Challock Parish Council Meeting minutes




Memorial Hall, Audrey Allen room


Thursday 18th May 2017, 7.30pm




Members of public present: 7









Anthony Aitken, Max Thomas, ABC Ward Councillor Larry Krause sends his apologies due to an important ABC Cabinet Council Meeting will not be able to attend. Dave Beckley, Angie Burden








Michael Fisher (Chairman), Annabel Burden (Vice Chair), Emma Fox, Trevor Smith, John Ramsden & Di Sandy (Clerk)








Mick Fisher thanked everyone for attending.




Election of Chair




Michael Fisher wished to stand as Chair. Michael Fisher was proposed by Trevor Smith and seconded by Emma Fox. There were no other proposals






Election of Vice Chair




Annabel Burden wished to stand as Vice Chair. Annabel Burden was proposed by Trevor Smith and seconded by John Ramsden. There were no other proposals






Election of Representatives




Councillors discussed and agreed the representatives for the next year. Table of representatives;







Representative 2016/2017

Representative 2017/2018





Emma Fox

Trevor Smith




Challock Primary School

Annabel Burden

Annabel Burden




Village Hall Committee

Anthony Aitken

Anthony Aitken




Parish Council Finance

Michael Fisher

Michael Fisher




Police Forum

Ceased for now but looking to restart






William Oure Charity

Max Thomas

            Trevor Smith




Play Area

Max Thomas

Max Thomas




KALC and Parish Forum

Trevor Smith

Emma Fox




Cricket Club Liaison

John Ramsden

John Ramsden

















































Declarations of Interest




Councillors no new changes to the declarations of interest.




Minutes of Last Meeting




Minutes of 20th April 2017 meeting were signed by Mick Fisher as an accurate record




Clerk’s Report








None to report for this month.








13/03/2017:  theft from motor Vehicle .




11/04/2017: Criminal damage Canterbury road A 252. – damage to fencing.




23/04/2017: theft of motor vehicle. Kings wood.








Clerk has reported dog bins are full and need emptying. 




Clerk has reported dog fouling in the church grounds to the ABC.  The Dog Warden is aware of the person involved and will be issuing a warning letter.




The grounds man has replaced the 2 bollards into the ground at the top end of Lees and re-painted all the wooden bollards white.




The grounds man has cut the strip of grass by Crossroads and carried out a full back up of the Lees and strimmed at the top end of the Lees in the wooded area. 




Play Park




The grounds man has replaced the rotten pole to the log roll activity as requested under the ROSPA report. 




The grounds man has removed the old toddler equipment and concrete footings. A skip hire was organized to dispose of old equipment and concrete. 




The toddler slide has now been installed.  However, there is an outstanding query regarding the siting of the toddler slide and the installers need to come back to remove the concrete and add the slide.   




The Play Park inspection is due to be carried out during July.  Clerk to arrange top up of play bark and the grounds man to till the area.




Post Office Telephone Box 




Painting of the telephone box is due to commence end of May.  Clerk has ordered the red paint, undercoat and gold paint from specialist supplier.










  • An email from parishioner regarding speeding along the Canterbury Road. During the morning both the speed and the volume of traffic is apparent; it is a nightmare crossing the road at this time. There is an enormous amount of development going on in the village bringing with it pets, young children and a significant increase in population. Surely the time has come when there should be a reduction in the speed limit and additional speed restriction bollards installed.


The Clerk has responded informing the parishioner of the Parish Council’s recent involvement with regards to speeding in the village and provided details last year’s traffic survey carried out by KCC.


  • An email from David Carey Tree Warden offering to do a specific Tree Walk organised in your own village this summer. 
  • An email from N.A.L.C call for support by asking the three key questions of local General Election candidates, as well as promoting NALC’s proposals contained in the attached letter.
  • An email from the Department for Transport (DfT) launching a consultation on the South Eastern Rail Franchise. The consultation deadline is 23 May. The consultation can be accessed via The DfT’s ambitions for this franchise include:


  • creating more space for passengers by running longer trains and upgrading or replacing older trains

  • increasing reliability and reducing delays by the train operator working closely with Network Rail

  • improving compensations arrangements with a simple automated system

  • introduction of a smarter payment system, including mobile phones

  • improving customer service with staff able to respond quickly and effectively to passenger’s needs



  • An email from a parishioner regarding a resident parking in St Cosmas Close on


grass area rather than in parking bay.  Clerk reported incident to Housing Dept at


Ashford ABC.


  • Received a telephone call from Amanda Cottrell regarding an outstanding invoice for Wealden Wheels £500.  The owners of the Wealden Wheels have offered to attend one of the parish meetings to promote the service and how it benefits villages. 




Parish Council approved Clerk to invite Wealden Wheels to do a presentation at the Annual Meeting in June. 




  • Received a letter from Mr Nightingale regarding the rental of the poor field.  Mr Nightingale has sold his land in Pested Lane to Mr Collier.  Mr Collier has indicated he would like to take over the rental of the poor field.   Received a cheque for £150 from Mr Nightingale for rental of the poor field for this coming year.
  • Received a letter from Mr Collier regarding his interest in renting the poor field and is happy to arrange and pay for a new lease to be drawn up.




The Parish Council agreed for the Clerk to make enquiries for rent valuation on the poor field in Pested Lane.




  • A reminder letter has been sent to Mr & Mrs Hardy regarding the easement for new access.




It was agreed for Councillor John Ramsden to make enquiries with Mr & Mrs Hardy regarding the easement.








The current account balance on 30th April 2017 £12,238.28




The first half of the precept £8345 has been lodged with the bank on the 5th May 2017.




The NS&I account balance is £11,684.65




The following cheque payments were signed:




Cheque No. 102466 for ABC April Forester Printing £258


Cheque No. 102467 for D Sandy Stationary £




  1. Molash Contributions


    Councillor Sarah Williams (Molash PC) brought to the Forester sub-committee’s attention since 2008/2009 Molash Contributions have been calculated on forecast and reconciliation had never been carried out.  Comparing actual figures and forecast figures provided by the parish clerk shows an overpayment of contributions amounting to a total of £492 over the past 9 financial years.


    Molash Parish Council requests the overpayment of £492 molash contributions be refunded and a repayment plan spread out over a number of years. 


    Clerk has investigated the findings and concludes there has been an overpayment of contributions due to no reconciliation having taken place until now.  During 2014/15 there was a high variation of £273 due to printing costs were reduced.  The clerk has produced a more accurate table compiling of Molash Contributions backdated to 2007/2008.  Prior to 2007 the Parish Clerk at the time was paid a salary for carrying out the editorial on the Forester.  Half way through 2007/2008 the editorial was taken over by Mick Maidens at £2300 per annum.  The editorial costs were £3957 for 2007/2008 as this included Belinda’s PC salary for Forester and Mick Maidens editorial fees. Clerk to investigate further regarding Mick Maidens editorial costs are paid in advance.  This gives a total overpayment for the past 10 financial years as £266.  It was agreed for the new calculations of Molash Contributions to be sent to Molash Parish Council for their consideration. 


    Going forward the Clerk recommended an annual review of the Forester is carried out involving the Forester Sub-Committee and should take place in September.  Reconciliation of Molash Contributions is carried out in September and invoice of Molash Contributions for the current financial year is produced.  On previous occasions the molash contributions invoice is sent in March/April beginning of the financial year.  By issuing an invoice mid financial year will provide more accurate forecast and the opportunity for a review to be carried out involving Molash Parish Council.


    ii) Internal Audit Report


    Received Internal Audit Report from Lionel Robbins. 


    Members will be pleased to know that I did not find anything major in my financial audit to report and that I found the record keeping being of a good standard and the Parish Council’s approach to the management of risks to be sound. As a result of my audit and my discussion with your Clerk I was able to answer ‘YES’ to all the relevant questions contained in Section 4 of the Annual Return for 2016-17. During the visit I carried out sufficient work to enable me to complete Section 4 of the Annual return which included reading the minutes, checking the accounting records including the cashbook, payroll, VAT records, bank statements and bank reconciliations with the cashbook. I also reviewed the asset register and insurance schedule. I found all the financial records to be accurate and up to date. There were no unexplained entries in the bank reconciliations.



    The 2016-17 precept was set at £15,710 and this sum has been checked to bank statements and cashbook. The precept for 2017-18 has been set at £16,000.


    The HMRC requirements for Real Time Information have been met and regular payments made to them in respect of PAYE and NI.

    Asset Register:

    I suggest that the Council’s interests in various parcels of land are registered with HM Land Registry if not already registered.


    The Parish Council agreed for the Clerk to check land registry documents for parcels of land.



  1. Insurance


    Local Council Insurance renewal for £828.14 (last year’s premium £800).  Came & Company is offering 3 year long term agreement for £786.73.


    The Parish Council agreed to the 3 year long term agreement for £786.73 for Parish Council Insurance.




    The following applications were discussed:


    17/00518/AS Lords Poultry Farm, Canterbury Road, Challock, Ashford, Kent, TN25 4BB
    Removal of former chicken huts and replacement with 2 no log cabins to be used as holiday let accommodation.


    Challock Parish Council does not support this application.  Change of use of agricultural land to residential should not be permitted. This could leave the door open for further applications.  The log cabins are not in keeping to the area.


    17/00659/AS Land between The Martins and Roseneath, Church Lane, Challock

    Revision to planning permission 15/00692/AS to alter garages serving units 1 &; 2 and change to access serving unit 2


    Challock Parish Council supports this application.


    The following Planning Applications were ratified:


    Application No: - 17/00582/AS Land Between Mill House and 8 Orchard Lane, Challock

    Proposal: - Change of use of agricultural land to a single residential dwelling with associated access, amenity garden and detached single garage.

    Challock Parish Council does not support this application. Change of use of agricultural land to residential should not be permitted. This could leave the door open for further applications.


    Application No: - 17/00357/AS Land North West and Adjacent to Hollydene, Buck Street, Challock

    Proposal: - Detached garage (Amendment to 16/00975/AS)

    Challock Parish Council supports this application.


    KCC/SCO/AS/0100/2017 Hegdale Quarry, Faversham Road, Challock, Faversham, Kent, ME13 0JX

    Consultation to request for a Scoping Opinion for the restoration of the existing Quarry and associated land by means of a proposed landfill and associated infrastructure

    Challock Parish Council rejected the scoping opinion providing 5 pages of comments.  


    Items for Information


    Annual Parish Meeting


    Date of the Annual Parish Meeting to take place on 13th June 2017 in the main hall, Challock Memorial Hall.  Clerk to arrange Poster & Forester Advertising.  Clerk to notify local groups and businesses.  The Annual Parish Meeting is an opportunity for parishioners to see what has been happening with the Parish Council and its activities. 




    Girlings Solicitors re Mr Shirley


    Clerk informed Parish Council receipt of letter dated 18th May 2017 from Girlings solicitors regarding Mr Shirley and his pursuit of a closed legal case. 


    Upon advice from Girlings the Parish Council agreed for Girlings not to respond to Mr Shirley on this occasion. 


    Clerk informed the Parish Council there is a fault with the Parish telephone and is currently being investigated.


    Open Forum


    No further comments were raised by members of the public.


    The meeting closed at 8.55 pm


    Parish Council Meeting dates for 2017


    The next Parish Meeting is Tuesday 13th June 2017 Annual Parish Meeting Main Hall


    Thursday 20th July

    Thursday 21st September

    Thursday 16th November


    Signed as a true record by: ……………………………Michael Fisher Chairman Challock Parish Council






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