Challock Parish Council Meeting minutes




Memorial Hall, Audrey Allen room


Thursday, 18th January 2018, 7.30pm




Members of public present: 3









Received apologies from ABC Ward Councillor Larry Krause and PSCO Lee Sinden.








Michael Fisher (Chairman), Annabel Burden (Vice Chair), Emma Fox, Trevor Smith, Anthony Aitken, John Ramsden, Max Thomas & Di Sandy (Clerk)








Michael Fisher wished a Happy New Year and thanked everyone for attending.




Declarations of Interest




Councillors no new changes to the declarations of interest.




Minutes of Last Meeting




Minutes of 16th November 2017 meeting were signed by Michael Fisher as an accurate record




PSCO Report




Mick Fisher read out the following report:-




I apologise that I have not been able to attend this evening. Below I have detailed the main crime for the area. Please see for crime statistics


Crime Reports


I have looked at the crime reports from the 1st December 2017 – 1st January 2018.


Crime remains extremely low within Challock.


The main crime reported this month has been theft/ Burglary. It is very important that residents secure their property as much as possible. There has been a spate of burglaries around Ashford which are currently being investigated.


Anti- Social Behaviour


I have made contact with a traffic special office to conduct speed checks around Challock as it has been highlighted that there is an issue with speeding. Speed watch teams are very effective in combatting speeding in villages. The electronic speed signs can also make drivers aware of their speeds. These signs have been effective in other villages.


There has been 1 report of ASB in the area over the last month. This was a report of nuisance bikes where riders were riding without crash helmets.


Steps to secure your property


  • Keep front gate closed at all times
  • Lock all external doors.
  • Spotlights can help deter offenders.
  • Alarm System- particularly those linked to the police can deter offenders and help police attend incidents swiftly.
  • Timer switchers- for lights when you are out at night or on holiday.
  • Keep windows closed particularly at night in the warmer months.
  • Alarms for out buildings
  • Lock sheds and garages
  • Mount CCTV to deter and capture evidence of offences.
  • Dash Cam footage can be used in relation to vehicle crime


I would like to remind all residents to be vigilant at all times and to report any suspicious activity via the Kent police non-emergency number 101.


Clerk’s Report








Footpath has been cleared along Canterbury Road adjacent to the entrance to the Barn Shop




The footpath has been cleared along Buck Street from entrance to Blind Lane towards Chestnut Cottages.




Footpaths need to be cleared along Canterbury Road from Help Hire to the entrance to Green Lane and around the bus stop/layby area and also some of the footpath adjacent to the Forester Cottages along Buck Street to be cleared.  To be carried out by the grounds man.




Grounds man has salted the paths in Blind Lane, Church Lane, St Cosmos Close and Village Hall car park.




Clerk has requested a salt bag to be delivered near the entrance to St Cosmos Close.




Clerk has reported to KCC Speed Monitoring Sign in Buck Street not working.




Play Park




The strut on the park gate was reported broken.  The grounds man has fixed it back onto the gate.  It is noted a new strut (if available) will need to be ordered as it is becoming quite worn.




The Lees




The pot holes on the Lees track have been filled by the grounds man on 2 occasions over the Christmas period.  As agreed during development of the new houses Mr Burden has filled the pot holes on the Lees track by Hurstwood.  Clerk has requested that they are filled again due to recent downpours. 




Grounds man has removed fallen trees along the footpath at the wooded area top of the Lees.




Grounds man has removed fallen tree along Canterbury Road opposite Woodlands. 




Clerk has reported to ABC two incidences where a parishioner’s is allowing their dogs to foul on the Lees without clearing it up. 








  • An email from Terry Martin KALC regarding government’s announcement of planned J11, M20 Lorry Park now scrapped.




  • An email from parishioner concerning the Faversham Road, without a footpath connecting us to the village makes travelling to school on foot with his two young children very dangerous.  Would like to offer assistance on how to help progress the footpath project.




Annabel Burden suggested writing to the press regarding Clarendon Homes not able to donate a strip of their land to accommodate a footpath.  Developers do not like bad press when trying to sell their properties. 




  • An email from Susan Wood Secretary to KALC Area Committee with details of draft memo to Simon Cole concerning the local plan:-




Concerns over infrastructure and how are these being addressed in the Local Plan.


Omission sites, particularly new additions.


Process, late editions with little time to consult.


Parity between landowners and developers who have gone through the whole process and late entries which appear to have been given a lighter touch.


Credibility, parishioners may feel their parish councils have let them down when new sites have been recommended that fall outside the consultation process and plans already approved.




Simon Cole has responded by offering to attend the next area committee to discuss the parish council’s concerns.  Councillor Emma Fox is Challock Parish Council’s representative who will be attending.




  • An email from Laura Dyer KALC regarding the Community Awards Scheme.  The closing date for submitting community award is the 26th January 2018.




  • Received by email from Smaller Authorities Audits Appointments notification of external audit appointment.  PKF Littlejohn LLP have been appointed for Challock Parish Council as our external auditors for 2017/18




  • Received an email from High Halden Chairman inviting Mick Fisher to their working group regarding village confines. Mick Fisher attended the meeting at High Halden.




Mick Fisher commented on attending the meeting at High Halden and said it was a very good meeting.  High Halden have already had 320 houses approved outside of their village confines.


This led to a discussion about Challock village confines and the omission site re David Cox development of 18 houses, whether this should be included in the village confines. 




  • Received an email from Bill Harbour Chairman of Sheldwich, Badlesmere & Leaveland PC concerning cuts to the 666 bus route.  Inviting Challock PC to join forces in campaigning against the bus route being cut.




  • Received an email from Harry Kenton BFT regarding the lease for the poor field.  Proposing a 5 year tenancy agreement with 3 year rent review.  Harry has also brought to the Parish Council’s attention that the poor field is not registered with Land Registry and advises us to do so. 


Parish Council to approve 5 year tenancy agreement with 3 year rent review.  It is noted that this type of tenancy terms is normal practice.




The Parish Council approved for a 5 year tenancy agreement with a 3 year rent review for the poor field.  It was agreed to make enquiries in registering the poor field with the Land Registry, Annabel Burden warned that this is quite expensive as a survey is required. 




It was agreed for the Clerk to make enquiries in costs of survey.




  • Received an email from Ann Clark KCC regarding travel concessionary scheme bus pass renewals.  Posters are being displayed informing bus pass holders that if they have used the bus service within the last year their bus passes will automatically be renewed and a new one sent in the post.  If they haven’t used their bus pass within the last year then KCC will be sending out letters in January/February inviting people to renew their bus pass if they still require it.




  • An email from Police Communications informing of a new on-line reporting service. The public can now report crimes and incidents as well as non-injury road traffic collisions ONLINE directly to us through our website ( 




  • An email from KALC referring to HAVE YOUR SAY: Kent Police and Crime Commissioner's Annual Policing Survey.  On-Line survey.  The closing date is 27th January 2018.  The Police Commissioner Matthew Scot would like to know what matters most to you.




  • Received email from ABC news bulletin regarding the council tax.  It is proposed that Ashford Borough Council increases its element of council tax by £3.50 per year for the average band D property, increasing the amount payable to £157.50 per year. This represents a smaller increase than last year. Even if all the other local authorities in Kent froze their council tax Ashford would still be setting the lowest council tax in Kent.




  • An email from KALC regarding an invitation to the Lord-Lieutenant of Kent's Civic Service on 20th March 2018 at Canterbury Cathedral.




  • An email from KCC regarding County Council is now consulting on Minerals Sites Options and a Partial Review of the KMWLP until 27 March 2018. Further information including details of the consultation is available via link:




  • An email from parishioner concerning speeding through the village.  The parishioner has also contacted Damian Green MP with his concerns.  Damian Green MP directed the parishioner to operation starfish by Kent Police.  Operation starfish is a joint venture between the police and local speed watch volunteers. 




  • An email from ABC notification of the Submission Local Plan 2030 including the online policies map, together with copies of representations made and ABC responses thereto, the Council’s proposed minor amendments, and all other supporting documents are available to view online at:




  • An email from Natalie Syrett on behalf of Knockwood Bespoke Receptions requesting permission to display a banner advertising the wedding venue open day on strip of land near the roundabout Halfway Restaurant.




The parish council is concerned with the amount of banners that have appeared and requested that they are taken down.  The parish council has decided not to give permission for Knockwood Bespoke Receptions to display their banner. 




  • An email from ABC announcing the Great British Spring Clean campaign.  If you are organising individual litter picking events to support the ‘Great British Spring Clean’ during 2nd to 4th March 2018, we would love to hear from you and promote the activities you carried out on our website and through the Kent Resource Partnership. 




Parish Council agreed for the Clerk to organize a litter pick for Challock.


  • An email from KALC announcing a new county-wide campaign to raise the profile of Carers and increase access to services has recently launched requesting our help to promote it.  Five Carer organisations in Kent have joined together to launch Kent Carers Matters, a county-wide campaign to:

    Raise the profile of Carers in Kent

    Increase access to Carer Services

    Support health and social care professionals to identity and refer carers to services earlier

    Provide more opportunities for Carers to engage with and have their say about local national issues that affect.






    The current account balance on 31st December 2017 £12,968.39


    The NS&I account balance is £11,684.65




  1. Precept/Budget 


    Challock Parish Council approved the precept/budget for 2018/19.  The Parish Council has agreed for the precept to remain at £16,000. Councillors approved the income and expenditure budgeted for 2018/19. 


    Emma Fox commented on GDPR and potential expenditure required for consultancy, needed to set aside £150 on the budget.  Emma Fox also commented on the increased work load that will be placed on the Clerk. 


    As the budget had already been set prior to GDPR workshops which took place this year

    it was agreed for £130 to be allocated to the budget under contingency.


    2) An invoice has been raised to Molash PC for 2017/18 contributions for the Forester for £122.00


    The following cheques were authorized by the parish council:


    Cheque No: 102522 ABC Decembers Forester Printing £258.00

    Cheque No: 105523 BM Ambulance Service Donation £50.00

    Cheque No: 105524 Di Sandy Stationary £42.77




    The following applications were discussed:


    17/01384/AS  Land North West and Adjacent to Hollydene, Buck Street, Challock
    Creation of new access to serve plot two (subject of planning permission reference 16/00975/As) and alterations to existing access at plot 1; relocation of approved garage for plot 2 (subject of planning permission 17/00357/AS)


    Decision: Parish Council does not support this application.  There would be too many accesses on a busy main road.


    17/001919/AS Barn opposite Orchards, Pested Lane, Challock  

    Proposed conversion of redundant agricultural building to single dwelling, including ecological and landscape enhancements.


    Decision: Parish Council does not support this application.  This is outside of the village confines.





    Ratification of Planning Applications


    No Planning Applications to be ratified


    Post Office Car Park


    The Post Office Car Park has been experiencing drainage problems leading to the car park becoming flooded.  The grounds man investigated the drainage system and concluded that because there is no soak away, the drain pipe installed is not sufficient.  The grounds man cleared the drainpipe with debris but this has not stopped the flooding. Over the years Trevor May has also cleared the drainpipe but without a soak away this is reoccurring problem. 


    Because of the regular flooding the car park is starting to develop pot holes as well.


    In the past householders have contributed to the post office road maintenance.  The current situation with the Lees track is that the grounds man filled the pot holes which are funded by revenue from boot fairs/goose fair.  It is noted that current revenue does not meet the costs of planings and grounds man labour and therefore is being supplemented by the parish precept. 


    As the post office provides a community service the parish council to consider contributing to installing a soak away if permitted (Clerk to check if a soak away can be installed on common land).  The cost of installing a soak away is estimated to be in the region of £3,600.  There are 2 funding streams the parish council can apply to, ABC Ward Councillor’s grant and KCC Ward Councillor’s grant.  Councillors to consider this option and if the post office can make a contribution.  Currently there is no allowance in the budget 2018/19. Councillors to consider reviewing the budget or to plan for it to be included in the next financial year 2019/20.


    Discussion took place concerning the flooded area.  Annabel Burden commented a parishioner has raised their concerns on the area on the Lees track outside their property is prone to flooding. Max Thomas informed the parish council that a soak away has been put in at the Lees, Church Lane some time ago to alleviate the flooding at St Cosmos Close.  Councillors agreed the estimated installation of a soak away is likely to be in the region of £5,000.  Discussion took place regarding the budget and funding.  Mick Fisher confirmed ABC Ward Councillor Larry Krause would consider funding £700 towards a project in the village.  KCC Ward Councillor funding would be approximately around £300. Mick Fisher also confirmed the post office would make a contribution.


    It was agreed for the Clerk to arrange for 3 quotations to install a soak away.  One of the quotations to come from Trevor May as they have carried out work on the post office car park previously.  It was also agreed to ask for an opinion on the flooded area on the Lees track.


    It was agreed that the pot holes at the post office car park to be addressed once the drainage problem has been resolved.


    Lease – UK Power Networks – The Lees


    A new lease has been drawn up regarding the siting of the sub-station in the wooded area at the top end of the Lees.  Clerk has checked that this does not affect the current wayleave agreements in place and have been assured by UK Power Networks and Girlings Solicitors.  The lease is based on a peppercorn rent and not purchased land as previously. 


    Before Councillors can approve the lease Clerk requested for one of the Councillors to look at the lease to check its contents.  Annabel Burden has agreed to look at the lease and to check the previous lease.


    Items for Information


    GDPR (New Data Protection Legislation)


    Clerk attended the GDPR on 11th January at Lenham Community Hall.   The workshop covered our responsibilities for the data we handle and required to have a data protection officer.  KALC have advised us that the Clerk can’t be the data protection officer due to potential conflicts or advisable for a Councillor to be selected either.  Therefore we are required to take on an external consultancy that specializes in cyber security.  At the workshop a company called Satswana promoted their company.  A data protection officer would be assigned to the parish council to advise, provide information and ensure we are compliant.  There is an annual charge of £130 for this service.  To assist with drawing up an impact statement the rate is £2,000.  If we are in breach of the data protection Satswana would assist us at no charge. 


    The Parish Clerk will need to ensure the parish council’s email account is encrypted.  In order to be ready for data protection regulation there are a number of tasks the Clerk needs to action. Carry out an impact assessment i.e. risk register of the data we keep.  General housekeeping i.e. tidying up data we keep, can it be archived or disposed of safely.  Need to check disclaimer’s on emails/letters of our data responsibilities.  We have to demonstrate as a processor/data handler that we are responsible for the safe keeping on data we hold and inform people of what data we keep and ensure we have their permission to store their data.  People have the right to request their data is deleted.  If a breach occurs the parish council has to inform ICO (Information Commissioners Office) within 72 hours.


    Village Speeding & Footpath at Faversham Road


    The Clerk has requested assistance with the Highways Inspector in obtaining deeds of the Clarendon Homes land, Faversham Road to enquire how much of the verge belongs to Highways.  If the verge belonging to Highways is not wide enough to accommodate a footpath then we may have to wait until the new owners move into the properties and request their permission.  Though the Clerk has written to Clarendon Homes to reconsider without a response suggest writing to them again but perhaps with support from Highways/ABC if possible. 


    There are a number of initiatives being carried out by villages addressing speeding.  Operation Starfish as joint venture involving speed monitoring by Kent Police and volunteers from the village.  Some villages have installed speed monitoring signs or like Pluckley paid for the installation of 30 mph speed limit signs.  At the recent KALC meeting there was a motion for KALC to take action for parish councils to have greater powers in setting 20 mph speed limits in their village.   The majority agreed. 


    PCSO Lee Sinden has contacted the local special traffic office to conduct speed checks in the area.


    Goose Fair Equipment


    There is a lot of goose fair equipment in the corner of the cricket ground.  The equipment is starting to rot and may need to be disposed of.  The Clerk requested for 2 councillors to visit the site to assess.  Tony Aitken and John Ramsden have agreed to attend the area within the next couple of weeks. 


    First World War Commemorations November 2018


    Parish Council to consider ideas on how to commemorate the end of First World War 1918 – 2018 in addition to lighting a beacon.  Faversham for example are making a garland with names of the fallen to be displayed.   Funding is available for commemorations for the First World War. 


    Discussion took place regarding what events we could do to mark the event.  It is already planned to light a beacon on Sunday, 11th November at 7 pm as this is part of a national event. Tony Aitken mentioned the cricket club plan to hold a firework display a week before.  It was agreed that having 2 events on within a week of each other would not be ideal.   

    It is noted that the act of remembrance at the memorial would not be taken place on the Sunday, 11th November as remembrance service will be held in Challock Church.


    It was agreed for the Clerk to make enquiries on what other villages are planning and to mention it in the Forester requesting suggestions from parishioners.




    Clerk requested in the Forester under parish news the parish council would like to hear parishioner’s views about the Forester magazine.  Do you find the Forester informative and interesting?  Do you like receiving the Forester?  Would you consider paying a subscription for the magazine?

    Clerk received 2 emails and a letter from parishioners.  The general consensus was that re-introducing a subscription would prove difficult as previously collecting money from parishioners was not successful.  One parishioner commented on the forester appears to have more adverts and less information on village life. 


    At the parish meeting in November the Councillors raised their concerns regarding increasing the advertising and introducing a subscription charge.  Councillors are concerned how this would affect community ethos and may put people off advertising with the Forester.  Councillors agreed that the forester is well run and provides a community service to Challock and Molash parishioners.  They did not wish the forester to change and therefore accept it will be difficult to be fully self-funded.


    The Parish Council agreed the Forester Sub-Committee should now meet every 6 months for review.




    There was no any other business raised by the Parish Council.


    Open Forum


    A parishioner requested if the announcements of births, marriages and deaths be re-instated in the Forester.


    The meeting closed at 9.22 pm


    Parish Council Meeting dates for 2018


    Next Parish Meeting 15th February 2018



    Future Parish Meeting Dates:


    Thursday 15th March

    Thursday 19th April

    Thursday 17th May

    Tuesday 19th June 2017 Annual Parish Meeting Main Hall

    Thursday 19th July

    Thursday 20th September

    Thursday 18th October

    Thursday 22nd November




    Signed as a true record by: ……………………………Michael Fisher Chairman Challock Parish Council





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