Challock Parish Council Meeting minutes




Memorial Hall, Audrey Allen room


Thursday 20th July 2017, 7.30pm




Members of public present: 18









Chairman Michael Fisher








Annabel Burden (Vice Chair), Emma Fox, Trevor Smith, John Ramsden, Anthony Aitken, Max Thomas & Di Sandy (Clerk)








Annabel Burden thanked everyone for attending.




Declarations of Interest




Councillors no new changes to the declarations of interest.




Minutes of Last Meeting




Minutes of 18th May 2017 meeting were signed by Annabel Burden as an accurate record




Clerk’s Report








Clerk reported pot holes off centre of Canterbury Road near Barn Shop entrance.




Clerk reported to Housing ABC regarding parishioner parking on the grass area in St Cosmos Close.




Clerk reported to Highways works vehicle parking on footway along Faversham Road blocking pedestrian walkway.








During June a spate of attempted break-ins garage & one incident reported of a house break in on the Lees.








None to report.








The grounds man has replaced the 2 bollards into the ground at the top end of Lees and re-painted all the wooden bollards white.




The grounds man has cut the strip of grass by Crossroads and carried out an additional full back up of the Lees and strimmed at the top end of the Lees in the wooded area.  Grounds man has been strimming area by the loose planings and by Haverbrack.  These areas use to be cut by commercial services under the contract.  Clerk to make enquiries to ABC regarding the grass cutting schedule.




Play Park




The toddler slide has now been installed and there is no outstanding issues arising.




The grounds man has tilled the play area, trimmed the hedging around the perimeter and has topped up the play area with 10 bulk bags of bark.




The wobble boards’ has started to splinter and requires replacing.  Clerk is making enquiries into obtaining 2 new wobble boards.  The climbing net is also showing metal.  Previously protective rubber tape has been purchased to cover the exposed metal on the net.  The rubber tape comes off after a short time.  Clerk is making enquiries for costing of new net.




The Play Park inspection is due to be carried out during July.  




Post Office Telephone Box 




The painting of the telephone box has now been completed.  A varnished wooden back board has been installed by the grounds man.  Councillors to approve purchase of defibrillator cabinet and accessories for the defibrillator.  Clerk to arrange with electrician John Dowden to install the defibrillator cabinet and new light.  There is some re-wiring work required on some the wires in the telephone box.












  • Received email from Ashford Gateway Plus informing the parish council that due to lack of demand we no longer hold wedding ceremonies at the Gateway but still continue to register births and deaths. KCC offer appointments including assisting people to complete their online Blue Badge application.  Appointments can be made either in person at the Gateway, by calling 03000 416666 or by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. They assist with all other KCC services such as reporting highway faults and school admission applications. The Foot Clinic for senior citizens, held every Wednesday, is proving to be very popular; appointments can be made by phoning the chiropodist on 01580 242802. As the toilets are now closed in Vicarage Lane, they are happy for members of the public to use their facilities; they have disabled toilets, a changing place and a baby change room. Clerk has placed posters on the notice boards.
  • Received an email from K.A.L.C requesting parish councils to support a lobbying letter to the Minister of State for Housing and Planning regarding national planning legislation and guidance has become far too heavily weighted towards developers and away from proper democratic local policy led decision making. We recognize that smaller communities should be better protected from developers nibbling away bits of our vital green spaces. Such spaces would be planned into larger developments, but in villages we are very vulnerable. We ask that the following matters are rectified so that local control can be given to elected local borough and district council members who can make full decisions in the light of local led planning policies.
  • An email from Michelle Byrne ABC regarding safeguarding becoming a priority for the Borough Council and requests that parish councils  adopt a safeguarding policy as it is now a condition of the community grants scheme that all applicants do so and provide evidence of this during the application process.  (Safeguarding policy attached) Councillors need to be aware of their responsibilities towards safeguarding and training available.  ABC has access to on-line training for safeguarding.  Councillors requiring access to the on-line training to let the clerk know who will arrange with ABC and forward details onto them.  The on-line training needs to be completed by October 2017.  The Clerk has already completed a safeguarding course with Young Kent (Challock Youth Club). 








Emma Fox and Anthony Aitken have volunteered to attend the training course.  Safeguarding policy to be adopted at the next parish meeting.




  • An email from parishioner Kevin Waters notifying he will be putting his 3 bedroom property Orchard Lane (Rural Housing Association) on the market.  There are currently 2 properties in Orchard Lane for sale.
  • An email from a boot fair seller commenting on how well the Methodist Chapel boot fair went and would like to know when there is going to be another one!
  • An email from a parishioner requesting part of the Lees track has the pot holes filled.  Clerk confirmed this has now been completed.
  • An email from John Segust regarding the overhead line cables Deerwood and progress of lease.  Clerk waiting on Aimee Brown Girlings Solicitors for lease to be issued for the Parish Council to sign.
  • An email from a parishioner commenting on the speeding along Canterbury Road and feel unsafe walking along the footway.
  • An email from PC Jasmine Bloomfield offering further support in dealing with speeding in the area. Operation Starfish is due to commence shortly which will consist of multi-agency initiatives to tackle those that do not abide by speed limits. I have two Speed watch kits available to borrow here at Ashford Police Station. Obviously they must only be used by people that have received the training (training places are available if the parish council wants to send details of any volunteers we have identified from the parish). If you have a programme of speed watch deployments please could I have sight of it and I will support you by deploying my officers either with your volunteers or at a point nearby to re-inforce the message to motorists. I can also deploy the laser gun to do some enforcement in areas where people continually exceed the speed limits.  Clerk confirms that we have only received one possibly two offers to help with the speed watch.
  • An email from Parish Clerk Boughton Aluph & Eastwell concerning correct notifying procedures not being met regarding protected trees felling.  Requesting if other parishes have experience the same problem.  Clerk confirms unaware of this we have been notified of tree felling etc. (e.g. Monkery Lane)
  • An email from Dave Beckley concerning setting up neighbourhood scheme which may be of interest to Challock Chatter. 
  • An email from parishioner concerning parking on the Lees.  Someone parked on the Lees by the sign that states no parking!
  • An email regarding the electoral review proposing that Ashford should be represented by 47 councillors in future. Final recommendations propose that Ashford's 47 councillors should represent eight two-councillor wards and 31 one-councillor wards across the borough.
  • An email from Terry Martin KALC requesting parishes to send in photos/evidence of HGVs using unsuitable roads for a meeting of Kent and Medway MPs to discuss the problem of HGVs using unsuitable roads and the impact this has on local communities.  
  • An email from Terry Martin KALC informing parishes of the Fire Hydrant Initiative whereby parishes are monitoring and reporting any fire hydrant defects and water provision issues in their local area.  Councillors to consider signing up to the initiative.




Decision: Councillors agreed not to sign up to the initiative at this time – to wait and see if successful. 




  • An email from Boughton Aluph & Eastwell Parish Council informing that should a formal planning application be lodged to use Hegdale Quarry as a landfill site, to include the disposal of asbestos waste, that the council will offer financial support "towards the costs of employing an expert surveyor".








Finance for May & June 2017 attached.




The current account balance on 30th June 2017 £14,023.98




Clerk has sent off for a claim for VAT £1,893.34




The NS&I account balance is £11,684.65




Wealden Wheels – Received an invoice for £500.  Councillors to reconsider making a donation.  Wealden Wheels came to the Annual Parish Meeting and gave a presentation on its activities as a non-profit rural transport initiative.  Wealden Wheels was established to assist with transport in rural villages.  Pluckley, Charing, Egerton, Smarden, Chilham and Challock along with Kent County Council and Ashford Borough Council are its main supporters. 




Decision: Councillors agreed for Clerk to make enquiries of how many parishioners from Challock use this vital service.  Councillors will make a decision at the next parish meeting.




Cheque Payments signed by Annabel Burden and Max Thomas for the following:-




Chq No. 102480 Bourne Amenity for Play Bark £913.20


Chq No. 102481 ABC June Forester Printing £258.00


Chq No. 102482 D Sandy Stationary £26.92








The following applications were discussed:




17/01028/AS Ferndale House, The Lees, Church Lane, Challock, Ashford, TN25 4DE


Removal of existing conservatory and erection of single storey rear extension and two storey rear extension (revision to roof design/height on previous permission 17/00531/AS)




Decision: Parish Council supports this application.




The following Planning Applications were ratified:




Application No: - 17/00765/AS 1 Forester Cottages, Challock Kent TN25 4AR




Proposal: - Erection of a detached dwelling.




Challock Parish Council does not support this application. The proposed dwelling would not be in keeping with the area. Neighbours views must be taking into consideration.






Application No: - 1700934/AS Deerwood, Canterbury Road, Challock, Ashford, Kent, TN25 4DF




Conversion of roof space including increase in roof height, single storey rear/side extension and replacement of conservatory, construction of detached garage and new wall to front of site.




Challock Parish Council supports this application.




New Premises More Tea Vicar Licence for sales of alcohol




An application for a new premises licence for sales of alcohol at the above premises. The application is open for consultation until 05/08/2017.




K.A.L.C Meeting




Councillor Emma Fox as representative attended Kent Association of Local Councils meeting on Wednesday, 19th July 2017 and gave an update of the key areas discussed.




Local Plan Consultation to remind Parish Councils to register and to comment. 




Open Space Strategy to remind Parish Councils to notify of any unused green space not registered.




Shadoxhurst Lobbying Letter a request to Parish Councils to sign the lobbying letter concerning the calculation of housing and land supply and where case studies go wrong.  To promote a cohesive community; there is not enough space between neighbouring villages.




Decision: The Parish Council agreed to sign the lobbying letter.




Transport a general push to address speeding HGV’s through villages, minor roads.  A new committee is being re-established to address these issues.  Under government guidelines villages should have a maximum speed limit of 30 miles.




Annual Parish Forum to take place on 3rd October 2017 topics covering Volunteering,  Communication with rural villages and celebration of Ashford Historic Heritage




Local Plan Consultation




Further to update on the local plan there will be 6 week consultation running from 7th July to 31st August on the main changes to the draft local plan, which sets out the land that needs to be provided in the borough.  The changes include new and amended housing site allocations which Clockhouse is one of them.  There will be a public exhibition held in Challock Memorial Hall on Wednesday, 16th August 2017 from 4 pm – 6 pm.  To view the changes and have your say you can also visit 




Clerk to publicize Main Changes Consultation via Forester, Notice Boards and Challock Chatter.




Councillor Annabel Burden permitted James Chapman planning consultant for Clarendon Homes to give a presentation on new development proposal at High Tree Lodge, Buck Street.




James Chapman an independent planning consultant has been working for Clarendon Homes Development for the past 7 years and has been putting developments together across Kent.  Clarendon Homes would like to put forward a proposal for a development not currently catered for in the village.  The proposal consists of 1/2 plus affordable housing which would include a footway access from the development into the recreation ground (cricket field). 




The proposed development would consist of 26 units, 10 one bed bungalows and 16 two bed bungalows.




James Chapman requested to the parish council the opportunity to present the development and gauge parishioners’ views by way of an extraordinary meeting, talking to the whole of the community pre application to Ashford Borough Council.




Councillor Annabel Burden said the general consensus from parishioners is they do not want any more developments. 




Parishioner Andrew Puxted commented that affordable 2 bedroom homes are not selling in the village, stating his property has been on the market since November 2016. 




Councillor Annabel Burden commented that the Clarendon Homes development is in competition with Cox Developments at Clock House. 




Parishioner commented that the Cox Development at Clock House he was led to believe the development would be 9 units and not 15 currently proposed in the Local Plan. 




James Chapman said the Clarendon Homes proposal is about bringing communities together, allowing for people to downsize to smaller properties and remain in the village.




The parish council did not agree to have an extraordinary meeting for the purpose of Clarendon Homes to have a consultation on their proposal.  They are welcome to organize their own meeting consultation. The Parish Council did not wish to appear that they are endorsing the proposal.   








The Parish Council has received a number of emails from concerned parishioners about the speeding through the village.  All of which have been forwarded onto KCC Ward Councillor Charlie Simkins and ABC Ward Councillor Larry Krause.  We have received offer of support from Kent Police PC Bloomfield offering speed monitoring equipment providing we have trained personnel in operating the equipment.  They have also offered to provide enforcement with the use of a laser gun where speed limits are being exceeded. 




Parishioner Deryck Sutton circulated photos of the condition of the footpaths along Buck Street where in some places are covered by vegetation revealing only half the footpath.  This is making it very dangerous to walk along.  Clerk to report the concerns to Highways.




Footpaths Faversham Road




ABC Ward Councillor Larry Krause confirmed that the matter of installing footpaths along the Faversham Road is at the top of his list to do.  There is funding available and now requires up to date permission from residents living along Faversham Road prepared to give up some of their frontage.




Clerk to re-issue permission request letters to the residents along Faversham Road and Buck Street.




Items for Information








The Parish Council have instructed Girlings Solicitors to issue a letter to Mr & Mrs Hardy offering them to enter into a deed of variation concerning their new access created by the retrospective planning application for a new car port. 




Telephone Box – Defibrillator




The telephone box has now been repainted.  The defibrillator that Craig Bickers is kindly donating is a G3 type and is approximately 5 years old.  Upon consulting with Community Heartbeat who specializes installing defibrillators in telephone boxes; confirmed that the G3 is a good model that is in use today.  They advise that the G3 can be used providing a new battery and pads are replaced.  Due to potential theft of defibrillators and prime location it is advisable to purchase a cabinet that is alarmed and has a keypad to gain access.  Quotation received from Community Heartbeat is £755 this includes pads, battery, cabinet, signs and rescue safety kit.  Craig Bickers quote was for cabinet, pads & battery only at £713.00. 




Parishioner Mr Jones offered to assist with the defibrillator training. 




Decision:  Councillors agreed to purchase from Community Heartbeat defibrillator accessories.




Bollards on the Lees




The Parish Council has received numerous complaints regarding parking on the Lees particularly near the Methodist Chapel end of the Lees.  Despite No Parking sign on the Lees; cars are being parked.  The Lees appears to be shrinking and the track extending.  The Parish Council considered installing bollards onto the Lees but was concerned they would look unsightly.  Other suggestions received were a use of a sandwich board designed by the primary school children or use of the Methodist Chapel car park. 




Decision: The Parish Council agreed not to install bollards on the Lees for the time being and wish to seek suggestions from parishioners of a possible solution. 




Youth Shelter




Challock Youth Club would like to offer to clean and repaint the Youth Shelter.  They would also like to arrange for some kind of graffiti/mural to be painted inside of the Youth Shelter.  It is hoped to arrange a local artist along with the young people from the Youth Club to decorate inside.




Decision: The Parish Council agreed for the Youth Club to clean and repaint the Youth Shelter and have permission to decorate inside




Notice Boards




The grounds man has commenced re-varnishing the notice boards.  Two of the notice boards appear to have rotting posts.  The notice board in Buck Street is wobbling but the post was replaced last year.  The grounds man says the ground there is very soft and therefore will re-enforce the ground stop the notice board from wobbling.  All notice boards are having new Perspex. The village hall notice board has been completed and has had to have a new back board replaced due to it rotting.  The grounds man is currently working on the notice board at the post office.




In order to prevent people sticking notices on the telephone box Councillor John Ramsden suggested installing an external notice board next to the main notice board for people who wish to stick posters up.  Councillor John Ramsden confirmed he had a board available to be used. 




Decision: The Parish Council agreed for an additional notice board to be installed.  Groundsman to provide the post and install.








Councillor Emma Fox asked for an update on the new lease agreement for the poor field.  Clerk confirmed currently in the process of obtaining deeds of the poor field as requested by BFT in order for a rent review to be carried out. 




Open Forum




No further comments were raised by members of the public.




The meeting closed at 9.25 pm




Parish Council Meeting dates for 2017




Thursday 21st September


Thursday 16th November




Important Date




ABC Local Plan Consultation 16th August 2017 Memorial Hall Challock 4 pm



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