Challock Parish Council Meeting minutes




Memorial Hall, Audrey Allen room


Thursday 17th November 2016, 7.30pm




Members of public present: 7





Community Warden Dave Beckley & Police Community Officer Angie Burden.




Both send their apologies.




Please accept my apologies for the forthcoming parish Council meeting on 17th November.




I have checked the crimes recorded from 1st October – 16th November reported for the village.




There has been 4 reported thefts from High Snoad Wood area which was theft of plant pots from doorways and drives.  These all occurred between 3rd and 5th of November.




There has been a reported theft of a Burglary other than dwelling i.e. such as a shed or an outhouse, in Mill Lane barn on 23rd October.




All have been filed pending further investigation or are still being investigated.




The outcomes of these reported crimes will be available on when investigation has been concluded.








Michael Fisher (Chairman), Annabel Burden (Vice Chair), Max Thomas, Emma Fox, Trevor Smith, Tony Aitken, John Ramsden & Di Sandy (Clerk)








Mick Fisher thanked everyone for attending.




Declarations of Interest




Councillors no new changes to the declarations of interest.




Minutes of Last Meeting




Minutes of 22nd September 2016 meeting were signed by Mick Fisher as an accurate record




Clerk’s Report








On Tuesday, 8th November a village inspection with Highway Inspector Ben Masey took place.  Discussion took place regarding pot holes, foot paths, road signs and road safety.  The inspection took place along Church Lane, Green Lane, Blind Lane, Buck Street/Faversham Road and Canterbury Road.  Along Canterbury Road near the Post Office it was highlighted that vegetation was growing on the footpath.  Ben said he would arrange for this to be cleared.  Ben said he would inspect the road signs along Faversham Road/Buck Street and arrange for them to be cleaned.  Ben commented that the signs have to be dirty enough with poor visibility in order for KCC to get them cleaned.  Clerk will arrange Grounds man to clean signs that he can access i.e. bottom of Blind Lane.


Ben was unaware of the pink road markings that have recently taken place.  Clerk has made enquiries with KCC Ward Councillor Charlie Simkins and also enquired if any action is going to take place along Faversham Road.   The response received Canterbury Road has now had its works complete.  There are no plans to extend this along Faversham Road.








2 people arrested in Blind Lane on suspicion of the intention to commit a crime.  Police found suspicious items in the car which led them to believe that a crime was about to be committed.








None to report




Play Park




Grounds man has replaced 4 fence posts in the play area.  Adjusted play area gate.


Has refilled holes on sliding activity with foam to prevent finger entrapment.








Grounds man has strimmed area around the Lees Post Office entrance area.  Cut back and strimmed along Buck Street footpath.




Grounds man has filled the pot holes on the Lees Track.




Clerk has purchased salt bin and salt spreader through KCC grant obtained.  Grounds man has now fitted the salt bin along Church Lane, top of the Lees near the Lees Track.  If icy conditions are forecast the grounds man will spread the salt along the foot path in Church Lane and Blind Lane and the village hall car park.








  • Copy of letter of complaint to KCC regarding Faversham Road from a parishioner and a copy of KCC’s response.
  • An email from Dean Spurrell ABC stating from October Ashford Borough Council will be bringing the responsibility for grounds maintenance across the borough back in-house.


The new service, called Aspire Landscape Management, will cover the day-to-day work of mowing, pruning, planting, clearing and litter picking on various spaces owned by the Council including open green space, parks, floral beds, cemeteries, areas around housing sites, hedges, sports pitches and associated footpaths.


  • A telephone call to a parishioner regarding her neighbour dispute apologizing for not raising it at the parish meeting.  Unfortunately due to it being a neighbour dispute the parish council cannot involve itself with this matter.  Clerk suggested to the parishioner to contact Citizens Advice or ABC Neighbour Mediation. 
  • A letter from Girlings Solicitors re Mr Shirley attempt to bring proceedings against Girlings for perjury regarding rights of way.  Girlings response is to take no action.
  • Received a quotation for village hall signs costing £930.18 inclusive. (Details attached). Liam Wooltorton has offered to get 2 signs made up by KCC approved contractor.  Awaiting information from Liam.
  • Received an email from Amanda Scott requesting details of play areas in Challock.  Clerk has responded.
  • Received an email from ABC the voice informing parish councils that Biffa staff will now be taking a quick look at what is being placed in recycling bins to try and ensure that the loads collected are clean and can be recycled.  If Biffa find an unrecyclable item in your recycling bin, unfortunately the crew will not collect it for that week. We advise you to take your waste to the KCC Household Recycling Centre for disposal instead. Your recycling bin will be collected upon your next recycling collection, provided the correct items are present.
  • Received an email from UK Power Networks regarding Deerwood and installation of underground cable.  Councillors to approve and sign the Wayleave agreement
  • Received an email from ABC Leader’s Briefing regarding Proposed Changes to Parliamentary Constituency Boundaries.




The proposals have specific implications for Ashford. A constituency called High Weald that crosses the county boundary between Kent and East Sussex could be created. The geographical nature of the Weald has led the Commission to create a constituency across the county boundary.


The proposed High Weald constituency includes nine wards in the existing Wealden constituency and five wards in the existing Bexhill and Battle constituency, four in the borough of Tunbridge Wells, and seven of our wards in Ashford.


If approved, this means that Biddenden, Rolvenden and Tenterden West, St Michaels, Tenterden North, Tenterden South, Weald Central and Weald North would be in this new constituency, leaving the Ashford parliamentary constituency made up of the remaining 27 wards from the current Ashford constituency and additionally the Saxon Shore ward, which was transferred to the Folkestone and Hythe constituency some years ago.


The Commission states that this results in a more compact urban constituency which has the town of Ashford at its centre.


This means that the following towns and villages will be affected by the changes: Tenterden, Biddenden, Rolvenden, St Michaels, Smarden, Egerton, Pluckley, Charing Heath, Bethersden, Aldington and Bonnington, Bilsington, Brabourne, Brook, Hastingleigh, Ruckinge and Smeeth.


Please note however, that these areas will still remain part of the Ashford Borough Council area.




  • Received an email from ABC Leader’s Briefing regarding a new online reporting making it easier for fly-tipping, littering, dog fouling, vandalism, anti-social behaviour or planning enforcement issues to be reported. 
  • Received an email from Helen Whitehead (Building & Planning Consultants) whether there is currently a new move by the Parish Council to promote further parcels of land within the Parish for housing. We have heard that our clients land is being put forward by members of the community, and if there is a new process occurring, we would very much like to positively participate to achieve this.  Clerk has responded clarifying the Parish Council’s stance on the village confines.
  • Received an email from Sue Maidens enquiring if there are any funds available to the initial start-up of the proposed goose fair.  Sue and Mick Maidens have organized a meeting in the village hall on 24th November to discuss forming a new Goose Fair committee and to gauge what support will be anticipated.
  • Received an email from Sue Maidens enquiring whether the Parish Council would permit the Youth Club and Young Kent to hold a joint boot fair with proceeds shared between the Youth Club and Young Kent.








Finance update for September & October 2016 attached.




The current account balance on 31st October 2016 £20,106.74




The NS&I account balance is £11,614.87




Received the second half the Precept in September £8,340.




The Clerk has completed online declaration regarding the pensions regulator.




Cheque Payments to be signed for the following: 




Kent PCs Annual Editorial Costs £2,000


ABC Printing Forester October £258.00


Clerk’s Stationary Expenses £60.39


Girlings – Mr Shirley £124.80




Michael Fisher requested Clerk clarifies with Girlings Solicitors regarding reoccurring legal costs involving Mr Shirley and that the Parish Council does not wish to engage with Mr Shirley and wishes to stop any further costs incurred for the time being.








Applications discussed at meeting:




16/01606//AS Location: Sunnyside & Highbank, Canterbury Road, Challock




Proposal: Substitution of house types 1 and 3 (revision to planning approval 16/00266/AS)




The Parish Council does not support this application.  The sky line appears too high. The main concern with the amendments is that there is no consistency across the development. The two taller houses are separated from one another by the lower houses appearing visually disruptive.  




If ABC are asking the applicants to bring the houses forward to create a consistent building line along that side of the road then on the same principal it would seem beneficial to maintain a standardised sky line. The very least would be to have the houses the same size next to one another but ideally all the houses would be the same height.






Ratification of following Planning Applications





10th October

6 Clevedon Court, Challock, Kent TN25 4BW Erection of single storey side extension.

Mr Briggs makes a general comment on line that especially during the construction phase it will make the area congested. Although I support the application, perhaps ABC can ensure the applicant maintains access for all residents in that area.

Challock Parish Council supports this application providing neighbours views are taken into consideration.



Beau Belles, Church Lane, Challock, Ashford, TN25 4DD
Construction of Summerhouse and Swimming Pool to serve unit 3 granted permission under 15/00692/AS

Challock Parish Council supports this application providing neighbours views are taken into consideration.





The Bluebells, Buck Street, Challock, Ashford, TN25 4AR                       

Amendments to previously approved scheme 15/00415/AS to include the addition of a rear balcony and alterations to external materials and design to rear elevation

Amendments to previously


There is an objection to this application from the next door neighbour Mrs Mitchell.

Bluebells is already a large property with a garage to the rear with windows which overlooks Mrs Mitchells property, the addition of a balcony to the rear will further encroach on her privacy so for this reason I do not support the application. Overall Challock Parish Council supports this application providing neighbours views are taken into consideration.














































Items for Information




Play Park Equipment:




Clerk is still obtaining quotes for a new toddler play slide/activity. 




Omission Sites Update:


From the outcome of the public meeting on the 18th October; the response statement has been updated to include percentage figures of increase of new housing.  The statement has now been sent to Gerry Clarkson ABC Leader, ABC Planning Richard Alderton and Simon Cole.  No response as yet has been received.  Public Meeting minutes and Response Statement has been loaded on Challock website.  The Parish Council has received additional information from Pony Park stating their site is not inclusive of woods at the back but a small concentration of land mainly brownfield for 8 – 10 small houses.




Telephone Box:




The telephone box is now the responsibility of the Parish Council.  Clerk to arrange for the painting of the telephone box internal/external to commence works early spring. 




Forester Sub-Committee Meeting




The Forester Sub-Committee Meeting took place on 22nd September prior to the Parish Meeting.  The committee consisted of Annabel Burden, Emma Fox, Sarah Williams (Molash PC), Tina Colbourn (Molash PC), Mick Maidens (Editor Forester) and Di Sandy Parish Clerk.  The Clerk read out a brief outline of the Forester –


 Expenditure in printing has been reduced as the Parish Council are able to claim back the VAT.  The printing has come down from £256 to £215 per issue.  The introduction of colour advertising has generated extra income; however advertising income has declined from £3,300 to £2,950 in recent years.  The challenge ahead is to continue to look at ways to keep expenditure as low as possible and consider options to generate income through advertising.  This is a community magazine and the aim is not only to deliver value for money to our parishioners but an informative and lively village magazine.  And we mustn’t forget our invaluable volunteer distributors who give their time in delivering the magazine around the village in all weathers.”


Discussion took place regarding printing costs.  It was agreed that ABC offer a very competitive price for printing the Foresters. Sarah informed the committee that Molash contribution is a large amount that comes out of their budget/precept and would like to reduce this as much as possible.




Discussion took place regarding how to generate more income for the Forester. 




It was agreed to look at options to generate publicity and to approach local businesses both in Challock and Molash of the benefits of advertising in the Forester. Possibly through Challock Chatter. 




It was agreed to increase the advertising price on ½ page to £110 and a full page to £200 and the ¼ page to remain at £60. This would commence as of now and be trialled for 3 months.




It was agreed to arrange the next Forester Sub-Committee Meeting for January 2017.




K.A.L.C Meeting




Trevor Smith gave a brief outline of the K.A.L.C (Kent Association of Local Councils) meeting he attended.




There is going to be a review of dog and rubbish bins in each village.  ABC will notify of impending visit.




Simon Cole from ABC Planning did not attend the meeting as there were no further updates regarding the Omission Sites. 




Gerry Clarkson Leader of ABC has said the aim is for ABC to be one of the council’s that sets the lowest council tax bill.  ABC is working towards becoming PLC independent from Central Funding.




There is discussions taking place regarding super councils involving the amalgamation of 2/3 councils i.e. Ashford & Shepway. 




Open Forum




Michael Fisher raised concerns regarding 3 power cable poles near Oaktree Farm, Canterbury Road appear to be leaning and could be at risk of coming down onto the road.  Trevor Smith to investigate and report back to the Clerk with Pole numbers in order to report to the power company. 




Michael Fisher also raised concerns regarding some of the pot holes along Canterbury Road.  Some have not been marked up by Highways.  Clerk explained the Highways Inspector said that due to the position in the road they are not deemed essential maintenance as yet.  Clerk to seek clarification with Highways.




Anthony Aitken on behalf of the cricket club wishes to thank everyone for their attendance at the Firework Display.  It was very successful.  The Parish Council thanked the cricket club for a wonderful display enjoyed by all.




Michael Fisher said the Act of Remembrance which took place on Friday, 11th November involving the primary school went very well.  Dereck Sutton commented that though no service took place on Sunday it was noted a number of people attended the memorial to lay crosses.  One in particular was a visitor from outside the village who laid a cross on behalf of a family member Hilder.  Dereck is keen to contact the person who has some information regarding one of the names on the memorial.  If anyone knows of the person connected to the name of Hilder please contact the clerk who will pass on the contact details to Dereck.




Further to a reported incident where someone is leaving their white van parked outside the Post Office all day, after leaving letters to informing them to refraining from parking which has been ignored.  Clerk to make enquiries with ABC regarding legality of parking on parish land.  




The meeting closed at 8.30 pm




Parish Council Meeting dates for 2017




Thursday, 17th January 2017




Councillors agreed to Parish Meeting Dates set for next year.




Thursday 19th January


Thursday 16th February


Thursday 16th March


Thursday 20th April


Thursday 18th May


Tuesday 13th June 2016 Annual Parish Meeting Main Hall


Thursday 20th July


Thursday 21st September


Thursday 16th November





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