Challock Parish Council Meeting minutes




Memorial Hall, Audrey Allen room


Thursday, 24th May 2018, 7.30pm




Members of public present: 5









Councillor Max Thomas sends his apologies due to recovering from recent road accident.  Councillor Max Thomas wishes to remain parish councilor and hopes to attend at the next parish meeting.








Michael Fisher (Chairman), Annabel Burden (Vice Chair), John Ramsden, Trevor Smith, Emma Fox, Anthony Aitken, ABC Ward Councillor Larry Krause & Di Sandy (Clerk).








Michael Fisher thanked everyone for attending.




Election of Chair




Michael Fisher wished to stand as Chair. Michael Fisher was proposed by Emma Fox and seconded by Anthony Aitken. There were no other proposals






Election of Vice Chair




Annabel Burden wished to stand as Vice Chair. Annabel Burden was proposed by Michael Fisher and seconded by Trevor Smith. There were no other proposals






Election of Representatives




Councillors discussed and agreed the representatives for the next year.  It was agreed for Councillor Anthony Aitken to stand in temporarily for representative for the play park whilst Councillor Max Thomas is recovering. Table of representatives;







Representative 2017/2018

Representative 2018/2019





Trevor Smith

Trevor Smith




Challock Primary School

Annabel Burden

Annabel Burden




Village Hall Committee

Anthony Aitken

Anthony Aitken




Parish Council Finance

Michael Fisher

Michael Fisher




Speed Watch

Michael Fisher

Michael Fisher




Police Forum

Ceased for now but looking to restart






William Oure Charity

Trevor Smith

            Trevor Smith




Play Area

Max Thomas

Max Thomas




KALC and Parish Forum

Emma Fox

Emma Fox




Cricket Club Liaison

John Ramsden

John Ramsden







Declarations of Interests


Councillors no new changes to the declarations of interest.




Minutes of Last Meeting




Minutes of 19th April 2018 meeting were signed by Michael Fisher as an accurate record.




All agreed.




Clerk’s Report








None to report for this month.








13/03/2017:  theft from motor Vehicle .




11/04/2017: Criminal damage Canterbury road A 252. – damage to fencing.




23/04/2017: theft of motor vehicle. Kings wood.








None to report.








Clerk has reported dog bins are full and need emptying. 




Clerk has reported dog fouling in the church grounds to the ABC.  The Dog Warden is aware of the person involved and will be issuing a warning letter.




The grounds man has replaced the 2 bollards into the ground at the top end of Lees and re-painted all the wooden bollards white.




The grounds man has cut the strip of grass by Crossroads and carried out a full back up of the Lees and strimmed at the top end of the Lees in the wooded area. 




Play Park




The grounds man has replaced the rotten pole to the log roll activity as requested under the ROSPA report. 




The grounds man has removed the old toddler equipment and concrete footings. A skip hire was organized to dispose of old equipment and concrete. 




The toddler slide has now been installed.  However, there is an outstanding query regarding the siting of the toddler slide and the installers need to come back to remove the concrete and add the slide.   




The Play Park inspection is due to be carried out during July.  Clerk to arrange top up of play bark and the grounds man to till the area.




Post Office Telephone Box 




Painting of the telephone box is due to commence end of May.  Clerk has ordered the red paint, undercoat and gold paint from specialist supplier.








  • An email from Satswana regarding On-line Contract Service to act as a DPO as required by GDPR or DPA, providing a reporting and liaison link with the Information Commissioners office as required.
  • Received a letter from Kent Air Ambulance requesting a donation.
  • An email about information relating to Volunteering for Kent Fire and Rescue Service.
  • An email from KALC regarding a meeting with the Housing & Planning Minister putting forward a number of issues on a one page briefing note.
  • An email from KALC regarding the National Salary Award and the new hourly rates for part-time clerks commencing 1st April 2018.  It is noted the current Clerk’s hourly rate is £9.01 per hour; the hourly rate for the clerk on the lowest level commences at £9.34.  
  • An email from KALC encouraging parish councils to invest in training and development for its members and officers and introduce a training budget and training plan.  It is noted the Challock PC has allocated £250 for training on their budget.  Using a template supplied by KALC Clerk will have a training plan and policy in place ready for the next parish meeting for Councillors to approve.
  • An email from KALC asking parish councils to highlight the National Rural Crime Survey to residents in their local community, as the PCC is keen that as many people from rural parts of Kent and Medway have their say.  Clerk to include this in the parish news for the Forester.
  • Received a letter from Ashford Borough Citizens Advice requesting a donation.
  • An email from KCC regarding vegetation letter to promote within the parish.  Clerk has requested the vegetation letter to go in the Forester.
  • A letter from Santander confirming amendment to Clerk’s salary standing order.  Salary decreased by £9.40 per month.


Matters Arising from Correspondence




Parish Council considered the donation request from Air Ambulance and Ashford Borough Citizens Advice.




Decision: Challock Parish Council agreed not make any donation to the Air Ambulance or Ashford Borough Citizens Advice both worthy causes; the money donated would come out of the parish precept and the Parish Council felt this is a decision they could not make. It was agreed to raise this with parishioners attending the Annual Parish Meeting in June.








The current account balance on 30th April 2018 £18,039.46




The first half of the precept £8345 has been lodged with the bank on the 30th April 2018.




The NS&I account balance is £11,739.71




AGAR – Annual Governance and Annual Returns




This year the Annual Returns has changed to AGAR (Annual Governance and Annual Returns and will be an on-line submission. 




In internal audit took place on Friday, 18th May 2018.  The Auditor Lionel Robbins signed the AGAR with no concerns.








Approval of Annual Governance Statement 2017/18




The Parish Council approved the Annual Governance Statement 2017/18.




The Chairman and Clerk signed the Annual Governance Statement 2017/18




Approval of Accounting Statements 2017/18




The Parish Council approved the Accounting Statements 2017/18




The Chairman and Clerk signed the Accounting Statements 2017/18




Insurance Renewal




The Parish Council has received documents for insurance confirming the Council’s renewal premium as £802.46, including insurance premium tax (IPT). This takes into consideration the Council’s long-term agreement which expires on 31st May 2020. Cost £802.46




Forester - Molash Contributions




At the Forester Sub-Committee Meeting Monday, 21st May 2018 the Molash contributions reconciliation of £275 overpaid for the period from 2005/06 to 2017/18 has been agreed and finalised.  Challock Parish Council authorized payment of £275 to Molash Parish Council.  Clerk has issued an invoice to Molash Parish Council for forecast forester contributions for 2018/19 for £393.  Molash have agreed that a cheque payment will be raised at their next parish meeting.




The following cheques were signed:




Cheque No: 105541 J Sandy £265.45 Ground works


Cheque No: 105542 Came & Company £802.46 Insurance


Cheque No: 105543 Molash Parish Council £275 Molash Contributions overpayment


Cheque No: 105544 D Sandy £23.98 Stationery


Cheque No: 105545 KALC £60 Clerk’s Encryption Training




Adoption of new Standing Orders




The adoption of new standing orders to take place at the 19th July 2018 Parish Meeting. 










The following applications were discussed:




18/00476/AS The Barn, Great Pested Farm, Pested Lane, Challock TN25 4BD
Conversion of existing agricultural barn to create holiday let and annexe for dependent family with detached stable block.


Decision: Challock Parish Council has no objections to this planning application providing it remains a holiday let and restrictions on how long residents


can stay are adhere to.




18/00669/AS Dormers, Canterbury Road, Challock, Ashford, Kent, TN25 4DW
Proposed demolition of existing garage and hen house and construction of new home office and games room - ancillary accommodation to main house.


Decision: Challock Parish Council supports this application.




18/00674/AS Gladden Fields, Church Lane, Challock, Ashford, TN25 4DD
Alterations and conversion of existing works shop to provide workshop area and play room/ games room


Decision: Challock Parish Council supports this application.




18/00703/AS Brisley Farm, Canterbury Road, Challock, Ashford, Kent, TN25 4DW
Variation of condition 18 on planning approval 17/00005/AS (Erection of 3 no. four bedroom detached dwellings, with garages, parking, turning areas and access (revision to outline permission granted under 15/00501/AS) to amend the approved plans to revise the design of Plots 1, 2, 3 to alter external facing


Decision: Challock Parish Council is disappointed that the developer with their long service in the construction trade has ignored the conditions set.


Challock Parish Council accepts the changes are in keeping. Challock Parish Council wishes to raise its concerns regarding the raise mound though permitted in planning application 17/00005/AS it appears far higher and is not in keeping with the area. This is an eyesore.




Ratification of Planning Applications




There were no planning applications to ratify.






Post Office Car Park




The Clerk has arranged for a permeable test to be carried out to check whether a soak away system will work. The Clerk is applying for funding from KCC Ward Councillor Charlie Simkins to assist with the cost.  Once the drainage has been sorted out, then repairs to the pot holes will be carried out. It was agreed for the parish clerk to chase when the permeable test will be carried out.




Items for Information








A recent amendment to legislation on GDPR have put forward for the smaller authorities/parish council not to have a DPO. As recommended by KALC for best practice Challock Parish Council has taken out an agreement with Satswana to act as DPO.  Clerk has commenced drawing up privacy notices for the website and completing a data risk register. 




Faversham Road Footpath




A letter to Damian Green MP has been sent concerning Faversham Road footpath and speeding through the village and the parish council is now awaiting a response.  The letter has been copied in to ABC Ward Councillor Larry Krause, KCC Ward Councillor Charlie Simkins and Police & Crime Commissioner Matthew Scott.




Following discussion took place:




The Chairman Michael Fisher commented that the police were unable to carry out speed checks in the area due to the camera being out of action this was 3 months ago.   Bikes continue to speed along Canterbury and Faversham Road in excess of 100 mph.  The Chairman Michael Fisher informed the parish council that parents have been complaining to the Kentish Express of their children having to engulf vehicle fumes when walking to school.




It was agreed for the Parish Clerk to write to the Editor of the Kentish Express regarding Clarendon Homes not prepared to give up a piece of their land to accommodate a footpath for parents and children walking to school.




The Chairman Michael Fisher read out an email received today from a parishioner raising concerns of increasing congestion in Church Lane.




The Parish Council agreed that Church Lane is congested during the school drop off and pick up times and is becoming very dangerous and a child is at risk of getting knocked down by inconsiderate drivers. 




Discussion took place on having double yellow lines down one side of the Lane.  It was agreed that a foot path installed outside The Chequers would alleviate the parking in that part of Church Lane. It was noted that a foot path was requested in 2013 but was rejected by KCC due to budget constraints. Having signs on the Lees requesting considerate parking and parking down one side of the Lees not on the grass were discussed.  Clerk informed the parish council of recent email from a parishioner regarding the use of the Methodist Chapel car park.  Councillors commented on the size of the car park is quite small and would only accommodate about 6 cars; the Methodist Chapel are likely to expect a contribution to the maintenance of their car park if they were to give permission.




It was agreed for the Clerk to contact KCC Ward Councillor Charlie Simkins and request for a Highways Engineer to visit Church Lane during the drop-off times and to come up with suggestions of how the problem can be alleviated. 




Spring Clean Litter Pick




The Parish Council wishes to thank parishioners who took part in the recent litter pick. A total of 17 parishioners including 5 young people carried out the litter pick around the village on Sunday, 22nd April. 9 bags of rubbish were collected from the cricket field, Blind Lane, Church Lane, Green Lane and on the Lees. Wish to thank Gill & John Burden who carried out a litter pick in Kings Wood and collected 8 bags! To Rosemary McGill who carried out a litter pick in Pested Lane and John Wire & family for Squids Gate Lane. Thank you to all parishioners who carry out a litter pick around the village regularly.




Annual Parish Meeting




Annual Parish Meeting will take place on Tuesday, 19th June 2018.  Clerk to contact local clubs and businesses inviting them to attend as well as KCC Ward Councillor Charlie Simkins and ABC Ward Councillor Larry Krause. 








Councillor Anthony Aitken informed the Parish Council that the Cricket Club would like to hold its annual Firework Display on 2nd or 3rd November 2018.


The Parish Council raised no objections to the Firework Display taking place around these dates.




ABC Ward Councillor Larry Krause informed the Parish Council of the retexturing work commencing on the 7th June for 2 days on some of the A251 Faversham Road between the two Pested Lane junctions.




ABC Ward Councillor Larry Krause informed the Parish Council the Local Plan 2030 is currently with the Inspectorate and public hearings are due to take place shortly to gauge public opinion with the final report due out in January 2019.




Vice Chair Annabel Burden enquired when the Parish Council should review its Local Plan. 




ABC Ward Councillor commented that the village should review its Local Plan and provide evidence this has taken place.  Local Plan’s should be reviewed annually or bi-annually at least. 




It was agreed to review the Local Plan Village Confines at the Annual Parish Meeting in June.




Councillor John Ramsden requested for the grounds man to fill some of the muddy/slippery areas of the footpath in the wooded area at the top of the Lees with planings.  The Clerk to arrange for Councillor John Ramsden and the grounds man to meet up and to survey the area to if check if planings would be suitable. 




The Clerk enquired to ABC Ward Councillor Larry Krause who to complain to regarding the slip road at Junction 10 M20 coast bound.  The slip way is full of pot holes and is dangerous causing drivers to dodge the pot holes when entering onto the M20.  ABC Ward Councillor confirmed that the Clerk would need to contact Highways England. 




The Chairman Michael Fisher informed the Parish Council that parishioner Mr Marlow has offered to donate an ash tree to replace the Jubilee tree on the Lees.  The Parish Council agreed the ash tree is perhaps not suitable replacement for commemorate tree but would consider planting the tree in the designated quiet area on the Lees.  Clerk to let Mr Marlow know and to thank him for his kind offer.




Parish Forum




No comments were raised by parishioners in attendance.




The meeting closed at 9.23 pm                                                                                       




Parish Council Meeting Dates for 2018




Tuesday 19th June 2017 Annual Parish Meeting Main Hall




Next Parish Meeting 19th July 2018




Future Parish Meeting Dates:




Thursday 20th September


Thursday 18th October

Thursday 22nd November.


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