Challock Parish Council Forester Sub Committee Meeting minutes




Memorial Hall, Audrey Allen room


Monday, 21st May 2018, 7.30pm




Members of public present: 0







Mick Maidens due to editorial of June’s Forester.








Annabelle Burden (Challock P.C), Emma Fox (Challock P.C), Sarah Williams (Molash P.C), Tina Cobourn (Molash P.C Clerk) & Dianne Sandy (Challock P.C Clerk).








Annabel Burden welcomed everyone to Forester Sub-Committee Meeting   






Minutes of the Forester Sub-Committee 16th November 2017




Minutes of 16th November 2017 meeting were signed by Annabel Burden as an accurate record.




All agreed.




Minutes of the Forester Special Meeting




Minutes of Forester Special Meeting were signed by Annabel Burden as an accurate record.




All agreed.




Forester – Clerk’s Report




The Clerk read out the following report:-




Fixings Warehouse & Carpets Direct have decided not to continue to advertise.  Mick is going to get in touch to try to get them to change their decision.  This is offset by 4 new advertisers but there is a deficit in revenue by £150.  Hopefully a new advertiser will take up the colour page. 


Update Advertisement Revenue:


Advertising receipts to 18th May 2018 £360


Outstanding invoices not paid, being chased


Select Property Management £110


Yvonne Fernando £60


Freeland Garage £110


A Cowell £110


REPE Jordan £22


Total outstanding invoices £412


Adverts Lost:


Fixings Warehouse Full Colour Page £240


Carpets Direct ½ page £110


Barry Weston ¼ Page £60 (Retiring)


Total £410


New Adverts:


Clutty Cleaners ½ page £110 paid


PPJ Plumbers ¼ page £60 paid


K P Decorating ¼ page (5 issues) £30 paid


Sandra Hotchkiss ¼ page £60 invoice


Total: £260


Advertising receipts to date for 2018/19 £360.00


Estimated Printing Costs for 2017/18 £2,150


Estimated Production Costs £2,045 (Editor’s Fee & parish pump subscription £45)


Estimated Staff Costs £722


Clerk requested a quotation for printing the village magazines with village magazines printing company.  They quoted £300.55.


Molash Contributions:


Annabel read out the following report:-


Further to the Forester Special Meeting which took place on 26th February and it was agreed for the Clerk to look at the accounts back to 2004 and if possible reconcile Molash Contributions.  The Clerk has managed to trace back to 2005/06 at the beginning when the accounts were first computerized.  There are no kept paper records of accounts prior to 2005/06.  The Clerk has studied the minutes for 2004 and 2005 but the accounts are not conclusive but there did not appear to be any large anomalies and that the contributions were correctly applied.  The figures obtained from the minutes have been added to the spreadsheet.  Majority of account documents are retained for six years.   The spreadsheet attached shows Molash Contributions cumulative figure is £275 overpaid. 


Molash Contributions for 2017/18 have been reconciled to £206.  This is lower than forecast of £247.  There are two printing invoices of £430 outstanding from ABC and a slight drop in forecasted advertising revenue.   This is the first occasion that ABC has been late in supplying invoices for February’s & March’s issues.  This is reflective in the contributions invoice for 2018/19 which is also attached.  Challock PC has now received an invoice from ABC Printing for £1032 for Feb/Mar/April & May issues.


At Challock parish meeting on the 19th April 2018 it was agreed to refund Molash Parish Council the overpayment of £275 in full.


Open Discussion:


The Sub-Committee discussed advertising revenue, costs and Molash contributions.


Tina Cobourn informed the Forester Sub-Committee the revenue/costs model was emailed in March.  Annabel Burden, Emma Fox and Di Sandy confirmed they had not received the email.  Sarah Williams confirmed she had received the email. 


Tina Cobourn agreed to resend the revenue/costs model.


Sarah Williams confirmed Molash PC is happy with the agreed overpayment of £275 and Molash Contributions invoice.  Annabel Burden requested the Molash Contributions Reconciliation is now concluded.  All agreed.  Going forward the Molash Contributions will be reconciled annually.  Di Sandy informed Molash PC representatives a cheque will be raised at the Parish Meeting on Thursday, 24th May.  Tina Cobourn confirmed a payment will be raised for Molash Contributions at their next parish meeting.


Discussion took place regarding Fixings Warehouse & Carpets Direct no longer wishes to advertise in the Forester.  Annabel Burden offered to visit Fixings Warehouse to see if she can persuade them to change their minds.


It was agreed for Annabel Burden to visit Fixings Warehouse and persuade them to change their minds. 


Forester Distribution:


Gary and Brenda Smeeth have stepped down from sorting the forester magazines.  There is now a volunteer vacancy for someone to sort the forester magazines and volunteer distributor for High Snoad Wood and Chapmans Close.


Alison Hadleigh has kindly offered to sort the foresters and distribute in Chapmans Close.


Annabel Burden has kindly offered to distribute in High Snoad Wood.


Discussion took place regarding the distribution of the Foresters. 


It was agreed for Di Sandy to contact Elizabeth Johnson to enquire if she would like to continue contacting the forester distributions to let them know when the foresters have arrived.  Clerk to notify Molash PC of outcome. 


Meeting Closed 8.02 pm.




Date of next meeting




The next Forester Sub-Committee Meeting date to be scheduled for Mid-October 2018.



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