Challock Parish Council Meeting minutes




Memorial Hall, Audrey Allen room


Thursday 21st July 2016, 7.30pm




Members of public present: 9











Cllr Mick Fisher, Cllr Anthony Aitken, ABC Ward Councillor Larry Krause, Community Warden Dave Beckley & Police Community Officer Angie Burden.








Di Sandy (Clerk), Annabel Burden (Vice Chair), Max Thomas, Emma Fox, Trevor Smith and John Ramsden.








Annabel Burden thanked everyone for attending.




Declarations of Interest




Councillors no new changes to the declarations of interest.




Minutes of Last Meeting




Minutes of 19th May 2016 meeting were signed by Annabel Burden as an accurate record




Clerk’s Report








Clerk requested village hall directional signage for Canterbury Road, Buck Street and junction at Church Lane/Blind Lane.  Highways has responded that the request has been put on hold for a further 6 weeks due to employee resources.  The requested disabled wheel chair ramp at Clock House Park entrance Blind Lane has also been put on hold due to employee resources.




Clerk has reported on the highways portal regarding Burlington House, Canterbury Road -


Visibility - Shrubs at the front of the property causing poor visibility when approaching the junction at Church Lane onto Canterbury Road.  Received a number of complaints from parishioners regarding dangerous conditions when entering onto Canterbury Road with poor visibility/splays. 




Clerk has reported damage kerbs along Blind Lane has since now been repaired.








The shade canopy and litter bin has been damaged.  The 2 posts have been completely snapped at the base.  The grounds man has removed the posts and made the ground safe.  The dented litter bin has been knocked back into shape. 








Though the S106 Contributions no longer applies the Clerk will continue to look at other funding avenues for Outdoor Play Space Projects.  KCC Ward Members Grant to be considered for new play equipment.




Play Park




28 bulk bags have been delivered and the grounds man has spread the bark in the play park; this is to meet the required depth as recommended in the July 2015 ROSPA report.  2 of the short posts on the activity trail have been repaired.  At some time in the future these posts will need to be replaced.  The grounds man has fitted bungs in the holes on the slider activity to prevent finger entrapment and repaired the rope on the toddler slide.  The swinging rope on the activity trail has been replaced as metal was showing. 




One of the large wooden posts on the activity trail completely snapped at the base.  The groundsman has made the area safe and will put in a new post.  Clerk is waiting to hear regarding the price of the post and delivery.




The grounds man has strimmed and weeded the play area.




The Lees




The grounds man has filled the pot holes, removed shrub opposite Help Hire and to remove fallen tree at the top end of the Lees in the wooded area.




The grounds man has strimmed and weeded the strip of land opposite Crossways.




The grounds man has trimmed the hedge on the strip of the Lees by the entrance to High Snoad Wood.




The grounds man has strimmed near the bench at the top of the Lees near Chequers.




The Clerk has chased up with Landscape Services regarding mowing contract for the Lees and additional areas and requested an extra back up (strimming the edges of the Lees).  This has not happened but a back up is due mid July.




 Bus Shelter




The grounds man has strimmed and tidied along the bus shelter at Buck Street.




Queens Commemorative Coins




These have now been received and the clerk is in the process of distributing to the parishioners










  • A telephone call from Fiona Wilde Highways informing the request for village hall directional signage has been put on hold for 6 weeks due to staff resources.  This also applies to request for a ramp at the entrance of Clock House Park Blind Lane. Noted.




  • Received letter from Parishioner regarding a Councillor. Noted.




  • An email from Lucy Davies requesting Parish Council raises awareness of the increasing amount of Japanese knotweed around the village.




  • An email from David Styles requesting the use of the Lees for a picnic for a group of heocachers on the 20th August from 11 am – 2 pm




  • An email from Tina Colbourn concerns regarding Green Farm Planning Application from change of use agricultural to storing small landscape machinery and tools.




  • An email from ABC Planning Richard Alderton confirming the change of S106 contributions.  S106 contributions can only be applied to dwellings between 6 -10 dwellings.




  • An email from Sarah Williams Molash Parish Council regarding the Forester’s arriving late.




  • An email from Julie Rhodes offering to help with the Speed Monitoring.




  • Correspondence received regarding Parishioners in St Cosmos Close and Chapmans Close regarding substantial increases in Cesspool Services.




  • An email from ROSPA confirming inspection  of the play park to take place during






  • An email from a parishioner complaint regarding dirty road signs along Buck Street/Faversham Road.




  • An email from KCC Ward Councillor Charlie Simkins regarding the Members Grant for the Ashford Rural West Division. With the KCC elections looming next May it will be impossible to roll over any funds and it is therefore essential that the Members Grant is spent in its entirety in the current financial year and


Suggests that Councillors might consider whether it would be appropriate for the Highway stewards to come to your Parish to see if a modest programme of vegetation clearing or sign cleaning would be helpful.  Clerk has requested for a Highway Steward inspection. 




  • An email from Trevor Smith confirming attendance for Councillor’s Day on 7th July 2016.




  • An email from ABC informing of Local Plan 2030 and Community Infrastructure Levy Consultation is available to view on the portal ABC website and at


  Ashford Gateway Plus, Church Road, Ashford, TN23 1AS


  Ashford Borough Council, Civic Centre, Tannery Lane, Ashford, TN23 1PL


  Charing Library, Market Place, Charing, Ashford, TN27 0LR


  Tenterden Gateway, Manor Row, Tenterden, TN30 6HP


  Wye Library, 6 Upper Bridge Street, Wye, Ashford, TN25 5AF


           From 15th June 2016 to 10th August 2016.




  • An email from Julie Pheby regarding the Foresters shortage.




  • An email from ABC promoting Building Design Awards – Poster displayed on the Notice Boards.




  • An email from ABC promoting Love Kent, Hate Waste littering initiative 16th July to 31st July – encourage a group of parishioners to have some fun and get some group photos taken,  e.g. holding up a board in the photo, with a  message  that littering is not accepted, encouraging people to dispose of it properly or take it home with them.




  • An email from ABC re Local Boundary Commission – a consultation on ward boundaries in the Ashford Borough.  Recommendations about our ward boundaries so that each elected representative at a borough level represents around the same number of voters and the specific interests and identities of local communities within those wards. It has stated that it will need to re-draw ward boundaries across Ashford to achieve this aim and is asking for feedback on its findings.  Currently Challock comes under Downs West incorporating Hothfield, Westwell & Challock. The consultation is asking for you to re draw the ward boundaries.




  • An email from KCC regarding Waste Disposal Strategy Consultation seeking views on its strategy. Councillors to pass on comments to the Clerk who will complete the on-line questionnaire.  Members of the public are welcome to complete the on-line questionnaire.




  • An email from Wealden Wheels requesting support of £500 grant.  Challock Parish Council have supported Wealden Wheels previously by donating £500.  During 2014 the Parish Council decided not to continue to provide £500 grant.




  • Received an email from David Carey (Tree & Pond Warden) regarding arranging for local tree warden to carry out a tree walk in the parish to identify trees, assess their importance to the community and assess their ecological value.  Clerk to make enquiries and if we have a tree warden.




  • Telephone call from Deryck Sutton regarding Challock website and how to edit and save plus a new button.  For further information and for clarification on how to edit to contact the Clerk.








Finance update for May & June 2016 attached.




The current account balance on 30th June 2016 £15,162.17




The first half of the precept £8340 has been lodged with the bank on the 10th May 2016.




KCC Grant for Salt Bin and Salt Spreader £275 has been lodged with the bank on the 24th May 2016.




Insurance £800.19 has been renewed June 2016.




The NS&I account balance is £11,614.87




Cheque Payments to be signed for the following: 




Forester Printing June & July £516.00


Clerks Stationary (Ink & Paper) £62.78


Royal Mint Coins £200.04






Planning applications




Applications discussed at meeting:




16/00966/AS 10 Forest Cottages, Buck Street, Challock TN25 4AR


Conversion of garage building to annexe accommodation.




The Parish Council supports this application though there was a concern regarding the lost of car parking space.




16/00536/AS  Tollgate Cottage, Buck Street, Challock TN25 4AR


 Revision to garage design for plot 1 granted permission under 15/00861/AS




The Parish Council does not support this application due to the height of the garage it would not be in keeping with the street scene.  Clerk to make further enquiries to ABC Planning with regards to the actual change of height for clarification before comments are finalized by the Parish Council.




16/00975/AS Land North West and Adjacent to Hollydene, Buck Street, Challock




 Erection of 2 No. two storey detached dwellings with associated car parking (resubmission of application 15/01216/AS)




The Parish Council agrees with the changes made to this resubmission of this application. The Parish Council supports this application. 




Ratification of following Planning Applications




16/00870/AS Althorp House, Pested Lane, Challock TN25 4BD




Single storey conservatory to west elevation.  New glazed entrance porch to south elevation.  Demolition of existing single storey extension to east elevation, replaced with two storey extension & single storey lean-to extension.




Comments: Challock Parish Council supports this application providing it is in keeping.




16/00839/AS Beeches Copper, Mill Lane, Challock TN25 4FA


Proposed detached double garage to serve plot 4 as approved under application 15/00482/AS




Comments: Challock Parish Council supports this application.




16/00658/AS (Amended) Green Lane Farm, Green Lane, Challock.




Proposed change of use from agricultural barn to storage for light landscaping machinery, tools and vehicles.




Comments: Challock Parish Council raise no objections to this application providing neighbours views are given due consideration.




16/00857/AS Land north west of The Beeches, Buck Street, Challock




Erection of detached house and garage with new access.




Comments: Challock Parish Council does not support this application due to the size.   Please refer to the outline permission,  condition 3 of the officer's report reference plot 1 states " The first floor accommodation must be provided wholly within the roof space




16/00897/As Mill House, Canterbury Road, Challock TN25 4BJ




Erection of 2no. single storey dwellings to the rear of Mill House.




Comments: Challock Parish Council supports this application. Councillor commented although within the confines it appears that the proposed dwellings sit behind the building line.


Will the buildings always be attached to Mill Cottage or not?


If permitted the new dwellings will add extra vehicular pressure on Orchard Lane. 








Items for Information












Post Office Telephone Box 




Councillors agreed to commence the adoption process and for the Clerk to sign the contract.






UK Electricity new lease




Councillors agreed to new lease from Freedom Group for the installation of the substation to be located in the wooded area top of the lees. 






Play Park Shade Canopy and Activity Trail




The shade canopy posts and one of the posts of the activity trail has been damaged.  Since the shade canopy has been installed on a yearly basis the posts have been snapped and had to be replaced.  As a review of the play park is currently being undertaken the Parish Council have decided not to replace the posts for the shade canopy for the time being.   The clerk is trying to source a replacement post for the log roll activity trail.  Due to the age of the equipment this is proving quite difficult.   However, the Clerk will endeavor to try to either get the original post or something similar to replace.




Open Forum




Overgrown Hedge – John Ramsden commented that the hedge by the old B&B house near the post office and along Church Lane is overgrown narrowing the foot path.  Clerk to report on the Highways portal. 




Width Restriction Sign missing -  Trevor Smith reported that the width restriction sign at the entrance to Westwell Lane doesn’t appear to be there anymore.  Clerk to make enquiries with Highways.




Forester Magazine -  Representatives Tina Colbourn and Sarah Williams from Molash Parish Council requested information on Forester advertising and why advertising of non village events are not charged.  Molash Parish Council would like consideration on how costs of running the Forester can be reduced e.g increase advertising prices.  The Parish Council agreed to arrange a separate meeting to take place in September inviting Molash representatives and 2 Challock Parish Councillors and Mick Maidens to attend.  Clerk to organize and inform attendees of a suitable date and time. 




Green Lane Farm Planning Application – Tina Colbourn and Ian Hams raised their concerns regarding the non support from the Parish Council regarding their views on the recent planning application Green Lane Farm - Proposed change of use from agricultural barn to storage for light landscaping machinery, tools and vehicles.  Tina and Ian felt their views were not taken into consideration by the Parish Council in particular their concerns regarding the nesting barn owls.  The Parish Council apologized to Tina and Ian but the Parish Council took in all information they had available and came to the decision to raise no objections and to give neighbour’s views due consideration.  It was agreed for the Clerk to make further enquiries into this application with Laura Payne ABC Planning Officer and any concerns raised have been addressed. 






The meeting closed at 9.10 pm






Parish Council Meeting dates for 2016




Thursday 22nd September


Thursday 17th November









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