Challock Parish Council Outdoor Play Space Sub Committee Meeting minutes




Memorial Hall, Audrey Allen room


Tuesday 10th May 2016, 7.00pm




Members of public present: 3

















Emma Fox, Annabelle Burden, Max Thomas, Anthony Aitken & Dianne Sandy (Clerk).








Declarations of Interest




No change to the declarations of interest. 




Election of Chairman




Emma Fox is Chair for both Sub-Committees and has requested another Councillor to be elected for the Outdoor Space Sub-Committee. 




Max Thomas was proposed as Chairman for Outdoor Play Space.




All Agreed.




Minutes of Outdoor Play Space Sub-Committee Meeting held on the 8th March 2016




The minutes of the Outdoor Play Space Meeting were signed by Max Thomas




All agreed.




Review of Challock Outdoor Play Space Questionnaire & Feedback




The Clerk reported to the Sub-Committee the following:




Feedback received from Pre-School is additional pre- school equipment in the play area besides slide and activity trail.  Keep slide and activity trail for pre-school or repair.  Youth Club 10 out of 29 young people requested skate park, 9 requested multi user games area, 7 liked exercise equipment and 3 would like all of these.    


Primary School 84 out of 118 children liked the idea of the skate park.  Pros – great to have something new for the children to do, it would encourage more children to skateboard. It would give children without x-boxes something to do. Inspire children to take up a new hobby.  Cons – children might be unskilled and get hurt.  There might be no grown-ups there to look after younger children; there is already one in Charing. Challock is a nice, pretty place, it wouldn’t fit in; someone could get badly injured; younger children might get bullied there.  Will there be first aid stuff there?  Would it destroy anything?  For the play park the children would like climbing wall, roundabout, sandpit, zip wire, giant swing and a bigger slide.  There were also requests for swimming pool, fitness equipment, birdwatching area, treehouse, tennis/netball court, go kart track and more equipment for older children.


Feedback via the Forester 5 replies included Skate Park, multi-games area and exercise equipment plus zip wire, roundabout, rope swing like Charing has, bigger slide, bigger swing and climbing wall.  Suggestions for locations cricket field, The Lees and top end of the Lees in the wooded area i.e. adventure trail. There was also a request for picnic benches.




Play Equipment Suppliers Site Visits & Quotes




Clerk provided information received so far from Play Equipment Suppliers.




Sutcliffe Quote supplied proposal and plans along with pictures of equipment. Each individual piece of equipment is reasonably costed.  Some of the equipment proposed by Sutcliffe would meet the suggestions/feedback from the questionnaire received.  Total cost of equipment and installation is £25,625.




Kompan Quote supplied proposal and pictures of equipment.  There are 3 main pieces of equipment to replace slide, seesaw and pull along activity totally £24,242.  A quotation for multi-user-games-area is £53,601.60.




Clerk is waiting on quotation from Playdale.




Individual pieces of equipment can be selected across the three suppliers i.e. monkey swing and mammoth toddler slide activity from Sutcliffe and balance activity from Kompan etc. 




Councillors agreed to consider removing the pull along activity and seesaw and replacing it with piece of equipment for the junior i.e. bigger slide and climbing activity.




The pre-school would like to keep the wooden agility activity and would like the toddler slide to be updated.




Councillor’s agreed to look at renewing the slide to a similar type and keep the wooden agility activity. 




Councillors have agreed to come up with a proposal of new equipment for the juniors and a new toddler slide. 


It was agreed for an overall plan and costings to be presented at the Annual Parish Meeting for consultation/approval from the parishioners.  The Councillors agreed for separate presentations to be made to Toddler Group, Pre-School, Primary School and Youth Club for their comments and feedback.




Skate Park, Exercise Equipment, Multi Use Games Area and Cricket Strip




Clerk provided the Sub-Committee a Skate Park fund update.  The skate park fund consists of £6,500 Challock Parish Council contribution and ABC Ward Councillor David Robey fund.  There is one S106 developer contribution made towards the skate park fund of £1300 approximately.  Total fund £7,800.  Timescale for implementation of the skate park is set for autumn 2017; after completion of the cricket club pavilion extension. Total cost of installation, supply & equipment and planning is £11,000. The timescale may alter if the location of the Skate Park is changed to the bottom of the recreation field near the junction at Blind Lane onto Buck Street.




Councillor Anthony Aitken commented the cricket club have concerns with the skate park being located in the top right of the recreation ground due to it being isolated and possible damage to the cricket pavilion and would prefer the skate park to be located at the bottom of the recreation field.  Clerk to refer to Cricket Club lease to identify the boundary.




Councillors agreed to present the 2 choices of location for the skate park at the Annual Parish Meeting for the parishioners to comment.




Councillor Anthony Aitken proposed a cricket strip for the children as an outdoor play space for consideration to be added to S106 Developer Contribution.  Councillors agreed for Councillor Anthony Aitken to provide details of cost.




Meeting Closed 7.45 pm.




Outdoor Play Space Sub-Committee Meeting dates for 2016




The next Outdoor Play Space Sub-Committee Meeting to be advised.



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