Challock Parish Council Meeting minutes




Memorial Hall, Audrey Allen room


Thursday 16th March 2017, 7.30pm




Members of public present: 13





Emma Fox






Michael Fisher (Chairman), Annabel Burden (Vice Chair), Max Thomas, Trevor Smith, John Ramsden, ABC Cllr Larry Krause & Di Sandy (Clerk)








Mick Fisher thanked everyone for attending.




Declarations of Interest




Councillors no new changes to the declarations of interest.




Minutes of Last Meeting




Minutes of 16th February 2017 meeting were signed by Mick Fisher as an accurate record




Clerk’s Report








Clerk reported damaged/diseased tree by Tollgate Cottage.




Clerk reported damaged sign at junction Canterbury Road, Green Lane & Westwell Lane.




Clerk reported street lighting not working at Crossways Garage and exposed wiring to Highways.








None to report for Challock.








Clerk to enquire regarding play park equipment with Tesco funding and KCC Ward Councillor.








Clerk completed Litter and Dog Waste Bin survey and requested for a litter/dog bin to be installed in the second car park at Kings Wood and at the top of the Lees, Beech Court.   According to the plans sent from ABC there is meant to be a litter bin opposite Help Hire and at the far end of the Lees, Beech Court driveway.








  • An email request from Pat Feddon Methodist Chapel requesting the use of the Lees for their boot fair on the Bank Holiday, 29th May 2017.  Councillors gave permission for the Methodist Chapel to hold their boot fair on the Lees on Bank Holiday 29th May 2017.
  • An email from KM Group stating the deadline for submitting village news in the KE Roundabout will now be 9am on a MONDAY.
  • An email from a parishioner about a man parking fully on the Lees next to the no parking sign and stating the Lees is not being allowed to repair its self.
  • Received an email complaint from a parishioner regarding land adjacent to property which is growing out of control and is not being maintained by Ashford Borough Council.  Clerk has forward complaint onto Cllr Larry Krause and Head of Customer Services at ABC.  The matter has now been resolved and Aspire will include this in their schedule of works going forward.
  • Email and letter sent to James Laidlaw Aspire confirming schedule of works for The Lees cutting and the 3 smaller areas.
  • An email from Air Ambulance publishing Book a Talk offering to do a talk on the work they do.  This is free of charge.  Details have been forwarded to the Forester for inclusion.
  • An email from the NALC Chairman to all Parish and Town Council’s about the Government’s challenge to demonstrate restraint when increasing precepts and the importance of communication and engagement with residents when increasing the precept.  NALC is seeking good examples of communication and community engagement which can then be shared nationally and also with Government to demonstrate that Parish and Town Councils are actively engaging with their communities.  Challock Parish Council has not increased the precept for the past 3 years.
  • An email from James Laidlaw supplying details of grass cutting schedule for the Lees for this year.  Week commencing 26th March 2017 totaling 15 cuts by mid-October 2017.
  • An email from parishioner Lucy Davies regarding Japanese Knotweed.  “It seems to be in abundances along Blind lane, growing freely in the gardens of Chapmans close and Clockhouse park. Would someone in the parish please take responsibility and raise the awareness of this plant and its potential destructive nature to the village, the building and hedgerows etc. 










Finance update for February 2017.




The current account balance on 28th February 2017 £14,695.94




The NS&I account balance is £11,684.65.




The internal auditor Lionel Robbins will be attending Audrey Allen room on 13th April 2017 to carry out audit of Parish Accounts.




Following cheques were signed by Annabel Burden & Michael Fisher




Chq no 102451 BT Telephone Line Rental Charges £78.17


Chq no 102452 ABC Forester Printing Feb & Mar Issues £516.00








Applications discussed at meeting:




Under declarations of interest Councillor Smith left the room whilst application 17/00247/AS was discussed.




17/00247/AS Land to the west of Paddock Rise, Canterbury Road, Challock.




Reserved matters application for the erection of two detached chalet bungalows and one pair of semi-detached chalet bungalows with two new accesses pursuant to outline planning permission 14/01452/AS.




Challock Parish Council supports this application.




17/00265/AS Sunnyside and Highbank, Canterbury Road, Challock




Revision to detailing and location of unit 1, relocation of the garage serving unit 3 (both as approved under 16/01606/AS) and alterations to garage serving unit 2 (as approved under application 16/00266/AS) and provision of revised access (as approved under applications 16/01606/AS & 16/00266/AS).




Challock Parish Council supports this application.




17/00126/AS Tectona Grandis, Canterbury Road, Challock TN25




Demolition of existing dwelling and construction of two new dwellings and associated works. (Amended plans 06.03.2017).




Challock Parish Council does not support this application (amended plans) for two dwellings. The two dwellings though slightly smaller still gives an appearance of being crammed in and does not reflect the size of the plot.




17/00334/AS Orchard House (Plot 1), Westwell Lane, Challock, Ashford, TN25 4FE




Erection of detached dwelling with garage (revised design plot 1 addition of 1st floor extension to rear)




Challock Parish Council supports this application.






17/00336/AS Willow House (Plot 2), Westwell Lane, Challock, Ashford, TN25 4FE




Erection of detached dwelling with garage (revised design plot 2 addition of 1st floor extension to rear)




Challock Parish Council supports this application.






17/00346/AS Bracken Lodge, Canterbury Road, Challock, Ashford, Kent, TN25 4DF


Increase in roof height of existing bungalow and first floor side extension to create two storey dwelling




Challock Parish Council supports this application.




17/00358/AS Garden Land north west and south west of The Beeches, Buck Street, Challock.




Reserved matters application for details of access, appearance, layout and scale for the erection of one detached dwelling and garaging pursuant to outline planning permission granted under 14/01533/AS.




Challock Parish Council does not support this application.  The Parish Council is concerned the proposed dwelling is too far back off the building line and visually impacting.  Original planning application showed dwelling in line with existing property.




Ratification of following Planning Applications




No planning applications to ratify




Items for Information




Haverbrack/The Lees Hedge




The Parish Council received a quotation and accompanying photos from the grounds man of proposed works to be carried out concerning the overgrown hedge. 




Area to be partially cleared at northern end of The Lees. 




To remove fallen branches, litter, dog litter bags and remove pile of tree cuttings left by travelers. 




To cut back both ends up to 15 feet on each end, cutting back brambles and saplings to 4 inch stubble, leaving remaining trees.  To cut any low and protruding or rotten branches from the trees. 




To cut back an area of 10 feet between the two ends on the Lees side removing low and protruding branches saplings and brambles.  To leave an area shielding Haverbrack driveway to stop people using it as a walk through.




To get PA6A license holder to spray remaining stubble with weed killer. 




To remove all debris off site.




To supply labour, machinery and weed killer £485.00




Councillors approved the works to go ahead.




Play Park Equipment Update: 




Quotation for new toddler slide to be approved.  Installation at the end of April.  Grounds man to remove and dispose of old toddler slide and concrete base.




Soveign Play Equipment – To supply and install Buzz Tower £1805.05 ex VAT.




Councillors approved the purchase and installation of new toddler slide.




Shade Canopy the play group are disappointed that the shade canopy is not being erected this year.  They have suggested using metal posts as oppose to wooden ones which have been damaged numerous times. 




Councillors agreed the new toddler slide would provide some shade and to review the shade canopy at a later date.








Under declarations of interest Councillor Burden left the room.




Easement notices have been issued to property owners for Plots 1,2,3,4 & 5 between Hurstwood and Haverbrack, The Lees Challock.  An easement notice has also been issued to Hurstwood for retrospective planning application for new car port which creates a new access.  To date no response has been received from property owner’s plots 1, 2, 3 & 4 and Hurstwood.  The Clerk has received verbal communication from Councillor Burdon regarding plot 5 and their intention of arranging with BTF for a survey to be carried. 




Councillors received verbal notification from parishioners in attendance at the meeting for plots 1 and 4 of their intention to pay an easement and to arrange for a survey to be carried out.  Councillors agreed for the Clerk to send a reminder letter to owners of Hurstwood regarding an easement due.










Clerk requested ok to remove poppies from the memorial and put away in storage.




All agreed.




Cesspits & Old Well




Councillor Burden raised safety concerns over the disused cesspits on the small area of land on the Lees where the loose tipping’s are stored.  There are also safety concerns about an old well in the area; not sure if it’s on Parish Council land or in the field owned by Eastwell. 




It was agreed for the grounds man to carry out an inspection as part of the annual safety audit; to take place as soon as possible. 




Open Forum




Footpaths Faversham Road




ABC Ward Councillor Larry Krause commented that he had received notification from Damian Green MP regarding Parish Council’s request for a footpath to be installed along Faversham Road.  ABC Ward Councillor Larry Krause informed the Parish Council that there is going to be local KCC Ward Councillor Elections in 6 weeks and therefore cannot pursue until after the elections have taken place.  ABC Ward Councillor Larry Krause said he will endeavor to take forward our requests post elections. 




Vicarage Lane Toilets




A parishioner questioned ABC Ward Councillor Larry Krause of ABC’s decision to close the public toilets at Vicarage Lane Car Park.  Parishioner commented it is most disappointing in particular for older citizens who cannot walk a great distance and the nearest public toilets are in the County Square.  Ward Councillor Larry Krause commented that the toilets have now been demolished and there is a scheme involving local shops displaying toilets available to the public.  Parishioner replied that many citizens would be embarrassed asking to use the toilet.  Parishioner also commented that the toilets in MacDonald’s in the High Street are very small. 




Japanese Knotweed




Discussion took place regarding Japanese Knotweed in the village.  General consensus was not sure what Japanese Knotweed looks like.  A parishioner commented that it is very difficult and expensive to eradicate and was aware there is some located in the wooded area by the Forest Cottages, Buck Street which has been dealt with and is monitored annually.  ABC Ward Councillor Larry Krause said that any ABC rented properties in Chapmans Close with Japanese Knotweed; a housing officer would visit and carry out an inspection.  Deryck Sutton offered to have a look in Clock House Park, Chapmans Close and Blind Lane to see if there is any Japanese Knotweed and to inform the Parish Clerk.  




The meeting closed at 8.40 pm




Parish Council Meeting dates for 2017




The next Parish Meeting is Thursday, 20th April 2017.




Thursday 18th May


Tuesday 13th June 2017 Annual Parish Meeting Main Hall


Thursday 20th July


Thursday 21st September


Thursday 16th November



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