Challock Parish Council Meeting minutes




Memorial Hall, Audrey Allen room


Thursday, 15th February 2018, 7.30pm




Members of public present: 7










Received apologies from Councillor John Ramsden








Michael Fisher (Chairman), Annabel Burden (Vice Chair), Emma Fox, Trevor Smith, Anthony Aitken, Max Thomas & Di Sandy (Clerk). Larry Krause, PCSO Lee Sinden & PCSO Aaron Newell.








Michael Fisher thanked everyone for attending.




Declarations of Interest




Councillors no new changes to the declarations of interest.




PSCO Lee Sinden & PSCO Aaron Newell




PSCO Lee Sinden introduced PSCO Aaron Newell informing the parish council together they cover a large area which includes Ruckinge, Charing, & Chilham.


There has been two burglaries and one criminal damage reported in Challock. 


Challock has one of the lowest reported crime rates.


Over the past five/six months there has been a number of burglaries in Ashford all with similar entries indicates the same people committing the crime.  Ashford Police are making strides in capturing them. 


It is vital that people secure their property and encourage householders to use CCTV’s as criminals are able to pass forensics.  Neighbourhood Watch at a reasonable cost can supply dummy cameras, they are very realistic.  Neighbourhood Watch has been assisting vulnerable people living in rural communities with their security.  Important to keep front gate closed at all times, when in the garden keep all doors/windows closed, spotlights can help deter opportunist.  Remember to not leave personal possessions in your car as an opportunist can easily smash a window.  The same with work tools, don’t leave them in the vehicle take them indoors.


The Chairman Michael Fisher thanked PCSO’s Lee Sinden and Aaron Newell for attending the parish meeting.


ABC Ward Councillor Larry Krause


ABC Ward Councillor Larry Krause informed the parish council that the ABC Planning Committee meeting he attended the previous evening has approved the first developer’s outline application for 400 houses in Chilmington.  It is likely further applications will be made in stages as building market demands.  It is planned for 5000 houses to be built in Chilmington.


ABC Ward Councillor Larry Krause warned of severe traffic delays whilst the widening of the A28 takes place.  


14 apartments have been approved at Trafalgar House, Ashford.


Councillor Michael Fisher enquired if Highways are obligated to ensure child safety measures are in place for children crossing the road to go to school referring to Faversham Road. 


It was agreed for the Clerk to write to KCC Ward Councillor Charlie Simkins enquiring about child safety walking to school along Faversham Road without a foot path. 


Minutes of Last Meeting




Minutes of 18th January 2018 meeting were signed by Michael Fisher as an accurate record.




All agreed.




Clerk’s Report








The grounds man has cleared the footpath along Canterbury Road from Help Hire to the entrance to Green Lane and around the bus stop/layby area and also some of the footpath adjacent to the Forester Cottages along Buck Street.  The grounds man has cleared the footpath from overgrown vegetation on the Lees adjacent to Tulip House.




Grounds man has salted the paths in Blind Lane, Church Lane, St Cosmos Close and Village Hall car park.




Clerk is still chasing the delivery of the salt bag at St Cosmos Close.  According to Highways a salt bag was delivered on the 15th January 2018.  The salt bins at Kiln Close and the village hall car park had been filled, however they are now empty due to the grounds man recently salting the footpaths. 




The Clerk has reported the salt bins are now empty to Highways.




Councillor Tony Aitken confirmed the salt bag has now been delivered.




The Clerk has reported litter problem along Faversham Road, through Kings Wood to ABC.




The Lees




The pot holes at the top end of the Lees track have now been filled.




Clerk has notified South East Water of recent works they carried out on the Lees near Swan Leas concerning a leaking water pipe.  After carrying out the works Clancy left the area of the Lees with no top soil or turf.  Received a telephone call from Clancy to say they will be correcting the area once the weather has improved.




Rights of Way




The Clerk has reported to KCC Right of Way adjacent to The Beeches, Buck Street leaning fence and broken glass.




Road Signs




New Chapmans Close and Green Lane signs have been installed.  Dropped kerbs have been installed at the entrance to Green Lane.










  • An email from Daniel Rodrigues, a field Customer Engagement officer at Southern Water, Working on a project to help customers reduce sewer blockages, flooding and help protect the environment.


As part of the project would like to deliver a short presentation to show what should not go into our sewer network and help prevent sewer blockages, flooding and helping the environment.  Clerk has invited Southern Water to our Annual Parish Meeting and directed them to the Forester magazine to place an article.




  • Received an email from a concerned parishioner regarding road safety for children walking to school in particular along Blind Lane.  This coincides with a road traffic incident whereby a car turned on its side past the entrance to the village hall car park. 


Parishioner commented there are too many cars speeding along Blind Lane which has resulted in a number of incidences of cars skidding and losing control.  Parishioner requests road safety measures are put in place. Clerk raised this with KCC Highways Safety and PCSO Lee Sinden.  No response received from KCC.  PCSO Lee Sinden has replied that local special traffic office will carry out speed checks in the village.




  • Received an email from Mick Maidens regarding a parishioner’s request for the Forester to include under notices announcements of weddings, christenings & deaths.  Due to covering a larger area Reverend Paul Ratcliff is unable to provide this information.




Parish Council agreed for parishioners can request for an announcement of births and marriages to be placed in the Forester.  For announcements of deaths this needs to be via funeral directors.




Clerk to notify the Editor of the Forester.




  • An email from ABC Councillor Gareth Bradford requesting communities’ awareness of the importance of reporting all crimes and incidents. This will ensure that Kent Police directs the right number of police officers to serve within our borough and keep our communities safe. Positive reporting will result in a rise in the number of officers assigned to serve within. 




  • Received an email from Leader of ABC Councillor Gerry Clarkson notifying parishes that the Ashford Police Station is being repaired out of funds from the Police & Crime Commissioner, Matthew Scott.  Gerry also refers to recent media encouraging people to report all crimes and incidents.




  • An email from a parishioner regarding a delivery driver causing damage on the Lees.  The parishioner has put in a complaint to the delivery firm and is awaiting a response.




  • An email inviting parishes to take part in Parishes in Bloom competition. The intention is to make Parishes in Bloom a lower-key category causing the least disruption to the business of managing the Parish. Just a question of identifying the many well-managed features that make up a Parish and providing feedback suggesting areas of improvements or developments and of course to receive recognition for the achievements.  




  • Received an email from KALC further updates on GDPR due to come into force in May.  NALC have externally commissioned a Toolkit which will include template policies and checklists to be issued to parish councils in due course.  All documents/papers/guides on GDPR have been uploaded into the Information Law/Data Protection/GDPR section of the KALC website (Information Law/Data Protection/GDPR), including the NALC Legal Briefings, the ICO Guide, GDPR Workshop Presentation and the KALC GDPR Information Audit. We have also provided contact details for 4 companies that we are aware of from our dealings with other County Associations that are offering an external DPO service.  Clerk to make enquiries into companies offering DPO service and to ensure the Parish Council’s policies and procedures are ready and in place before May 2018.




  • Received an email from Julia Phebey Chair of Molash Parish Council concerning the Forester.  Clerk has sent a reply addressing the issues raised by Molash PC and inviting Molash PC to attend parish meeting to discuss further.




Councillors agreed to arrange a separate evening meeting with Molash Parish Council to discuss the Forester.  Clerk to liaise with Molash Parish Clerk of possible venue and dates.  ABC ward councilor Larry Krause offered to attend the meeting as a neutral person.




  • Received an email from a parishioner requesting the following:




i)             The provision of a turning bay between The Cherry Bowl & Otterpley, since the short access drive to my gate is currently used for turning.


ii)            Provision of a ranch style fence along the north side, with sufficient gaps at regular intervals for pedestrians, probably as far down as the field access to Eastwell manor estate.


iii)           Bite the bullet and accept that a surfaced parking area by Ivy Farm might be the only solution problem caused by the less considerate school run drivers (probably those that do not even live in the village).




The parish council sympathized with the parishioner’s concerns regarding the use of his drive as a turning point.


The parish council agreed they could not give up any more of the Lees to a turning point or surfaced parking area by Ivy Farm. 








The current account balance on 31st January 2018 £11,601.68




The NS&I account balance is £11,739.71 a deposit of £55.06 interest has been added.




The following cheques were signed by Councillor Michael Fisher & Councillor Annabel Burden.




Cheque No: 105526 Di Sandy Stationary & Postage £41.62


Cheque No: 105527 Grounds man J Sandy Grounds work i.e. footpaths £182.50




ii) Lees Maintenance Contracts




The Parish Council has received quotations from Aspire and the Grounds man for the Lees maintenance.  The Parish Council is awaiting a further quotation from Landscapes Services. 


Aspire quotation for grass cutting is £1436.85 they have also quoted for 3 year contract at £1473.00.


To carry out all works for the Lees i.e. strip of land opposite Crossways, the top end of the Lees in the wooded area and the back-up for the year by Aspire is £2827.35.


The grounds man quote consists of the top end of the Lees in the wooded area, strip of land opposite Crossways and the back-up is £925 this will include mowing around the trees on the Lees and the area where the planings are kept.  By splitting the Lees maintenance contract between Aspire and the Grounds man gives the Parish Council a saving of £465.50.




The Parish Council budget for 2018/19 has allocated £2450 for the Lees maintenance. Both Aspire and the Grounds man quotes total £2361.85.




The parish council to wait for further quotation before making a decision.










The following applications were discussed:




18/00093/AS Garden land east of Holly Trees, Canterbury Road, Challock, Kent
Erection of detached four bedroom dwelling with integral garage, car parking and new access




Decision: Parish Council supports this application providing neighbours’ views are taken into consideration.  The Parish Council has safety concerns regarding the new access onto Canterbury Road.




Ratification of Planning Applications




No Planning Applications to be ratified




Planning Enquiries




Clerk has made an enquiry to ABC Planning regarding landscape screening at Dardry House, Buck Street. 




Clerk has also made an enquiry concerning retail license at Prestige House, Unit 3, Green Lane.  Councillor Michael Fisher informed the parish council he had been asked by a parishioner to enquire if a new company supplying car parts for vw campervans need a retail license. 




It was noted that any planning enquiries made should first be notified to all members of the parish council.




Post Office Car Park




Clerk has requested a quotation from Trevor May, Landscape Services and


R Harvey Drainage Ltd for installation of a soak away.




Junction (Triangle) Westwell Lane/Canterbury Road




Councillor Trevor Smith raised his concerns regarding the condition of the road at the junction to Westwell Lane, Canterbury Road and in particular the triangle area. This is due to works being carried out by the water contractors and not the developers.  Councillor Trevor Smith proposed contacting Highways to request a raised kerb to be installed around the triangle area. 




ABC Ward Councillor Larry Krause commented that under planning conditions the developer should ensure vehicles leaving the site have had their wheels washed.  ABC Ward Councillor Larry Krause advised the parish council to contact planning enforcement to notify them of this breach. 




The parish council agreed for the clerk to email planning enforcement of breach of conditions regarding wheel washing of vehicles, to supply photos and to request the triangle area is put back to its original condition upon completion of development.




Items for Information




Lease – UK Power Networks – The Lees




A new lease has been drawn up regarding the siting of the sub-station in the wooded area at the top end of the Lees.  Clerk has checked that this does not affect the current wayleave agreements in place and have been assured by UK Power Networks and Girlings Solicitors.  The lease is based on a peppercorn rent and not purchased land as previously. Councillor Annabel Burden confirmed she had checked the lease and could foresee no problems regarding the actual lease.  Clerk is still checking with Girlings Solicitors whether a new wayleave is also required alongside the new lease. 




Goose Fair Equipment




Upon request by the Clerk at the last parish meeting Councillors Tony Aitken and John Ramsden attended the cricket ground to examine the goose fair equipment.  The equipment is covered in overgrown vegetation and consists of  approximately 50 x 12 ft. wooden poles, 4 – 6 entrance booths, 8 – 10 wooden/metal framed tables, orange netting, wooden stakes and a bar stand.  The wood in the metal framed tables are rotten.  The booths also look rotten but need closer examination to be sure.  Hopefully the rest of the equipment can be saved and stored in the containers. 




It is recommended for the equipment to be sorted and cleared away from the corner of the cricket ground.  Equipment that is rotten to be burnt and rest stored in the containers.  It is also recommended for the area to be cleared of vegetation back to the fence line.




Grounds man has provided a quotation £256.00




The Parish Council approved the works to be carried out by the grounds man.




First World War Commemorations November 2018




Parish Council to consider ideas on how to commemorate the end of First World War 1918 – 2018 in addition to lighting a beacon.  Faversham for example are making a garland with names of the fallen to be displayed.   Funding is available for commemorations for the First World War.  




Councillor Trevor Smith offered to do a WW1 presentation in the village hall consisting of anecdotes/history of First World War era around Challock and neighbouring villages i.e. airfields at Throwley & Wye.  Suggest the presentation is held on the 11th November and afterwards attend the lighting of the beacon. 




Discussions took place regarding arranging for the last post to be played and involving the children from Challock School.  Art, cross stitch competition was also discussed.




ABC Ward Councillor Larry Krause informed the parish council of funding will be available for WW1 commemorative events from April 2018 onwards.  For example, the parish council may wish to consider a centenary of the end of the First World War plaque.




Spring Clean Litter Pick




The parish council agreed for the village litter pick to take place on Sunday, 18th March 2018. 








There was no any other business raised by the Parish Council.




Parish Forum




Parishioner commented on the works done on the clearing of the vegetation on the footpaths.  Requested there are still some areas adjacent to Batts Removal towards Zetland Lodge foot paths that require attention.  Clerk to arrange with grounds man to do the areas missed off. 




Parishioner commented on the use of CCTV’s and questioned whether householders are required by law to display a notice stating they have CCTV in operation.  Parishioner said he is aware that not displaying such signs carry a fine.  Councillor Michael Fisher said that he was not aware of a requirement to display CCTV’s signs unless you have a business.




It was agreed for the Clerk to email PCSO Lee Sinden for clarification.




Parishioner informed the parish council that he has received contact from a great grandson of one of the names fallen listed on the memorial. Parishioner directed Councillor Trevor Smith to the Lest We Forget website to assist him with his presentation. 




Parishioner asked the parish council if they would consider displaying bollards at the end of the Lees adjacent to The Cherry Bowl.  Parishioner commented on inconsiderate drivers using his drive to turn around or crossing on the Lees causing a trail of destruction especially at this time of year. 


Discussion took place regarding installing bollards or having a sign at the entrance to the Lees, Church Lane displaying a list of names of houses or simply a sign stating no turning.




It was agreed for the Clerk to make enquiries in costs of installing bollards at the end of the Lees track adjacent to The Cherry Bowl. 




Councillor Annabel Burden thanked parishioner who has been communicating with the parish council concerning road safety along Faversham Road for attending the parish meeting and parish council’s continued commitment in pursuing installation of a foot path along Faversham Road.




The meeting closed at 8.58 pm




Parish Council Meeting Dates for 2018




Next Parish Meeting 15th March 2018




Future Parish Meeting Dates:




Thursday 19th April


Thursday 17th May


Tuesday 19th June 2017 Annual Parish Meeting Main Hall


Thursday 19th July


Thursday 20th September


Thursday 18th October


Thursday 22nd November.






Signed as a true record by: ……………………………Michael Fisher Chairman Challock Parish Council







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