Challock Parish Council Meeting minutes




Memorial Hall, Audrey Allen room


Thursday, 19th April 2018, 7.30pm




Members of public present: 6









Due to recent road traffic accident Max Thomas is unable to attend.  The Parish Council wishes him a fast recovery.




Due to illness ABC Ward Councillor Larry Krause is unable to attend and wish him a fast recovery.




Due to being unwell Annabel Burden sends her apologies.








Michael Fisher (Chairman), John Ramsden, Trevor Smith, Emma Fox, Anthony Aitken & Di Sandy (Clerk).








Michael Fisher thanked everyone for attending.




Declarations of Interest




Councillors no new changes to the declarations of interest.




Minutes of Last Meeting




Minutes of 15th March 2018 meeting were signed by Michael Fisher as an accurate record.




All agreed.




Clerk’s Report








Clerk reported multiple pot holes along Canterbury Road.




Clerk has reported multiple pot holes along Blind Lane.




Clerk has reported again the litter along the verge, Buck Street and Kings Wood to ABC.




The Lees




Clerk has ordered more planings for the Lees.




Strip of land Crossways




The grounds man has planted 2 red hawthorn trees.




Dog/Litter Bin




Clerk has made enquiries with ABC concerning the emptying of a new dog/litter bin to be installed at the top end of the Lees.




Clerk has also reported missing bin from bus stop/lay by Faversham direction, Buck Street to ABC.




Footpath, Faversham Road




Clerk has contacted School Road Safety concerning school children’s safety when walking to school from Faversham Road. 








  • An email from Satswana regarding On-line Contract Service to act as a DPO as required by GDPR or DPA, providing a reporting and liaison link with the Information Commissioners office as required.
  • An email form Laura Dyer (KALC) notifying parish councils of false claims of Telephone Preference Service: Fraudsters are cold-calling victims, falsely stating that they are calling from one of the well-known UK telecommunication service providers. They call victims claiming to provide a ‘Telephone Preference Service’ - an enhanced call-barring service, which includes barring international call centres. The fraudsters ask victims to confirm/provide their bank account details, informing them that there is a one-off charge for the service. Victims instead see monthly debits deducted from their accounts, which they have not authorised. The fraudsters often target elderly victims. There is only one Telephone Preference Service (TPS). The TPS is the only official UK 'do-not-call' register for opting out of live telesales calls. It is FREE to sign-up to the register. TPS never charge for registration.
  • An email from KALC regarding The Kent Resource Partnership consultation on refreshing its Kent Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy, which sets the partnership’s strategic direction up 2020/21. The KRP is inviting comments on the future vision, strategy mission statement and policies & policy objectives by email no later than 5pm, Friday 27 April 2018.
  • An email from (NALC National Association of Local Councils) The Committee on Standards in Public Life is undertaking a review of local government ethical standards, looking at for example, codes of conduct. The review will consider all levels of local government in England, including Parish and Town Councils.


The Committee is inviting responses to its consultation to inform its review – the deadline for responses is 5pm on 18 May 2018.


  • An email from ABC regarding nominations for civic awards and a request for help if the Parish Clerk, could bring these awards to the attention of Parish Councillors and ask them to consider who might be worthy of an award, and encourage people to make nominations.  Clerk has ordered posters and leaflets to be put up on the notice boards and be available at the post office and barn shop.
  • An email from Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty notifying they will be updating their management plan. This plan sets out a vision for the landscape and actions and priorities for its future management. The process is now open for consultation and is offering everyone to have their say on actions and priorities for the future of this special protected landscape by answering a few simple questions on a survey. Clerk to display press release on the notice boards.
  • Received an email from PKF Littlejohn of new instructions regarding the annual returns.
  • An email from NALC informing parish councils of the increase in Section 137 Expenditure for 2018/2019. Section 137(1) of the 1972 Act permits each Community or Town Council to spend on activities for which it has no other specific powers if the Council considers that the expenditure is in the interests of, and will bring direct benefit to, the area or any part of it, or all or some of its inhabitants, providing that the benefit is commensurate with the expenditure. Community and Town Councils are also permitted under section 137(3) to incur expenditure for certain charitable and other purposes. The maximum expenditure that can be incurred under both section 137(1) and (3) for the financial year 2018-19 will be £7.86 per elector.
  • An email from Natalie Syrett asking if the parish council would reconsider their decision regarding advertising around the roundabout.


Decision: The Parish Council agreed for advertising can be placed on the strip of land near Crossways for a short period of time. 


  • An email from NALC regarding the Government consultation on “Powers for dealing with unauthorised development and encampments” The deadline for comments on the consultation is 25th May 2018.
  • An email from KALC (Kent Association of Local Councils) regarding annual membership documents.
  • An email from KALC informing of Introduction to planning for local councils training course on 13th June in Bearsted at 6 pm.
  • An email from KALC on updated legal topics on Procurement, Elections and Parish & Community Meetings.
  • An email from KALC regarding the Frontier Engagement Team at Kent Police “Don’t Ignore It, Share It” campaign, which is aimed at encouraging the local community to work together with Kent Police, through reporting unusual or suspicious activity. Clerk to display posters on the notice boards.
  • A telephone call from Pat Feddon regarding the Methodist Chapel holding their annual boot fair on the bank holiday Monday, 28th May 2018.


Decision: The Parish Council agreed for the Methodist Chapel to hold their annual boot fair on the Lees.  Clerk to complete trading standards Sale of Goods Form.








The current account balance on 31st March 2018 £11,459.26




The NS&I account balance is £11,739.71




The following cheques were signed by Michael Fisher and Trevor Smith




Cheque No: 105534 Challock Memorial Hall for the Hire of the Office £500


                     105535 Satswana for Bronze Service GDPR On-line Service £150


                     105536 KALC for Annual Membership £381.72 (previous years £367.80)


                     105537 J Sandy – Ground works £61.96


                     105538 D Sandy – Stationary & Mileage Claim for Encryption Course £29.04




AGAR – Annual Governance and Annual Returns




This year the Annual Returns has changed to AGAR (Annual Governance and Annual Returns and will be an on-line submission.  The AGAR is now downloadable and we will no longer receive hard copies in the post.  Clerk received the AGAR week beginning 9th April, much later than previous years.  Due to late receipt the internal audit is not due to take place until Friday, 18th May 2018.  The Clerk would have preferred an earlier appointment in order for the AGAR to be signed off at the next parish meeting 17th May 2018.  The Clerk has the AGAR all completed and ready to be audited.  Clerk has requested for an earlier or a cancelled appointment with the internal auditor Lionel Robbins.  The Clerk requests that the Councillors consider changing the AGM due to take place on 17th May 2018 to the following week 24th May 2018.  Due to the Annual Parish Meeting in June there will be no parish meeting until July which will be too late as the deadline for the AGAR to be sent to external auditors is 11th June 2018.




Decision:  The Parish Council agreed for the next parish meeting to change to Thursday, 24th May 2018.    




Molash Contributions




At the Forester Special Meeting which took place on 26th February it was agreed for the Clerk to look at the accounts back to 2004 and reconcile Molash Contributions.  The Clerk has only managed to go back to 2005/06 as these were computerized.  Clerk has studied the minutes prior but the accounts are not conclusive.  It is noted that retention of accounts need only be kept for six years.  The Molash Contributions cumulative figure is £275 overpaid.  The parish council will need to consider how to pay the overpayment to Molash PC.  Either to pay back the overpayment in full or to do a repayment plan for a number of years.  Clerk recommends the parish council pays the overpayment in full.  The Clerk will issue an invoice forecast Molash Contributions for financial year 2018/19 for £393.00.  This is higher than previous year due to outstanding ABC printing invoices of £430 to be carried over from 2017/18.




Decision: The Parish Council agreed for the £275 overpayment to be refunded to Molash Parish Council in full.    








The following applications were discussed:


18/00476/AS The Barn, Great Pested Farm, Pested Lane, Challock TN25 4BD
Conversion of existing agricultural barn to create holiday let and annexe for dependent family with detached stable block.


Decision: Challock Parish Council decided to seek further information regarding planning policy on agricultural buildings change of use. 


18/00523/AS Little Acorns, Green Lane, Challock, Ashford, Kent, TN25 4DN
New four bedroom detached house on land north of Little Acorns


Decision: Challock Parish Council does not support this application.  It is not in keeping with street scene and area. 




18/00512/AS Hegdale Farm, Pested Lane, Challock, Ashford, Kent, TN25 4BE
Rear single-storey extension; new dormer to first floor bathroom.


Decision: Challock Parish Council supports this application




18/00514/AS Hegdale Farm, Pested Lane, Challock, Ashford, Kent, TN25 4BE
Rear single-storey extension including change from window to door; new dormer to first floor bathroom.


Decision: Challock Parish Council supports this application




18/00547/AS Trees, Challock Lees, Challock, Ashford, Kent, TN25 4DH
Erection of single storey side and rear extensions (revision to materials used on planning permission 15/01321/AS) and change of external materials on existing dwelling to part-brick/part-cladding


Decision: Challock Parish Council supports this application. 




Ratification of Planning Applications




The following planning application was ratified:-




18/00418/AS - 3 Woodland View, Buck Street, Challock TN25 4AR




Erection of one dwelling and detached garage (Revision to external materials and addition of garage stair on unit 3 as approved under planning permission 17/00415/AS)




Comments: Challock Parish Council supports this application.




Post Office Car Park




Clerk has requested a quotation from Trevor May, Landscape Services and


R Harvey Drainage Ltd.  At the parish meeting in March the parish council decided further quotations will need to be sought as Trevor May’s quotation for a linear soak away was considered not suitable. Clerk has arranged for a quotation from RSR Drainage and is due a visit on Friday, 20th April.  The Clerk has now received a quote from Landscape Services.  Parish Council considered the quotes and how the work is to be funded and what contribution the Post Office and residents can make. Clerk has requested KCC Ward Members Grant application from Charlie Simkins to seek funding towards the cost of the drainage and pot hole repairs. 




Decision:  The Parish Council has agreed to go with R Harvey Drainage Ltd quotation subject to impending quotation from RSR Drainage. It was agreed for the Parish Council to fund £500 towards the cost and the remainder to come from KCC grant application and contributions from the post office and local residents. 




Items for Information






Clerk is in the process of going through the tool kit on KALC’s website and updating policies and procedures.  Clerk is working on the impact statement and will have it ready for approval at the next parish meeting. Clerk has attended the Encryption workshop at Ditton. The outcome of the training session and further information will be issued in the forthcoming weeks that Councillors should have a separate email account for the parish council and not to use their own personal email.  Further details to follow.




Faversham Road Footpath




Clerk has received an email from KCC Highways Definition Department regarding the plan of the land Clarendon Homes and showing dotted line indicating how much of the verge belongs to Highways.  There are no clear measurements i.e. how wide the verge is.  Clerk has asked KCC for further details on the width of the verge but as yet has not received a reply.  We have received an email from Vicky Harvey KCC Road Safety Team stating in terms of support, they can help implement Walking Buses, can provide practical pedestrian training for Key Stage 1 children and deliver cyclist training in schools to see if she would arrange for her team to meet the school to discuss these things, although Vicky admits this may not be possible due to the issues the parish council have raised regarding safety along Faversham Road.




Vicky understands the issue appears to be highlighted around the need for a footway and that the land can’t be acquired seems very regrettable. Unfortunately unable to have any direct involvement with as it appears related to planning approval (Ashford BC) and physical highway measures (KCC), both of which are not within remit of education, training and publicity.




Vicky reaffirms that the responsibility for getting children safely to school sits with parents/carers and where appropriate the County Council does provide facilities to support this parental responsibility (crossing patrols, formal crossing facilities, etc.), but of course none of this removes parental responsibility.




Unless by some miracle the verge is belonging to Highways is wider than 3 metres we have hit a deadlock and would need to consider waiting until the new owners move into their properties. Clarendon Homes are still adamant they will not consider allowing the verge to be used for a foot way.    




Decision:  The Parish Council agreed for the Clerk to send a letter to Damian Green MP.




Spring Clean Litter Pick




The village litter pick will be this Sunday, 22nd April 2018.  Clerk will be collecting the litter picking equipment from ABC on Friday, 20th April.








Councillor Anthony Aitken informed the Parish Council that the village school would like to run a competition for the children to design a no parking sign on the Lees.


The Parish Council raised no objections to the competition.




Councillor Anthony Aitken informed the Parish Council of the village school intentions to carry a litter pick in a few weeks’ time and request information on obtaining litter picking equipment.  Clerk to email Tony with details.




Councillor Trevor Smith nominated Deryck Sutton for a civic community award.  Deryck has contributed a lot to the village in particular the War Memorial and his continued heritage work; making contact with relatives of the fallen named on the memorial.  It was also noted of Deryck’s financial and active support with the village website.




Chairman Michael Fisher raised his disappointment that the speeding checks have not been carried out and have been informed by the police that there was a problem with the equipment.  It was agreed for the Parish Council to put in a complaint to the police. 




Parish Forum




Parishioner referred to the planning application Little Acorns and highlighted that under the village confines for that particular area was supposed to be for 2/3 bedroom houses.




A parishioner requested if the concrete bollards could be replaced with wooden posts as these are unsightly.  The Parish Council rejected the request as the bollards are of significant historical importance to the village.  The parishioner referred to the pot holes highlighted with white markings along Canterbury Road but one pot hole in the middle section of the road near the Barn Shop entrance has not been repaired and he is aware that this has been reported previously.   Clerk requested for parishioner to email photo of the pothole and will report it to Highways.  Chairman Michael Fisher informed the parishioner that anyone can report potholes to Highways via their website. 




There was also a request by the parishioner if the grass cutting along the verge, Church Lane can be stopped as there is some rare wild flowers growing and it would be shame for these to be cut down.  It was agreed for the Clerk to make enquiries with local farmer who carries out the verge cutting. 




The meeting closed at 8.55 pm                                                                                       




Parish Council Meeting Dates for 2018




Next Parish Meeting 24th May 2018




Future Parish Meeting Dates:




Tuesday 19th June 2017 Annual Parish Meeting Main Hall


Thursday 19th July


Thursday 20th September


Thursday 18th October


Thursday 22nd November.





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