Challock Parish Council S106 Developer Contributions Sub Committee Meeting minutes




Memorial Hall, Audrey Allen room


Tuesday 10th May 2016, 7.30pm




Members of public present: 1









John Ramsden








Emma Fox, Max Thomas, Anthony Aitken & Dianne Sandy (Clerk).








Declarations of Interest




No change to the declarations of interest. 




Minutes of S106 Developer Contributions Sub-Committee Meeting held on 8th March 2016.




The minutes of the S106 Developer Contributions Sub-Committee Meeting were signed by Emma Fox.




All agreed.




Update on Play Park & Skate Park Projects




The Chair Emma Fox updated the S106 Developer Contributions Sub-Committee on the outcome of the Outdoor Play Space Sub-Committee.




The feedback received indicates the Skate Park is still very much liked by the children and a choice of location will be presented to Parishioners at the Annual Parish Meeting.




Councillors have agreed to come up with a proposal of new equipment for the juniors and a new toddler slide. 


It was agreed for an overall plan and costings to be presented at the Annual Parish Meeting for consultation/approval from the parishioners.  The Councillors agreed for separate presentations to be made to Toddler Group, Pre-School, Primary School and Youth Club for their comments and feedback.






Skate Park fund update.  The skate park fund consists of £6,500 Challock Parish Council contribution and ABC Ward Councillor David Robey fund.  There is one S106 developer contribution made towards the skate park fund of £1300 approximately.  Total fund £7,800.  Timescale for implementation of the skate park is set for Autumn 2017; after completion of the cricket club pavilion extension. Total cost of installation, supply & equipment and planning is £11,000. The timescale may alter if the location of the Skate Park is changed to the bottom of the recreation field near the junction at Blind Lane onto Buck Street.




Planning Applications:




The following planning applications have been requested to make a S106 Contribution:-




15/01582/AS Land Rear of Crossways


£1312 for Skate Park




15/01467/AS Land East of Challock House


£1312 for Play Park Upgrade




16/00267/AS Cedar House Farm


£1312 for Play Park Upgrade








Councillors agreed to maintain the Skate Park Project as part of the S106 Contributions and the Play Park Upgrade; given 2 options for planning applicants to choose.  At a later date the Play Park Upgrade may result in 2 projects i.e. new toddler slide project and a junior activity project.




Meeting Closed 8.30 pm.




Outdoor Play Space Sub-Committee Meeting dates for 2016




The next Outdoor Play Space Sub-Committee Meeting to be advised.



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