Michael Fisher explained the new equipment available for villages to use to monitor speeding through the village.  The equipment consists of a lap top, camera and speed indicator board.  Anyone speeding or has no insurance etc. will be recorded via the lap top and information of car registration etc. sent back to police headquarters.  They will receive a letter on first offence and if caught speeding a second time will receive a visit from the Police. Up to teams of a minimum of 3 volunteers to assist is required.  The Police will provide training free of charge to all volunteers.  The cost of purchasing the equipment is near £1000.  Many villagers share the cost of the equipment.  Clerk to make enquiries to local villages regarding sharing the cost of purchasing the equipment.  Clerk to request volunteers in the Forester.  Clerk also to check insurance is covered for volunteers.




Update Outdoor Play Space Sub-Committee




The Chairman Max Thomas of the Sub-Committee gave a brief update as follows:




The feedback received indicates the Skate Park is still very much liked by the children and a choice of location will be presented to Parishioners at the Annual Parish Meeting.




Councillors have agreed to come up with a proposal of new equipment for the juniors and a new toddler slide. 


It was agreed for an overall plan and costings to be presented at the Annual Parish Meeting for consultation/approval from the parishioners.  The Councillors agreed for separate presentations to be made to Toddler Group, Pre-School, Primary School and Youth Club for their comments and feedback.




Update S106 Developer Contributions Sub-Committee




The Chair Emma Fox of the Sub-Committee gave a brief update as follows:




Skate Park fund update.  The skate park fund consists of £6,500 Challock Parish Council contribution and ABC Ward Councillor David Robey fund.  There is one S106 developer contribution made towards the skate park fund of £1300 approximately.  Total fund £7,800.  Timescale for implementation of the skate park is set for Autumn 2017; after completion of the cricket club pavilion extension. Total cost of installation, supply & equipment and planning is £11,000. The timescale may alter if the location of the Skate Park is changed to the bottom of the recreation field near the junction at Blind Lane onto Buck Street.


The following planning applications have been requested to make a S106 Contribution:-




15/01582/AS Land Rear of Crossways


£1312 for Skate Park




15/01467/AS Land East of Challock House


£1312 for Play Park Upgrade




16/00267/AS Cedar House Farm


£1312 for Play Park Upgrade




Councillors agreed to maintain the Skate Park Project as part of the S106 Contributions and the Play Park Upgrade; given 2 options for planning applicants to choose.  At a later date the Play Park Upgrade may result in 2 projects i.e. new toddler slide project and a junior activity project.






Post Office Telephone Box 




Clerk has received an information pack from HeartBeat and is in the process of adopting the telephone box in order to have a defibrillator installed.  Can take upto 3 months for the adoption to be completed.




Councillor Michael Fisher commented how nice the defibrillator in the telephone box at Badlesmere looks.




Queens 90th Birthday Celebrations




Councillor Annabelle Burden confirmed that all arrangements are in place.  The Methodist Church has offered the use of the kitchen and toilets and has accepted a donation of £100 to help towards their costs. 




Councillor Tony Aitken has agreed to organize with the cricket club bar refreshments.




Discussion took place regarding purchasing Queen’s 90th Birthday Coins for the village children and elderly parishioners who are 90 years plus.  It was agreed to take details from parishioners attending the Picnic on the Lees for children who would like to receive a gold coin and for parishioners who are 90 years plus. 




Annual Parish Meeting


Date of the Annual Parish Meeting is to take place on 14th June 2016 in the main hall, Challock Memorial Hall.  Clerk to arrange Poster & Forester Advertising.  Clerk to notify local groups and businesses.  The Annual Parish Meeting is an opportunity for parishioners to see what has been happening with the Parish Council and its activities. 


There will be presentation of S106 projects and proposals including consultation regarding the play park upgrade.  Councillor Michael Fisher stressed how important the meeting is and hoped as many parishioners will be able to attend.




The meeting closed at 8.20 pm




Councillor Annabel Burden requested the Grounds man could clean the memorial as it is starting to look green in places.  Clerk to arrange Grounds man to clean the memorial.




Clerk referred to an email received on 19th May from Sylvia Scorey requesting the use of the Lees to organize a classic car show and to have a few stalls and small children’s fair ground in September.  In return would like to offer a percentage of the profits to the village. 




It was agreed that the Lees is part of the village and should be protected and for village use and charitable events only.  Clerk to reply to Sylvia of the Parish Council’s decision.




A parishioner raised concerns regarding the skate park being in the village and it would bring drug users in.  The Parish Council assured Parishioner that the skate park is on a very small scale and local villages that have a skate park do not have problems with drug users.  The Skate Park when it is built will have no lighting to deter people from using it at night time. 




A parishioner questioned the Parish Council about receiving emails under correspondence and not all emails/letters are read out at the Meeting.  Michael Fisher referred to a parishioner’s letter received recently and it was agreed not to list it as correspondence at this evenings meeting as it will be available to view at the Annual Parish Meeting under Outdoor Play Space feedback. 




A parishioner raised concerns regarding an overgrown hedge on the property of Burlington House on Canterbury Road causing an obstruction preventing motorist from Church Lane from seeing on-coming traffic.  It was agreed for the Clerk to write to the residents at Burlington House if they would kindly trim their hedge in order to improve the sight lines along Canterbury Road when motorist are exiting from Church Lane.  Clerk also to write to Highways notifying them of the Parish Councils concerns regarding the sight lines. 




Parish Council Meeting dates for 2016




Tuesday 14th June 2016 Annual Parish Meeting Main Hall


Thursday 21st July


Thursday 22nd September


Thursday 17th November




Important!! The Annual Parish Council meeting is on Tuesday, 14th June 2016



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